Ryan House

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Ryan House
King of Hilltop
Disputed by Jack and Donna
Reign19 January 2021
Coronation19 January 2021 in Bertia
PredecessorMax I
SuccessorOscar ‘the Citizen King’
King of Bertia
Reign26 February - 8 March 2021
1–11 March 2022
PredecessorCharlie (first time)
Harrison (second)
SuccessorUnion between Hilltop and Bertia; Max I
Alfie (second)
Minister for War
Tenure17–19 January 2021
PredecessorPosition established
Oscar Thow (as Head Military Designer of Stinocolus)
SuccessorCharlie Dormer
Unknown; likely Dorchester, Dorset

Ryan House (born 2009) is a Hilltopper politician and rebel who is currently disputed King of Bertia. He is best known for leading the First Civil War against Stenner and briefly serving as King for 2 hours until abdicating to Oscar Thow. House later led the coup that installed Tom Gilly on the throne on 23 January 2021.

Since then, he supported Arthur II in the Antenna War from 13–17 June 2021. Arthur II occupied all of Hilltop except Mere but was defeated by a force led by Max I, Oscar Thow, Orin Harley, Martin Wareham and Joseph Young on 17 June 2021.

On 1 March 2022, he led the 2022 Bertian coup d’etat, which led Harrison I into exile in Hilltop. The United Royal Republic of Englica have rejected the claim and continued to support Harrisonian efforts in the Second Bertian Civil War, which lasted until the 11 March, when House proclaimed the Buddhist-esque Order of the Enlightened One, abdicating to the 'Enlightened' Alfie Potter. Potter was later defeated by Harrisonian forces the same day in the Enlightened Fight and Harrison I was restored.

House has been sentenced to six months at Bench Prison for treason.