Children of the Dank

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The Children of the Dank are a Religious cult based in the Kingdom of Bertia in the United Republic of Englica. They are the second largest religion in Bertia, second to Maxism (Worship of Max I).

The cult was formed in March 2021 by Orin Harley and was followed by many, including Oscar Thow and Martin Wareham. It worships all memers and venerates memes as holy objects. Max I, despite being worshipped as a god by the cult as a memer, is not a member as a devout Christian.

The cult is most notable for being the subject of the Dank Wars when Martin Wareham split from the group and formed the Children of the Meme. The war ended in a stalemate after the Battle of Middem, the most violent conflict in Hilltopper history.