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Political parties exist in many micronations, although some have made the move to outlaw them all together. In Shireroth and the Usian Republic for example, the existence of parties is forbidden. In the Grand Commonwealth, parties have failed to develop due to the nature of the government system.

Political parties in Aerlig

Aerlig politics have been dominated by two political parties. Firstley, the Aerlig National Party dominated politics for many years until a schism in the party lead leader Lachlan Powers to defect from the party with three other members and declare the party closed. Since then, the ANP contnues to exist, but has been overshaddowed by the Expansionist Party (XP), which is currently lead by Powers.

Presently, the Parliament features two XP members, although it is an independent member who holds the Prime Ministership.

Political parties in Babkha

The Kingdom of Babkha boasted a successful political party system and national legislative elections from early in its history until a downturn in activity in 2005 made an elected legislature untenable. The natural governing party (i.e. the one most often in power) was the Beshaz Party.

Political parties in the Virtual Commonwealth of Cyberia

The Social Democratic Party was founded on February 4, 2002. It is a center-left organization with Cyberian nationhood, state-sponsored infrastructure projects and democratic rights as its main operating points. The SDP practices democratic centralism.

The Progressive-Futurist Party has organized and dissolved several times since Cyberia's founding in 1997. With the departure of Peter Hickey from Cyberia, it currently operates only in Rocentia.

Some have argued that the SDP dominates (Virtual Commonwaelth of) Cyberian politics. It is true that most Cyberian presidents since 2002 have been Social Democrats, but the SDP has not always held a legislative majority during that time. Nor has the SDP included a majority of Cyberians. Cyberia elects its National Assembly under proportional representation by the single transferable vote, which is a candidate-based electoral system. Candidate-based systems give greater control over outcomes to individual candidates and voters at the expense of party leaders. While Cyberian parties put forth candidate lists, voters are not obliged to use the proposed rankings or vote a straight ticket.

The Social Democratic Party announced its dissolution in the VCC, but then re-established itself. It immediately became dominant once more. http://p083.ezboard.com/fcyberia16771frm1.showMessage?topicID=2065.topic VCC. The Social Democratic Party is banned in the Federal Republic of Cyberia under the provisions of Article XXI of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Cyberia.

Earlier in history, the VCC had quite a number of parties, which have since succumbed to emmigration and civil strife. This is a partial list from 1998.

Anarchist Party (favoring - anarchism?)

Conservative Party (Recently re-founded)

Cyberian Democrats

Cyberian Radical Front (fascist)

Democratic Union (favoring an elected emperor)

Flemish Socialist Party (FSP) (an independent branch of the SP)

Libertarian Party (classically liberal)

Liberty Party

National Citizens Party (favoring non-ideological goverance)

New Soviet Communist Party (radical socialists)

Pacifist Party (favored an end to nuclear weapons and war in general)

Radical Conservative Party (an extremely conservative party)

Republican Party (socially moderate)

Socialist Party

Ohter parties came and went during the following years.

From 2000 until 2005 the Lasterian Liberation Front was an illegal underground party, fighting for the restoration of their province.

In 2000-2001, the Rally for the Imperium functioned in the VCC, but was seldom permitted to field candidates of it's choice.

The Cyberian Renaissance Action Party attained a prominent position in 2002, but was destroyed in the VCC in the Third War for Cyberian Liberation.

The Radical Party was briefly re-established in 2007, collapsing when the membership emmigrated.

Political parties in the Federal Republic of Cyberia

  • Cyberian Renewal Action Party, is the successor to the old Cyberian Renaissance Action Party. The CRAP is center-right and is considered to be one of the more moderate voices in the Federal Republic of Cyberia.
  • PROHIBISHNESS PARTI, also known as the Prohibition Party of Cyberia gets most of its support from the Skunk Ape population. It's founder and leader Bongo Bo also lead a similar party in Puritania. The party is in favor of banning all intoxicating substances. This grew out of the actions of the joint Ape/Menet forces during the Third War for Cyberian Liberation As the leadership determined pure Prohibition to be improbable and perhaps undesirable, the party has been re-named the National Organization of Senitient Humanoids & Intelligent Things..
  • Neo-Ciceronian Party, lead by Cyberian President Tim Dunkin, looks back to the virtues of truth, honesty and public service that built the Roman Republic.
  • Rally for the Imperium - The Rally for the Imperium bills itself as the "traditional Jacobist" party. Among the Rally's goals are the unification of all Cyberias and all of the territories of the former United Imperium into one Empire under the House of Bonaparte-Stuart-Kahunamea. the party has a following in the modern Federal Republic of Cyberia.
  • Rosario Peoples' Front - This succesor to the old Communist Party of Cyberia is named in honor of Communist Leaders Michael Rosario and Hoss Rosario, heroes of the First War of Cyberian Liberation and the Second War for Cyberian Liberation. It's goals are far-left.
  • The Communist Party of the Cyberias - The result of a split in the Rosario Front. More rigid in ideology than the Front. Stated purpose is to radicalize the workers of all Cyberias.

The rift was healed when the Rosario Front became the affiliate of the CPC within the Federal Republic of Cyberia.

  • The R.P.P.C. seems dormant at this writing.

Political parties in Key West-Ziberland

Political parties in 2020:

National Fascist Worker's Party- Fascism and ruling party of Key West-Ziberland (17/24 seats)

Central Democratic Unit- Democracy (4/24 seats)

Ajust Key West-Ziberland- Nationalism and an ally of the NFWP (1/24 seats)

Communist-Socialist Party- Communism and Socialism (1/24 seats)

Green Party- Ecology

Reform Party- Reformist Nationalism

Alternate Future Movement- Liberalism

Civic Platform- Economic Liberalism

Political Parties in Leprechia

Logo Name Ideology Leader Membership (at peak)
Equality Party of Leprechia Democratic Socialism


Direct Democracy


LEP (Leader of the Equality Party)
5 / 6
Protection Party of Leprechia Leprechian Conservativism


Leprechian Independence

Indirect Democracy

PQ, President of Leprechia in June
2 / 6
No logo Labour Party of Leprechia Leprechian Conservativism SB, Leprechian President as of August
1 / 6

Political parties in Natopia

The Free Juice and Bagels Party. Political differences have never developed in Natopia, and the FJBP remains, since its founding, the party of the government, with the Natopian Emperor and Prime Minister members. The party was originally founded as a joke, which is little surprise considering Natopia's humorous culture.

Political parties of Satirocity

Satirocity's most important party is the Liberal Freedom Party of Oopy Boo Boo.

Political parties in Antica (Republic and Dinarchy)

The NWP, or Nihillalatschik Wulatenamen Party, is the first political party in both the Dinarchy and Republic of Antica, and is based on the idea that the people hold supreme power. They also fear big government and are quick to "foghornicize" (make insanely more confusing and bureaucratic) the local government in an effort to ward off federalism.

The Juvenescent Echelon’s Socialistically Unified Sodality, or JESUS, was founded by Ruth and Oric. Its sickeningly idealistic preachings seek to offer a hypocrisy-free alternative to the NWP and PFNP. Though idealistically similar to the NWP, it offers forward no written platform, choosing to communicate primarily in images easily understandable to the common man. Members are known as Apostles of JESUS.

The Progressive-Federalist Nationalist Party is an Anti-NWP party hell-bent on federalizing the government.

Political parties in Shireroth

In Shireroth, political parties are considered an evil worse than democracy, as they cause petty infighting, beaurocracy, and idiocy. More so than in in your standard micronation.

The structure of Shireroth's government, based as it is on feudal precepts, is not particularly conducive to the formation of political parties anyway. But in addition to this, the Shirerithian government has, in fact, actually banned political parties and political interest groups, believing them to be an unnecessary and divisive influence.

As a result, the country is considered to be better off without political parties. Outbreaks of vicious factionalism such as during the Summer of '04 are often taken as supportive of this belief, since during some of those periods the nation came as close as it ever gets to actually having political parties.

It is to be noted that with the ascension on the throne of Kaiser Meskan II, political parties might be reintroduced as part of the major reforms intended to create activity.

Political parties in Suwerenny

March 2015 Election

Party Ideology Seats
Senate Lower House
Liberal-Socialists Party Liberalism
5 / 10
2 / 5
Communist Party Communism
2 / 10
1 / 5
Green Party Green Politics
3 / 10
2 / 5

Political parties in Plashmisturn

In Plashmisturn, there are two major, yet unofficial political parties. The party ruled the Queen are known as the Monarchists. The party favored by the Czarina is known as the Tyrantists. The Monarchists believe in a strong army and rule with the consent of the people. The Tyrantists believe in absolute power by those who know how to govern and strong influences over other countries. The two political parties are currently at a stand-still and the deciding vote goes to the Pope who refuses to be anything but Neutral.

Political parties in Coleraine

Colerain politics have been split by two political parties, the Royalist League (RL) which dominates Parliament, holding a majority of 30 seats in all houses combined. The mac Gabha Affair of February 2009 led to the creation of the Society of Republicans (SR), which currently only holds six seats in the House of Aristocrats. The Royalist League has been led by the Duke of Noamh Raphael on behalf of HCM the King and the Thomas Brothers Bryn and Bedwyr of the Duchy of Noamh Raphael. The League is strongest in the Duchies of Noamh Raphael, Noamh Peadar, [[Archduchy of Noamh Séamus]|Noamh Séamus], and Noamh Pádraig.

The Society of Republicans continues to have a minor existence, however her influence in Parliamentary decision making is growing. The Society plans to have candidates for the Commons election in January 2010. The Society is strongest in the Duchies of Noamh Alaois and the Grand Duchy of Québec, which have been traditionally known for their associations with French Republicanism.

Political parties in Roscamistan

Roscamistan has a diverse political scene, with the main parties being Republican Bloc and Proletarian Democracy.

Political parties in Olland

In Olland there are three main parties: The Olland Party, which is a Royalist party that currently is in power; The Pink Party, which is now inactive after its leader joined the Olland Party, and Party Vyletza, which is headed by the previous Prime Minister before Prime Minister Richardson, Lord Daniel Willett. Originally there was only one party in Olland, which was the Olland party, but slowly as the nation progressed more parties were created and now the current three are the only parties in Olland. The King, HOM King Oli I, supports the Olland party as they strive to create more relations and boost Olland economically and socially. The King does not have a set party and is neutral in the political system of Olland.

Political parties in Wyvern

In Wyvern the parties are a way to unify people with the same political views and supporting the parties representive in the senate.

Political parties:

Political parties in Starhigh

In Starhigh all political parties are Christian, some more than others. Displayed below are the individual parties information:

  • The Popular Starhighan Party is Center Left. It is based on christian morals and is headed by Harry G. It's main focus is on equality, freedom and teamwork. It supports workers more than the company.
  • The Conservative Party of Starhigh is Center Right. It also has a christian moral and is headed by Hayden H. It believes in financial freedom and the right for corporations to play a part in government..
  • The Free United Party is Leftist which actively pursues environmental policies. It is headed by Katie M. Its goals are to make the environment a major factor of the government's decision making. It currently has no Members of Parliament.

Political parties in Flevelt

In the Confederation of Flevelt, there are two major parties which have formed after the dissolution of the Fleveltic Empire. The Fatalitist Party is militarist and centralist party with Lord President Kyle of Hesslin, Master Secretary Ethan of Mont Rouge who is all so Secretary at War, and Lord Steward Christian of Mont Fluery amongst its members. While their current rivals the "Soie Party" is lead by Chief of State Audrey, and is a pacifist friendly and famously colorful Party.