Bradley of Dullahan

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His Grace
Duke Bradley of Dullahan, Duke of Dullahan, Count of Dortstanja
Pope Alexander III
The Duke at the NPSC Party congress
1st Duke of Dullahan
Assumed office
August 27, 2009
Predecessor Office formed
Successor Incumbent
1st Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Wyvern
Assumed office
June, 2011
Predecessor Quentin of Wyvern (as First Minister)
Successor Incumbent
Member of the Statenraad
Assumed office
August 29 2009
Predecessor Office formed
Successor Incumbent
Personal information
Born 8 January 1993 (1993-01-08) (age 25)
Birth name Bradley of Dullahan
Citizenship Wyvernian
Nationality Wyvernian
Political party Wyvernian Liberal Party
Residence Dullaham, Dullahan

His Grace the Duke of Dullahan, known commonly as Bradley of Dullahan (b. 1993) is a Wyvernian politician, military officer and diplomatic representative.

Founder of the Kingdom of Wyvern together with King Quentin I and Ossie of Behemoth, he represents the Duchy of Dullahan since its foundation as Senator, a title granted to him also for being one of the founders of the Kingdom. Ossie later appointed him Minister of Defense, but this position has since been replaced by a non-governmental position as General of the Wyvern Army. He took a Liberal hard-line, through the process of Dullahanism, a political theory established by Bradley himself which encompasses a free market economy and a larger importance to law enforcement, to freedom of speech and religion.

Consequently he became the founder and leader of the Wyvernian Liberal Party, the main centre-right movement of Wyvern and the youngest political party of the Kingdom. Intermicronationally he also served as Vice Secretary-General of the Intermicronational Conservative Alliance, a title which made him a discussed figure throughout 2010.

Bradley is a controversial figure both within Wyvern and intermicronationally. He has been criticized domestically and internationally for his open criticism of Islam and anti-progressivism, but was praised by several members of the ICA for his disapproval of communism and socialism, notably by the Secundomian Conservative Party, and for supporting the Carolinian rebels during the Austenasian Civil War. The Duke is an outspoken critic of left-wing ideologies and a few actions taken by Pierre d'Égtavie of Egtavia during his term as Secretary-General of the Organisation of Active Micronations.

The Duke served as Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational between March and April 2012 before being removed by a vote of no confidence, and served as Vice-Chair between December 2012 and January 2013 before resigning due to controversy. He is currently overseeing various projects while serving as Acting Secretary of the Advancement Council.

In May 2010, following the end of the Austenasian Civil War, Bradley was appointed a Companion of the Royal Carolinian Order which supposedly made him the most awarded military officer of the armed forces of Wyvern. The Duke was made a Cardinal of Orly on 7 January 2013, after which he was immediately appointed the ninth Pope of the Proto-Cults by King Declan I, taking the papal name of Alexander III, a position he held until 10 February later that year. On 3 July 2015 he was appointed to the Papacy a second time. On 29 July 2015 he issued the encyclical "Qui sine peccato" regarding the issue of judgment.


Bradley I is has one seat in the Senate, the current and only legislature of Wyvern, representing the WLP, he is also Duke of Dullahan, and the ruler of Dullahan (although being also in charge of Dortstanja). He proposed the creation of both provinces and proposed the reform that made all former provinces States which had there own provinces.

The Duke has a very common political view for Europeans and Dutch citizens, believing in personal freedom but also in strict laws and punishments. A staunch supporter of patriotism, he sees it as the best way to protect the cultural background of a nation. He does not believe in supranational entities and is a strong supporter of legalization of drugs, arguing that it is the only way to fight addiction.


Bradley is known for his love for mythology and history. He dreams of becoming a Dutch MP and is currently studying to be a history teacher. The Duke is a fanatic on the parts of strategy and war games. He loves to play violent games with many guns. The Duke is known in Dullahan for losing his temper when a game is glitching or someone is cheating.

Ranks and titles

Military ranks

  • Vlag 2.pngGeneral of the Royal Wyvern Army
  • Vlag 2.pngAdmiral of the Wyvern Navy
  • Vlag 2.pngGeneral of the Wyvern Air Force
  • Zealandian flag.pngAdmiral in the Royal Zealandian Coast Guard (Rtd.)


  • Duke of Dullahan
  • Count of Dortstanja
  • Marquis of North-Spitsbergen
  • Count of Blue-Rottum
  • Lord of Sae
  • Prince of Snakia
  • Lord of Sunderland
  • Lord Regent of Wyvern
  • Earl of Palme
  • Baron of Leafbathe
  • Baron of Beith Craobh Ioastan

Awards and decorations

Military Uniform

Full style/titles

His Grace, Duke Bradley of Dullahan, Duke of Dullahan, Count of Dortstanja, Marquis of North-Spitsbergen, Count of Blue-Rottum, Lord of Sae, Prince of Snakia, Lord of Sunderland, Lord Regent of Wyvern, Earl of Palme, Baron of Leafbathe, Knight Commander of the Austenasian Order, Knight of the Order of the Crown Princess, General in the Order of the Snake Knights, General in the Order of the Phyro Snake, General in the Order of the Wyvern, Knight of the Order of the White Cane, Member in the Order of the Falcon.