Orthodox Church of Ashukovo

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Christian Orthodox Church of Ashukovo
Coat of Arms
Active 11 April 2014 - present
Holy See Mladorossija
Territory Ashukovo
Primate HH Christodoulos I, Patriarch of All Ashukovo
Important places
Church of St. Leonides, Mouzilo[1]
Church of St. George, Mouzilo
Church of Sts. Cyrill and Methodius, Montania[2]
General data
Languages Ashukov (liturgical)[3]
 • Medieval Greek in Mouzilo
 • Old Church Slavonic in Mladorossija
English (for documents)
Dioceses 4
Churches 6 [4]

The Orthodox Church of Ashukovo (OCA;Ashukov: Ашуковски Православяски Цркова Ashukovski pravoslavyanski crkova) is a de facto autocephalous Orthodox Christian church exercising jurisdiction over Ashukov Orthodox Christians in the Ashukov Federation. It is the largest organized church in Ashukovo.

The church was founded on April 11, 2014, by a team of 4 Ashukov officials.[5] This meeting could also be characterized as the first Holy Synod of the Ashukov Orthodox Church, a body consisting of the Patriarch of All Ashukovo and the church's Bishops, which convenes regularly and in which the Patriarch is primus inter pares. The current Patriarch is Christodoulos I, Bishop of Mouzilo

Most Ashukov Orthodox Christians claim that their Church is the one of the "correct faith and glorification of God" an idea coming from the church's name, "Православя" (Pravoslavya) itself a calque from the Greek "Ορθοδοξία" (Orthodoxia) a union of the word ορθός (orthos, "straight" "correct" "true" "right") and δόξα (doxa, "glory" but also "worship" "belief").

The church is currently not recognized by any of the canonical (or not) Christian Orthodox Churches.

With the reestablishment of Ashukovo and the subsequent creation of and replacement by the Orthodox Society of Ashukovo, the Orthodox Church of Ashukovo was disestablished and condemned as schismatic.

Organization and Clergy

The Church is headed by a bishop who is also the its primate and first among equals and bears the title of Patriarch. Geographically, the Church divided into dioceses, each ruled by a bishop who, in general, is considered to be a successor to the Apostles in the service and government of the Church. The bishops thus serve εις τόπον και τύπον Χριστού (Greek:is topon ke typon Christou, "in place and as a type of Christ") in the Church. No bishop in the Ashukov Orthodox Church is considered infallible. None has any authority over or apart from his priests, people or the other bishops. Bishops have the responsibility of maintaining the unity of the Church throughout the country by insuring the truth and unity of the faith and practice of their diocese. The bishops represent their particular dioceses to the other churches or dioceses, and represent the Universal Church to their own particular priests, deacons, and people.

Lower in the hierarchy of the Church are the priests who are also referred to as clerks or, occasionally, presbyters. Priests usually administer a church by the authority and with the blessing of their respective bishops. The priests bless all of the divine services conducted in their churches and are authorized to celebrate all of the mysteries (sacraments) of the Church, with the exception of ordination, which is reserved to the bishop.

Dioceses and parishes

The church's current dioceses and parishes are:

Diocese Parishes Bishop Date of establishment
Patriarchate of All Ashukovo None HH Patriarch Christodoulos II 11 April 2014
Diocese of Mladorossija None HH Patriarch Christodoulos II 11 April 2014
Diocese of Isara (Former Aetos) TBA TBA 11 April 2014
Diocese of Saint Constantine (Former Akharnes)
  • Parish of Saint Constantine
  • Parish of Magna Tatra
  • Parish of Meridionalis
  • Parish of Cleveland (in the Holy Roman Empire)
Rt. Rev. Konstantinos I 11 April 2014
Diocese of Mouzilo (in Austenasia)
  • Parish of Mouzilo
  • Parish of Klausio
  • Parish of Mouzeliot Islands
  • Parish of Virgo
HH Christodoulos I 11 April 2014
Former Dioceses
Diocese of Petras N/A Rt. Rev Demetrios I 9 June 2014
(Inactive since early 2017)
Diocese of Montania
  • Parish of Rizania
  • Parish of New Richmond (in Austenasia)
Rt. Rev. Cyrill I 11 April 2014
(Inactive since early 2017)


The Patriarch (from Greek "Πατριάρχης" patriarchis) is the specific title given to the bishop who serves as the primate of the Ashukov Orthodox Church. The Patriarch is the de facto ruler of the OCA but is also primus inter pares, first among equals. His duties are to oversee the actions of the church and preserve the church's unity, customs and ethics as well as the application of God's Word. The Patriarch also heads the Patriarchate of All Ashukovo and the Holy Synod. The current Patriarch of All Ashukovo is His Holiness, Christodoulos the First, Bishop of Mouzilo and Laru.

Patriarch of All Ashukovo

HH Christodoulos I

Style: His Holiness
Residence: Agiopolis, Mouzilo (de facto)
Formation: 2014

Timeline of Ashukov Patriarchs

Key Current Patriarch
Former Patriarch
Previous term of current Patriarch
Former Patriarch with more than one terms
# Portrait Name
Name of Birth
Origin (state)
Term of office Other offices in the church
while Patriarch
I Christodoulos I
Manolis Afentoulis
11 April 2014 Present Bishop of the Mouzeliot Diocese
The first Patriarch of the Church

Notes and references

  1. Byzantine church, built in the 5th century AD
  2. Under construction
  3. Liturgies in English can occur
  4. 6 churches are located within the territory claimed by Ashukov states
  5. http://ashukovskivesti.wordpress.com/2014/04/13/orthodox-church-of-ashukovo-estabished/ "Orthodox Church of Ashukovo established." Ašukovski Vesti, April 13, 2014