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Types of government

Dullahanism is created by Bradley of Dullahan. Dullahanism is a mix of various liberal ideologies. It is used by the Wyvernian Liberal Party in Wyvern.



Dullahanism believes in the economic liberalism of Adam Smith, including the following principles:

  • Companies should be left alone. Everyone has the right to start a company, and they can flourish and develop if the government does not intervene too much.
  • The government should take the role of referee to punish those who break the rules, but leave everyone alone who abides by the rules. Such rules should not be too strict.
  • If two rivals compete out of a greedy desire for money, a price war will erupt. This will cause the prices to decrease and the quality and quantity of products and services to increase. This is beneficial to everyone in the country.
  • Greed unintentionally leads to good things for society.
  • The principles of the free market should be protected by the government.

Public/private sector

Dullahanism believes that the public sector should always seek to give away as much as possible to the private sector or to try to involve both sectors in an institution/company/system. This would be cost-effective and would save the people and the government a lot of money. The private sector should be larger than the public sector.

Politics and democracy

Dullahanism believes that the people should hold a natinon's power. It is the people who elect the representatives who seek a majority in the legislature and form a government.

  • Dullahanism follows the principles of liberal democracy.
  • Legislatures should be unicameral and elected by the people.
  • Socialism's dictatorship of the proletariat is discrimination on the basis of class and is unnecessary.
  • Everybody has the right to freedom. Everyone may vote and participate in politics in accordance with their personal political views.
  • There should be a complete separation of church and state. No religious schools should be allowed. No religions symbols or clothing should be allowed in hospitals, schools, or government buildings.
  • Dullahanism supports the proportional list representation election system.


Taxation is theft, but it is needed to maintain the public sector, which should remain small.

  • A flat tax is the most fair form of taxation. Nobody should have to pay a higher percentage than another.
  • Excise taxes are a great theft. They increase poverty and are bad for the economy. These taxes should be kept, but remain low. This will support the government with a minimal amount of theft from the people.
  • Inheritance taxes should either be abolished or be no higher than 5% of an estate. It is stealing from a dead man who wishes to give what he has to his loved ones in the name of a collective good.

Social Liberties

Dullahanism finds it important to give the individual as much freedom as possible, as it believes that the individual can develop best when left alone.

  • All drugs should be legalized.
  • Freedom of speech should be increased.
  • Freedom of expression should not be limited.
  • Same-sex marriage is a human right.
  • Abortion (pro-choice) is the right of a woman.
  • Euthanasia is a human right.
  • The minimum age to be able to buy alcohol should be 16.
  • The minimum age to be able to buy drugs should be 18.

Foreign policy

  • Nations should defend their interests but should maintain caution so that their policy does not affect trade and the overall economy of the world, region, or nation.
  • A nation should never focus on internationalizing, but rather on maintaining its sovereignty and working together with nations on trade, economics and defense. Other nations should not influence internal or foreign affairs.
  • Wars are bad and should be avoided unless the safety of the nation is threatened by another.
  • Armies should be medium-sized. Large armies and wars are unsuitable for this time, but a defence force must be maintained to deter enemies.
  • Foreign aid is useless because it falls into the wrong hands. The free market should be allowed to solve economic problems abroad, and nations can choose to invest in a company that is active there rather than giving money mindlessly.
  • Nations should never unite to one World Federation or continental unity. The cultural differences within this organization would lead to civil unrest.


The environment issues are seen as blown up like a big balloon, alot of guessing but no real proof. Dullahanism doesnt denie global warming but denies the involvement of humans, its so small that it is negletable.

  • To prevent contribution to the co2 emmisions in the future the governments of the world should replace fossil fuels with nucelear reactors.
  • Eviromental policies are fine as long as they dont hurt or limit the economy to much.
  • The Bioindustry shouldnt be abolished.

Immigration, integration, multiculturalism

Seeing the failurs of multiculturalism and the immigration/integration policies Dullahanism choose to defend national interest by limiting immigration and force integration.

  • Everyone must speak the native language
  • There is only one dominant culture of the nation and everyone should adapt to that.
  • Those who do not want to integrate should be removed from the nation and send back.
  • You cant have two nationalities and should only have one passport.
  • Research should be done to see how the failures of multicultualism can be fixed as soon as possible.
  • Selective immigration.

Notable Parties who follow Dullahanism