Joseph Young

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Sir Joseph Young is a Hilltopper judge and politician who is currently the Speaker of Hilltop Parliament and was Acting Prime Minister of the United Republic of Englica until 1 April 2022 when Bertia left the union. He is well known for presiding over the case against Prince Jack, Duke of Gillingham for voter fraud, which resulted in him being evicted from parliament and Lana Avery being elected to replace him in a by-election the next day.

Joseph Young
Acting Prime Minister of Englica
Tenure 6 November 2020 - 1 April 2022
Successor Position abolished
Speaker of Hilltop Parliament
Reign 5 June 2021 - present
Family Young
Father Sir Ian
Mother Charlotte Young
Religion Church of Hilltop

He is a fervent supporter of Max I and fought against Bertian independence in the Bertian Civil War and against Arthur II in the Antenna War but opposed the Children of the Meme in the Dank Wars. He was involved in the Battle of Middem, the most violent battle in Hilltopper history which resulted with him and several others being injured.