23 January Coup

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The 23 January Coup was the second attempt by Charlie Dormer and Ryan House to depose Max I in favour of Tom Gilly after the First Civil War. The coup was initially successful and gained support from the government but after Tom Gilly’s controversial objection to the Anti-DC Bill proposed a day later, Max I was reinstalled.

23 January Coup
Part of 2021 Hilltop instability
Date23 January 2021
Bertia, Hilltop
Result Max I goes into exile in Stevenshous and Tom Gilly is installed as King of Hilltop
Max I is reinstated a day later
Stevenshous and Mere held by exile government
Bertia held by rebels
MP logo.png Government of Tom
Hilltopflag.png Hilltop government
Commanders and leaders
MP logo.png Ryan House
MP logo.png Toby Stacy
MP logo.png Charlie Dormer
MP logo.png Tom Gilly
Hilltopflag.png Max I


23 January 2021

12:00PM: The Hilltopper Government under Charlie Dormer issue a warrant to Max I demanding his abdication and exile. Max I refuses.
12:15PM: Charlie Dormer and Ryan House proclaim Tom Gilly as King and Max I is brought into exile in Stevenshous.

24 January 2021

1:00PM: Charlie Dormer sends the Anti-DC Bill to Tom Gilly.
1:15PM: Tom Gilly refuses, this is met with uproar from government, who want DC to be banned.
1:30PM: Max I is restored as King and accepts the bill.