Queen Mother Donna, Duchess of Tarrant

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Duchess of Tarrant
Queen of Hilltop
Reign19 January 2021
PredecessorMax I
SuccessorMax I (Second reign)
District Minister of Hilltop
Social Democrat
Tenure15 May 2019 - 17 March 2022
PredecessorPosition established
SuccessorPrince Christopher
DeputyPrince Christopher (14-22 August 2021)
Deputy District Minister of Hilltop
Tenure17 March 2022 - present
PredecessorPrince Christopher
District MinisterPrince Christopher
Born13 May 1976 (1976-05-13) (age 47)
Dorchester, Dorset, England
IssueMax I, King of Hilltop
Donna Louise Stenner
FatherPrince Christopher, Duke of Winterbourne
MotherPrincess Linda, Duchess of Shaftesbury

Queen Mother Donna, Duchess of Tarrant (born 13 May 1976) is the mother of Max I, the King of Hilltop. She is the current District Minister of Hilltop for the United Republic of Englica for the Social Democrat Party and briefly served as Queen with Prince Jack, Duke of Gillingham for a few hours on 19 January 2021.

She is engaged to Prince Daniel, Duke of Mere, something which was announced on Christmas Day 2020. On 25 June 2021, she made a public appearance as the Queen Mother in Poole. They have been together since November 2018.

She is the first-in-line to the Hilltop throne, and if her son dies or abdicates without children, the throne will go into a duel monarchy with her and Prince Jack, Duke of Gillingham as co-monarchs. This has been in effect once, after Max I’s forced abdication to Ryan House in the First Civil War but the abdication was reversed by Parliament later that day. Donna was compliant and still serves as Queen Mother but Jack didn’t accept this and formed the Jackobite party and leads an exile government from Mere.

Donna is the current District Minister of Hilltop and MP for Stevenshous Capital and has been since the nation’s establishment on 15 May 2019. She has maintained this position over the years despite rebel claimants in the 2021 instability, such as Toby Stacy and Charlie Dormer in the First Civil War, Charlie Dormer again in the 23 January Coup, Alfie Potter in the Second Civil War and finally Ryan House in the Antenna War, but despite this, the government has reigned supreme against rebels.

She went on strike against the Biblical Bill on 11 August 2021, but made an agreement with her son 3 days later to remove parts of the bill involving Homosexuality and all Social Democrat MPs. But since Charlotte Young, the MP for Lower Stevenshous defected to the Hilltop Salvation Party, Donna has had to form a coalition with the Hilltop Salvation Party, with Prince Christopher, Duke of Winterbourne as Deputy District Minister.

Donna was a loyalist commander at the Battle of Denes against Jackobites led by Lana Avery, which ended in a stalemate.

She is the leader of the Social Democrat Party, which is centre-left leaning and socialist, it is fervently anti-Jackobite and supports workers rights and tax reduction. Macronationally, she supports the U.K. Labour Party.