United Republic of Englica

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United Republic of Englica

Nebraska, United States and Dorset, United Kingdom
Largest cityDumont d'Urville Station, District 2, New Potato Land
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentFederal Republic
• (as of March 2020 census calculations) census
CurrencyUS Dollar/UK Pound Sterling/NPL Arian
Time zoneCST/UTC-6

The United Republic of Englica is a federal micronation established by its founding fathers Jonah Nichols, Josiah Welch, and Max Stenner on November 6, 2020. It was founded as Jonah had met a micronationalist at his school, and eventually the two, as well as Max agreed it would be a good idea to form a union between the Federal Republic of New Potato Land and the Kingdom of Woodshire Hill.


November 6, 2020: The United Republic of Englica was founded as a union between the Kingdom of Woodshire Hill and the Federal Republic of New Potato Land
December 29, 2020: The municipality/city of Brzalice was incorporated into District 1's territory.


States are subdivisions of Englica which often have their own style of government and laws, but are still under control of a larger central government. The term 'state' is actually an umbrella term for all of the different government types of subdivisions. For example, the state of Woodshire Hill is called the "Kingdom of Woodshire Hill".

Name Government Head of Government Land Area Population Religion State Animal State Food State Drink Capital Largest City
Hilltop Constitutional Monarchy NA 1.36 km2 ? Christianity Hedgehog Pepperoni Pizza 7-up Stevenshous (3) Bertia (16)
New Potato Land Federal Republic Josiah Welch (Executive Officer) 2,236,612.76 km2 67 (61 permanent) Christianity Potato Potato Potato Juice Draig Tatws (9) Dumont d'Urville Station (25)


Districts are further subdivisions of states which are set up based on the state they are within.


Name Monarch District Minister Land Area Religious Policies District Animal District Food District Drink Population Capital Largest City
Hilltop Max Stenner Donna Stenner 332.3 ac No non-Christian religious buildings allowed Havana Brown Cat Pepperoni Pizza Lemonade 32 Stevenshous (11) Bertia (16)

New Potato Land

Name District Officer Land Area Religious Policies Population Capital Largest City
District 1 Josiah Welch 11.26 ac Religious institutions are protected under law 22 Draig Tatws (9) Draig Tatws (9)
District 2 David Stolle 2,236,612.72 km2 None 45 Dumont d'Urville Station (25) Dumont d'Urville Station (25)
District 3 ??? 0.2 ac Religious symbolism is protected under law 0 None None


Name Baron/Mayor etc. Land Area Population District State
Stevenshous Daniel Avery 241 ac 11 Hilltop Woodshire Hill
Bertia Harrison Bert 90.3 ac 16 Hilltop Woodshire Hill
Mere Lynn Avery 133 ac 5 Hilltop Woodshire Hill
Draig Tatws Josiah Welch 2.76 ac 9 District 1 New Potato Land
Draig Mawr Josiah Welch 8.1 ac 5 District 1 New Potato Land
Daearoedd Cerddoriaeth Josiah Welch - - District 1 New Potato Land
Brzalice Julia VanDyke-Ries 0.5 ac 1 District 1 New Potato Land
Dumont d'Urville Station David Stolle - 25 District 2 New Potato Land


Name Land Area Population
Maxia Unknown (Land is the surface of an undiscovered star in the Andromeda Galaxy) 0

Woodshire Hill Government


Hilltop: Max Stenner (King Max I)
Monarchs, on a state level, may do as they please as long as they all agree. However, they may only manage religion on a district-wide level and nothing else. Other district-wide decisions are made by the District Minister and the citizens, however, monarchs can turn down any decisions once the vote is in. Monarchs can also appoint barons. However, calls can be made against this decision, resulting in a vote.

District Ministers

Hilltop: Donna Stenner
District Ministers can declare a vote on any topic they would like that could change legislation. The citizens then vote on it, and if the monarch agrees to their decision, the legislation is passed.


Stevenshous: Daniel Avery
Bertia: Harrison Bert
Mere: Lynn Avery
Barons can make any decisions they would like for their city, but only under the agreement of the District Minister and the monarch.

Election Process

Every year, on May 16, a new district minister is elected for each district. Anyone at 11 years or up (who is not a Monarch) is able to run for district minister. However, if nobody over 11 wants to run for district minister in a certain district, kids 10 and under can run. The citizens then vote on one from each party, and the most popular candidates from each party will then enter round 2 of voting. The monarch will pick the final district minister.

Federal Republic of New Potato Land Government

The parliament is generally referred as the New Potato Land Parliament, which is made up of District Officers from each district and including the Executive Officer. The Districts of the Federal Republic of New Potato Land propose the bill to the body of Parliament. The bill that a District would propose would get voted on between the members of Parliament. New Potato Land Parliament is bipartisan, composed of the body of the parliament and the Administration; both have equal power. The Executive Officer is the head of the administration(currently it is the Welch Administration), they generally serve until resignation or their inevitable death, but in the event of resignation or removal of office, it would create either a civil war or the largest election in the history of Federal Republic of New Potato Land to date.

National Government

Prime Minister

The Prime Minister is the head of parliament as well as government. If parliament votes on a certain law that the PM does not agree with, they can simply veto the law and prevent it from being passed. They can also remove people from parliament and then have people vote on who to replace them with. The Prime Minister also has the right to declare war without consent from parliament.

Vice Prime Minister

The Vice Prime Minister takes over the job of the Prime Minister if they are absent for some amount of time. They are chosen by the Prime Minister upon election.

Head Diplomat

The Head Diplomat is in charge of establishing relations with other nations in order to gain more recognition for Englica. They also establish relations to gain more allies, strengthening the republic altogether.


There is one Overseer per state, who's job is to report corrupt or suspicious behavior of the leaders of their assigned state to the Prime Minister.


If a member of parliament (MP) suggests a law (which must be on a national level), the rest of parliament must vote on it, and if the law has 50% or more vote in favor of it, it is passed, unless the Prime Minister vetoes it. Parliament can also choose to impeach the Prime Minister if they fear they have become too corrupt. This only happens if 50% or more of citizens in Englica vote in favor of impeachment as well, however.