Jacobs Cabinet II

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The Jacobs Cabinet II is the eighth Council of Ministers of the Ashukov Federation. It was apppointed on January 31, 2017 by President Edward Jacobs, who acted as a temporary Head of State and Head of Government for the transition period. The Jacobs Cabinet II was the first active and functioning cabinet of Ashukovo in over two years. It was disbanded on June 25, 2017 and replaced by the Huff Cabinet.


Party key
National Liberty Party
Conservative Party
Office Name Political affiliation
President Edward Jacobs NLP
Minister of Federal Affairs Jacob Huff (until May 6)
Sebastian Schriber (from May 7)
Vacant (from May 20)
Minister of Foreign Affairs Emmanuel Afentoulis CP
Minister of Culture Manolis Afentoulis CP
Offices with the status of Minister
Economic and Military Advisor Sebastian Schriber (from March 27) NLP