Presidential Award of Merit and Honour (Ashukovo)

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Presidential Award of Merit and Honour
PAMH ribbon.png
The Ribbon
Awarded by Ashukovo
CountryRepublic of Ashukovo
TypeState Order with One Degree
Awarded for"to be bestowed by the President on those he deems deserving, domestic or foreign"
StatusCurrently awarded
Established15 June 2013
First awarded5 recipients on 19 June 2013
Total awarded10 awarded
Next (higher)Order of Milo
EquivalentPresidential Award of Honor and Justice
Next (lower)Order of Radivojević
Star of the Presidential Award of Merit and Honour.png
Star of the Award

The Presidential Award of Merit and Honour is an award bestowed directly by the Stadtholder. It is bestowed by the Stadtholder on all those he deems deserving. The award is not limited to Ashukov citizens and, while it is a civilian award, it can also be awarded to military personnel and worn on the uniform. It was established on 15 June 2013 by the Federal Assembly.


Name Office Nation Date of bestowal Notes
Edward Jacobs Supreme Judge Ashukovo 19 June 2013
Luke Albertschine Former First Minister Amager 19 June 2013
Leon Simpson Former First Minister Amager 19 June 2013
Sebastian Schriber Minister of Defense Ashukovo 19 June 2013
Lord Karanys Dómynus Austenasia 19 June 2013
Bradley of Dullahan Prime Minister Wyvern 2013 "For actions in resistance to authoritarianism within the Grand Unified Micronational"
Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia Emperor Austenasia 2013
Tarek Kârjasary Sabia and Verona 2013
Joseph Kennedy Ashukovo 2013
Manolis Afentoulis Ashukovo 2013
William Opdengraff Prime Minister Tiana 2013
Jacob Huff Governor of Saint Constantine Ashukovo 22 June 2017
Oscar I Emperor Karnia-Ruthenia 22 June 2017