Prince Jack, Duke of Gillingham

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Duke of Gillingham
King of Hilltop (In exile)
Reign19 January 2021
PredecessorMax I
SuccessorMax I
Head of the Jackobite Government
Reign19 January 2021 - present
PredecessorMax I
Prime Minister of Stinocolus
TenureOctober 2019
PredecessorOliver Gooding
SuccessorArchie Allen
MP for Mere
Reign17 March 2021 - 7 April 2021
PredecessorPrincess Lynn, Countess of Wincanton
SuccessorLana Avery
Born6 October 2001 (2001-10-06) (age 22)
Shaftesbury, Dorset, England
Jack Alfie Avery
FatherPrince Daniel, Duke of Mere

Prince Jack, Duke of Gillingham (born 6 October 2001) is a Hilltopper royal. He is the eldest child of Prince Daniel, Duke of Mere and brother of Princess Lana, Duchess of Knoyle. He was briefly King of Hilltop in Exile with Queen Mother Donna, Duchess of Tarrant on 19 January 2021 when Max I was forced to reign by rebel leader Ryan House. His brief tenure as King ended when Max’s abdication was reversed later that day. However, Jack views the abdication as still legally binding and runs an exile government with himself and Princess Lisa, Countess of Stourpaine as Co-King and Queen. His exile-government is referred to as the ‘Jackobite’ government.

The Jackobite Party were successful in the 2021 election, which resulted in the party gaining 2 seats (Spetisbury and Mere). Since then he has been accused of voter fraud.


Pre-Jackobite (2019-2021)

He is an important Stinocolun politician, serving as Prime Minister in October 2019.

Prince Jack was present at the wedding of Prince Ben, Earl of Motcombe and Princess Karen where he was an honoured guest. He was created Duke of Gillingham by his step-brother, Max I at the Pub Meeting on his 18th birthday in 2019.

King-in-Exile (2021)

Max I of Hilltop was forced to abdicate by rebel Ryan House on 19 January 2021, in the First Civil War. Max intended for if he died or abdicated without children, the monarchy was to become a dual monarchy between the Stenners and Averys. Jack and Max’s mother, Queen Mother Donna, formed an exile government in Woodshire on the same day. Max regained power a few hours later after a counter-coup and parliament reversed the abdication. Donna officially recognised this while Jack did not.

Jackobite Leader (2021-present)

Prince Jack formed the Jackobitism Party on the same day, Jackobite being a pun on Jacobite, a supporter of the rule of the Stuart dynasty instead of the Hanover’s in British history. The Jackobites believed that Max’s abdication was still legally binding and Prince Jack and Princess Lisa were the true monarchs of Hilltop. They soon gained popularity with their isolationist approach and proposed radical reforms.

On 18 March, the 2021 election was held and the Jackobites gained two seats, Mere and Spetisbury, from the Social Democrats. The First Parliament vote was on the recognition of Jack and Lisa as monarchs of Hilltop, which resulted in a draw. Which according to the Hilltopper Constitution, would result in a referendum.

After the violent Battle of Denes, where Jackobite protesters against the Biblical Bill had a violent clash with members of the Hilltopper royal family, the Jackobite party was banned, which led to Princess Lisa, Countess of Stourpaine abdicating from her position in the exile government to her daughter Arrianne Kingman.

Allegations of Voter Fraud (2021-present)

The same day as the referendum was meant to take place, Dictator MP George Heywood, who supposedly voted for Jackobitism, stated that he voted against Jackobitism and the results were rigged. The Dictator Party soon followed in its denouncement of Jackobitism.

Max I delayed the referendum to a later, unknown date. Parliament has decided to sue Prince Jack for voter fraud. A trial which took place on 7 April 2021 with Joseph Young as Judge, he found Jack guilty and he was evicted from parliament. His sister, Lana Avery, was elected to replace him in a by-election the next day.


He is re-standing in his Mere seat in the 2022 Mere by-election as an Independent.