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}} }} }} }} General Jack of the Most Noble Order of the Commonwealth of Essexia (KG) FC, Imperial Essexian Navy, Lord of Morrissia, Frigate Captain of the Imperial Navy of Millania (F.A.R. Granada Nicosi), Acting Detective of the National Investigative Service, and Emperor Adviser to the Emperor and Government of Essexia was previously an heir to the throne of the Queendom of Essexia, President of the Federation of Essexia and Second Federation of Essexia, Earl of Molrams (Greater Baddow) and Leader of the Opposition in the Commonwealth of Essexia. He is currently a Lord and the controller of the Les Paddocks territory. Jack first came to power on the 26th December 2017, and his primary goals were to continue building on Essexia as a micronation, to build the foundations to a GUM membership and to please the citizens with luxuries and employment. On August 5, 2018, Lord Jack was expelled from the monarchy by Emperor Terry after ceding to the terms of a previously-unknown rebel faction led by Lord Matthew. Jack was also fined ¥20,000. However, on the 18th of August Emperor Terry made Jack Prince again alongside Prince James due to Jack possessing higher motivation and skill at building and managing the Queendom. He can generally be accredited for the foundation and operation of all three Armed Forces, the establishment of most of Essexia's Foreign Relations, the establishment and operation of the Dean Network, the mastermind behind a considerable number of acts and generally helping others to create or proofread many Acts and Documents. He is currently the only individual to have held every major office in the Essexian Parliament (First Minister, Second Minister, Minister of the Interior, Foreign Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer).


Jack was made a Prince in late January 2018 by Emperor Terry. He was expelled on the 5th of August. He was made the General of the Armed Forces and General of the Air Force on the 9th of August, and he made Lord Ben S. General of the Navy, and Lord Matthew General of the Army. Jack was then made Prince again on the 18th of August.

On the 16th of September 2018, he led the revolution against Emperor Terry, forming the Federation of Essexia, until it became the Commonwealth of Essexia on the 19th of September 2018.
Logo of the National Conservative Party of Essexia
Lord Jack was able to found The Wincott Cup on the 16th February 2019, with Parliament support.

He is currently the acting manager of Essexia FC, and has been since the 29th March 2019.

He became the Chief Administrator of EAST on the 17th of April 2018, and remained until the 22nd of May when CRESER was reopened and EAST was discontinued. Since the 17th June 2019, he has been head of EAST, with CRESER and EAST being merged.

Emperor Terry demoted Lord Jack to General of the Imperial Essexian Navy on the 18th June 2019, in order to abolish the General of the Armed Forces role and flatten the Armed Forces structure. This also meant that Lord Ben was made Head of the Imperial Army of Essexia, with the Fröhlichwaffe being abolished on the 19th.

During the events of the Black Weekend Jack made few public actions but was one of the founding members of the Old Guard Party, and was the only member of the party who made conscious efforts to negotiate with then-First-Minister Lord Jamie rather than starting a VNC. The endeavor paid off, despite demands from the Old Guards to end the dialogue, and Lord Jamie stepped down peacefully and somewhat less discontentedly.

Lord Jack resigned from all of his positions on the 1st of July 2019. He became Minister of the Interior and General of the Imperial Navy on the 12th July, and was made Chancellor of the Treasury (Minister of the Treasury) on the 29th July. On the 12th August, Earl Finn, as acting Minister of the Interior, bestowed the Earldom of Molrams upon Jack (Previously held by supporter of Essexia Andy W.), as well as the Most Noble Order of the Commonwealth of Essexia (KG), on behalf of the Emperor, for his success in being the first Essexian to reach Everest Base Camp at 5,364 metres.

He founded the WAR Party on the 4th January 2020 with Crown Minister Summers of Essexia to advocate for military supremacy, however this was disbanded the next day following the events of the Grey Weekend.

Lord Jack created a new Coat of Arms on the 15th January 2020, based on the template of Earl Finn's new Coat of Arms. The top features an Imperial eagle, demonstrating Jack's devotion to the Emperor and hinting to the original form of Government, the Empire of Essexia. In front of this is a shield and a Protestant crucifix, showing the Lord's christian roots. The canines on either side reference the Lord's original pets, a German Shepherd and a Golden Doodle. In the top left of the main shield is a map of the United Kingdom and two crossed Lee Enfield rifles to pay homage to the family's extensive military roots. In the bottom left are waves and an Atlantic Star medal, furthering this homage. Finally, the motto, "Peace Through Conflict And War", references both the Lord's belief in the restorative ability of righteous conflict, and these previously mentioned military roots. The Canadian leaves also reference the branch of the ancestry that emigrated to Canada.

The Lord began work on the Legal Foundation Program on the 20th January 2020, desiring to create a functioning and model legal structure for Essexia. The first milestone in this program was the Judicial Establishment Act, which was first created on the 23rd January 2020. This specific document aimed to set in motion the initial structure of the courts, judges and necessary processes. On the 30th January, after a brief overview by Lord Jacob, it was put forward to Parliament for debate, however Earl Finn and Lord Matthew pointed out a number of criticisms and suggested improvements, and the Bill was retracted and updated with these considerations in mind by Lord Jack. It was put forward again on the 5th February, as well as the First Amendment to the Constitution to clear up contradictions with the document. The Bill was put to a vote on the 7th and passed with an overwhelming support of 9 ayes to no nays or abstains. The First Amendment was then put forward on the 8th (Due to the absence of the Emperor delaying the end of the first vote) and passed with 8 ayes to no nays or abstains. These two documents were some of Lord Jack's greatest legislative achievements, and some of the more complex examples of Essexian legislature, along with the Constitution and Ministerial Reform Act 2019 (The latter of which was fundamentally designed by the Lord as well.)

He played a major role in the Raging Valentines event on the 14th February 2020, and became First Minister on the 17th during the prorogued Parliament, a consequence of the 2020 Essexian general election.

After securing the support of Lord Jamie and the Royalists on the 25th March 2020, he became Second Minister on the 26th, after a brief window of oppurtunity for him to become First Minister was closed by Emperor Terry, who demanded Lord Jamie stay.

Crown Prince of Millania Nicolás Millán bestowed upon Jack the officer title of Frigate Captain of the F.A.R. Granada Nicosi, Millania's second largest ship in length. This was in response to Lord Jack recommending to the Minister of Defence that Millán be given the title of Captain of the IEN Mersea.

Jack renounced his title as Earl of Molrams on the 7th May 2020, in order to settle an ongoing dispute in the Cabinet regarding the legitimacy of his vote on the Nobility Reduction Act 2020, and in order to prevent a future dispute regarding the true Earl of Greater Danbury. He later left the Commonwealth to form the Second Federation of Essexia on the 1st June 2020. After it's subsequent failure, he did not return to Essexia until around the 18th.

Lord Jack of Essexia
Esquire KG FC
Essexia Jack Fancy.png
Official photo of Lord Jack
c. August 2020
First Minister of Essexia
In Office
17 February 2020 - 3 March 2020
Predecessor Lord Jamie
Successor Lord Jamie
Monarch Emperor Terry
Appointed by Emperor Terry
Minister of Defence
In Office
9 August 2018 - 1 January 2019
Predecessor Position created
Successor Jacob M
Monarch Emperor Terry
Appointed by Emperor Terry
Assumed Position
12 September 2020
Predecessor Ben S (Essexia Monarch Emperor Terry
Appointed by Ben H
Minister of Foreign Affairs
In Office
27 December 2017 - 12 July 2019
Predecessor position created
Successor Lord Matthew
In Office
11 May 2020 - 1 June 2020
Predecessor Earl Finn
Minister of the Interior
In Office
12 July - 29 July 2019
Predecessor Lord Matthew
Successor Earl Finn
Monarch Emperor Terry
Appointed by Lord Jamie
In Office
22 January 2020 - 14 February 2020
Predecessor Lord Jacob
Successor Earl Finn
Monarch Emperor Terry
Appointed by Earl Finn
In Office
26 March 2020 - 11 May 2020
Predecessor Earl Finn
Successor Crown Minister Gilbert
Monarch Emperor Terry
Appointed by Lord Jamie
Chancellor of the Exchequer
In Office
29 July 2019 - 22 January 2020
Predecessor Lord Harrison of Essexia
Successor Lord Elliot of Essexia
Monarch Emperor Terry
In Office
3 March 2020 - 26 March 2020
Predecessor Lord Elliot
Successor Crown Minister Millan
Monarch Emperor Terry
Acting Detective (National Investigative Service)
Assumed Position
17 May 2020
Predecessor Position Created
CEO of Dean Network (Essexian Broadcasting)
Assumed Position
4 November 2018
Predecessor Position Created
CEO of Paddocks Boat Co.
Assumed Position
23 January 2020
Predecessor Position Created
Prince of Essexia
Position Held
January 2018 - 1st January 2019
Predecessor Prince Harry
Lord of Essexia
In Office
26 December 2017 - 1 July 2019
Predecessor Position Created
Successor Lord Sam
Assumed position
12 July 2019
Predecessor Lord Sam
Successor Currently holds position
Personal information
Born 17 September
Chelmsford, England
Citizenship Essexian
Nationality British
Political party Old Guard
(Jul 2019 - present)
Other political
National Conservative Party of Essexia
(Aug 2018–Jan 2019, Feb - Jun 2019)
Communist Party of Essexia
(Jan 2019)
Essexian Union of Fascists
(Jan - Feb 2019)
Monarchist Party of Essexia
(Jun 2019)
Commonwealth Party of Essexia
(Jun - Jul 2019)
Royalist Party of Essexia
(Jul 2019)
Spouse(s) Nathan G.
Residence Les Paddocks, Essexia
Occupation Minister of Foreign Affairs
Dean Arms full.png
Lord Jack's Legislation
Bill Pass/Fail Date of Vote Notes
Colonial Trade Act Passed 20th March 2019
Economic Reform Act Passed 26th May 2019
Junior Ministries Act Failed 31st May 2019
Media Merger Act Passed 11th June 2019
Mandatory Vaccination Act Failed 21st August 2019
Freedom of Information Act Failed 21st August 2019
Thurnell Bridge Act Passed 21st August 2019
Currency Act Passed 21st August 2019
Nationalised Religion Act Failed 3rd October 2019
Mandatory Vaccination Act Passed 27th November 2019
Administration Recognition Act Failed 9th January 2020
Extended Decolonisation Act Failed 10th January 2020
Commendation Act Passed 15th January 2020
Judicial Establishment Act Passed 7th February 2020
First Amendment Passed 8th February 2020
Confidence Act Passed, but void 14th February 2020
VNC Against FM Earl Finn Passed 14th February 2020
Digital Yen Act Passed, but void (lost) 3rd March 2020
Funtime Referendum Act Failed 4th March 2020
Funtime Referendum Act Passed 4th March 2020
Citizenship Reform Act Passed 4th April 2020 Repealed 4th April 2020
Ship Classification Act Passed 8th April 2020
Armed Forces Jurisdiction Act Passed 13th April 2020
Judicial Establishment Amendment Act Passed 7th July 2020
Single-Use Plastic Disposables Act 16th October 2020
Total: 24 Documents 17 Passed | 7 Failed
Earl Jack of Molrams sitting in a Sherpa restaurant in the town of Lukla, Nepal at the start of his expedition. The flag pictured was planted at the Everest Base Camp peak at 5,364 metres in August 2019.

Reign as Prince

Prince Jack rose to power during late January 2018, when, whilst employed within the Essexian Government before the Parliament existed as a historian, Emperor Terry divorced Lord Matthew. During these dark days, when invasions and battles were common, Emperor Terry named Jack as heir to the Essexian Throne, and knighted him Prince Jack of Essexia. Jack replaced Prince Harry , who had not participated in Imperial duties and was found to be unfavourable by the people of Essexia.

On the 5th of August 2018, Prince Jack was expelled from the monarchy after falling out of favour with the Crown Court, leading to the Emperor eventually taking action. Emperor Terry then immediately signed the Treaty of South Jaywick, which forced Prince Jack out of the monarchy, fined him ¥20,000, and made the rebels agree not to strike should they disagree with the new, elected Prince. However Jack was made a Prince again by Emperor Terry on the 18th of August. His reign ended on the 1st January 2019, with the New Year reforms making Prince James the only Prince of Essexia.

Les Paddocks

Lord Jack is the representative owner of the Les Paddocks palace and Legislature building. Previously, when the Parliament had no place to convene, Lord Jack had held a number of meetings and one Session there. In recent times, due to it's better accessibility, accommodation, and availability, Earl Finn's Hawarden property has been used instead (Specifically the Danbury Conference building). On the 17th June 2019, Jack hosted the first day of the Danbury Conference at Les Paddocks, in the now-christened Emperor Terry Wing of Les Paddocks.

The site underwent a major reconstruction with the removal of a small number of trees in the area. It is also undergoing a survey by British Telecoms to fit fibre-optic for greater internet connection.

Lord Jack relaxing at Les Paddocks in Summer.
Lord Jack, self-proclaimed 'Minister of Dabbing', in Nepal, 2019.