Third War for Cyberian Liberation

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Third War for Cyberian Liberation

The Third War for Cyberian Liberation (alternatively, Civil War III) was the result of the continued stresses on the structure of Cyberian society. Proximate causes of the War include:

1 - The rise and fall of the Cyberian Renaissance Action Party (CRAP).

2 - The attempts by the-CRAP allied government of Menet to build a viable province and the resistance to this on the part of the central government

3 - The fallout from the attempts by CRAP and it's allies at reform.

The final straw came as the government of Menet attempted to enforce its ordinances. The central government disapproved of these acts. Menet appealed to the Supreme Court of Cyberia, which was vacant at the time. Rather than wait for the appointment of a court, the central government ordered troops into Menet to enforce its version of the facts on June 13, 2002. Starting on June 19th, President Oatney attempted to enforce martial law, which was ignored. The Menet court ordered the troops to withdraw. The army and navy of the central government continued to attack.

A contemporary communique from Spaulding read as follows: "The attack on Menet was a coup attempt, pure and simple. If Menet was in violation of anything, the Constitutional process would have been COURT. By violating his oath and declaring war on his own people, Mr. Oatney has given up any claim to rule except as a puppet of Grieve. Mr. Ceres was given several attempts to obey the law of the province.

If there are any among you with a sense of right or wrong,join us! If there arte any of you with a sense of shame for the wrongs done by your government, rise up! REVOLUTION!" (end quote)

Menet sent out a call for aid which was answered by volunteers from many micronations, including Rulczentia, Jaris, Microbloc and Absentia as well as a contingent of Mala'anje troops loyal to Emperor Jacobus.

Many Mala'anje in the VCC armed forces changed sides. The largest naval contingent of these captured the Commonwealth flagship, ran up the Imperial flag, and renamed the ship "Jacobus Imperator". The "Imperator" scattered the central fleet, thus allowing the arrival of the Royal Jarisian Air Corps and technicians of DSSI.

The Skunk Apes who had been aided by the Praetor of Menet Geoffrey T. Spaulding returned the favor by luring troops of the central government into positions downwind from illegal cannibis plantations and setting fire to them. Thus the drugs were destroyed and the enemy made happy and harmless without firing a shot.

The CNS takes control On Thursday, July 4, 2002, at 12:48 PM, Geoffrey Spaulding wrote:

Mr. Grieve- You have been dismissed as Governor of Mala. The Committee of Natioanl Salvation recognizes Jacobus Kahunamea as Acting Governor , with the Mala People's Soviet as council until order is brought to the province and new elections held. (end quote)

The end of the war is murky, as the rebels claimed to have entered the capital of Kernsopolis,renaming it Dunkinopolis in celebration. They also claimed to have trapped the reminant of the federal government in underground bunkers, and to have inagurated Vice President Joe Whit as President of the Commonwealth