Church of Hilltop

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Church of Hilltop
ClassificationGnosticism (allegedly)
OrientationMarcionism (formerly)
ScriptureThe Bible (New Testament centric)
FounderMax I
Separated fromChurch of England
Aid organizationChristian Aid supported
Primary schools2
Secondary schools1
Tax statusTax exempt

The Church of Hilltop (formerly the Church of Stinocolus), is a Christian church and the official religion of the Kingdom of Hilltop. The Church was formed in early 2019 as a Marcionite, universalist revival movement by Max I. At its formation it was criticised for being 'revisionist', relating to the Marcionic gospels used. While the Gospel of Marcion was the official scripture of the church, the New Testament was commonly used instead in churches. Despite the fact that Marcionism is no longer followed in the church, many of its principles still remain, but with more Lutheran and Evangelical beliefs.

It is the home of the Maxine epistles, Christian writing outside of The Bible written by Max of Hilltop with Christian views.


The Church of Hilltop was formed in January 2019 as the Marcionite Church of Stinocolus, it followed the teachings of Marcion of Sinope that the god of the Old Testament was an evil god and that there was a more supreme god, the one who sent Jesus Christ.

The Church was always very relaxed on its teachings and the entire New Testament was used in places of worship and use of the reconstructed Gospel of Marcion was rare. The Church accepts all Christians of varying denominations, including its bishops, Princess Lynn, Countess of Wincanton, the Archbishop of Mere, is a Methodist and Princess Linda, Duchess of Shaftesbury, the Bishop of Lower Stevenshous, is non-denominational.

The organisation stopped officially identifying as Marcionite in 2020 but many Marcionite teachings still remain in churches. It has since adopted many Evangelical and Lutheran beliefs.


Caption text
Name Location Diocese Bishop
Saint Peter and Saint Paul's Church Lower Stevenshous Stevenshous Princess Linda, Duchess of Shaftesbury
Saint Monica's Church Lower Stevenshous Stevenshous Charlotte Young
Saint George's Church Lower Stevenshous Stevenshous Joseph Young
Church of John the Baptist Lower Stevenshous Stevenshous Princess Lisa, Countess of Stourpaine
Saint Thomas's Church Upper Stevenshous Stevenshous Max of Hilltop
Church of Saint Francis of Assisi Bertia Stevenshous George Dormer
Saint Lawrence's Church Mere Mere Princess Lynn, Countess of Wincanton