Prince Christopher, Duke of Winterbourne

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Prince Christopher, Duke of Winterbourne
Duke of Winterbourne
District Minister of Hilltop
Assumed office
17 March 2022
DeputyQueen Mother Donna
Preceded byQueen Mother Donna
Deputy District Minister of Hilltop
In office
14 August 2021 – 22 August 2021
DeputyVacant, Queen Mother Donna from 17 March
Preceded byPosition established
Leader of Hilltop Salvation Party
Assumed office
17 June 2021 - present
Preceded byHarrison Bert as Leader of the Dictator Party
Regent of Hilltop
In office
15 November 2021 – 25 November 2021
Preceded byPrince Daniel, Duke of Mere
Succeeded byMax of Hilltop, as monarch
Born14 May 1955 (1955-05-14) (age 68)
Weymouth, Dorset
SpousePrincess Linda, Duchess of Shaftesbury (m. 1975)
IssuePrincess Lisa, Countess of Stourpaine
Queen Mother Donna, Duchess of Tarrant
Christopher Arthur Frank
FatherJohn Wallis
MotherEileen Frampton

Prince Christopher, Duke of Winterbourne (born 1955), is a Hilltopper royal and politician, who was the Deputy District Minister of Hilltop under his daughter Queen Mother Donna for a period in August 2021. He is the grandfather of Max I and is Duke of Winterbourne in the Peerage of Hilltop. Prince Christopher is the Leader of the Hilltop Salvation Party (formerly the Dictator Party).

He was made Deputy District Minister on 14 August 2021 because Queen Mother Donna had to form a coalition with the Hilltop Salvation Party to maintain a majority in Parliament after Charlotte Young defected to the Hilltop Salvation Bill. However his term ended on 22 August when Max I banned the Jackobite party and dismissed Lana Avery from her office as MP for Mere and appointed Princess Lynn, Countess of Wincanton as Acting MP, reaffirming the Social Democrat majority.

He served as Co-Regent of Hilltop with Princess Linda, Duchess of Shaftesbury while Max of Hilltop had COVID-19 from 18 November to 25 November 2021. Until 29 November, they served important royal duties that the main family couldn’t take.

In the 2022 Hilltop general election, the Hilltop Salvation Party won 3 seats, joint first with the Social Democrats. However, due to the Hilltop Salvation Party winning out narrowly in terms of vote count, they got to lead the coming coalition government. Prince Christopher has been District Minister since 17 March 2022.