Ministry of Defence (Essexia)

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Defence Minister
Seal of the
Defence Ministry of Essexia
Rt. Hon. Francis

since 3 May 2021
Defence Ministry of Essexia
AppointerEmperor James on the advice of the First Minister Rt. Hon. Jack MP.

The Ministry of Defence, often abbreviated to MoD or Defence Ministry, is one of the crucial government ministries in the Cabinet of Essexia. It has existed as an official ministry in recorded history since the 1st January 2019, however it is likely to have existed prior to this. The Ministry, and its respective ministers, have been controversial in Essexia, due almost entirely to the power it holds to declare martial law- a prerogative held since 2019 and exercised twice.

The incumbent Minister of Defence, who in charge of organising and funding the armed forces, is the Rt. Hon. Francis.

List of Junior Departments

Ministerial Reform Act

The Ministerial Reform Act established a number of Junior Ministries under the Defence Ministry, in order to cope for the Essexian Armed Forces' broad responsibilities and logistical networks. These are:

  • Department of Logistics
  • Department of Defence Research
  • Department of Training

The Department of Logistics is responsible for the acquisition, management and movement of equipment within the Armed Forces.

The Department of Defence Research handles the research and development of new defence technologies. It is headed by Ben H (Essexia), who is considered one of Essexia's most proficient technophiles.

The Department of Training manages the enrolment of individuals into the Armed Forces, as well as the teaching and training of defence personnel.

Imperial Decree XI

Imperial Decree XI, which was established by Emperor Terry in January 2021, also made the Ministry of Technology a Junior Ministry under the MoD.

List of Ministers of Defence

Ministers of Defence
Portrait Term in Office Minister Party Government Notes
9 August 2018
1 January 2019
145 days
Earl Jack of Molrams National Conservative Party of Essexia
  • Hawarden Ministry
  • Was likely MoD prior to 9/8/18, but there are no previous records.
1 January 2019
29 July 2019
209 days
Lord Jacob Royalist Party of Essexia
  • Essexian Political Commonwealth I
  • Essexian Political Commonwealth II
  • Ministry
  • Jacob Ministry
29 July 2019


12 September 2020

411 days

Crown Minister Summers Old Guard Party
  • Jacob Ministry
  • Rhino Ministry
  • Transferal Government
  • Interim Giraffe Government
  • Rhino Ministry II
  • Giraffe Ministry
  • Rhino Ministry III
  • Longest serving MoD.
12 September 2020


14 December 2020

93 days

Rt. Hon. Jack Independent (12/9/20-13/10/20)

Royalist Party of Essexia (From 13/10/20)

  • Weeaboo Ministry
  • First Independent Defence Minister.
  • First MoD to serve multiple non-consecutive terms.
14 December 2020
2 March 2021
78 days
Rt. Hon. Francis Independent

National Rifle Party

  • Weeaboo Ministry
  • Royalist Ministry
  • First Čechsexie to hold a cabinet position.
2 March 2021
3 May 2021
62 days
Crown Minister Summers Weeaboo Rights Party
  • von Uberquie Ministry
3 May 2021
Rt. Hon. Francis MP National Rifle Party
  • Giraffe Ministry III
  • Giraffe Ministry IV