Tom Gilly

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Tom Gilly is a Hilltopper politician and nobleman who is best known for attempts by Charlie Dormer to install him as puppet King of Bertia in 2021.

Tom Gilly
King of Hilltop (Disputed)
Reign 23–24 January 2021 and 13 February 2021
Coronation 23 January 2021 in Bertia
Predecessor Max I
Successor Max I
District Minister Ryan House (23-24 January 2021)
House Gilly
Occupation Rebel, dissident

Gilly was an Anti-Max I leader before the rise of the Jackobites after the First Civil War. He was involved in several attempts to capture Max I in January 2021, which resulted in his imprisonment at Bench Prison. After being released, he sided with Charlie Dormer and Ryan House in the 23 January Coup which resulted in him being installed as King of Hilltop for one day on 23 January 2021 until 24 January, when Max I was reinstated after Tom refused to sign the Anti-DC Bill.

On 13 February 2021, Tom Gilly was once again declared as King of Hilltop as a puppet under the regime of 'Emperor of the Schoolgrounds' Charlie Dormer, but a resistance led by Max I and Oscar Thow resulted in Max’s restoration.

Since then, Tom has been the leader of another attempt on Max I in May 2021, which resulted in his second imprisonment.