United Royal Republic of Englica

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United Republic of Englica

Nebraska, United States and Dorset, United Kingdom
Capital cityPershing, Woodshire
Largest cityBertia, Hilltop
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Christianity
Short nameKWH
DemonymWoodshirean, Hilltopper, Woodshire-Hiller, Woodhiller, Woodshire-Hillean
GovernmentFederal Republic with sub-national monarchies
- MonarchsMax Stenner, Josiah Welch, Oscar Thow
- Prime MinisterVacant
Area claimed1.54 square km
Population93 (3 outside borders) (as of latest census calculations)
CurrencyUS Dollar, UK Pound
Time zoneCST/UTC-6
National sportSoccer/Football
National animalHedgehog

The United Republic of Englica is a micronation founded by Jonah Nichols (King Jonah I) and Max Stenner (King Max I) on 15 May 2020, originally as the Kingdom of Woodshire Hill but became a republic when it merged with the Republic of New Potato Land but there were still subnational monarchs. This micronation was founded due to all information on their previous micronation, the Grand Duchy of Wefren, being deleted by Emperor Jonathon of Austenasia. In essence, the Grand Duchy of Wefren ceased to exist. The original kings of Woodshire Hill suspected that Jonathon had done this in an attempt to “take over” Wefren, although this was later proven to be false.


Englica is a combination of the words 'England', which comes from the Old English meaning 'land of the Angles' and America, a latinisation of the first name of explorer Amerigo Vespucci, who was named after St Emeric or of Englishman Richard Amerike, of which Amerike is an Anglicisation of Welsh patronymic ap Meryck, meaning son of Meryck.

Of the constituent states of Englica, Hilltop is named after the local town council ward of the original Hilltop territories, which was likely named that due to the fact that much of Hilltop Ward is centered on a Hill. Bertia is named after its original king, Harrison Bert. New Potato Land is of unknown etymological origin, but may be due to a fondness of potatoes from Josiah Welch.


Englica is a parliamentary republic with sub-national semi-constitutional monarchies (districts). There isn’t a Head of State in Englica, and the position is filled locally by the sub-national monarchs. The Head of Government is the Prime Minister, the leader of the biggest party in Parliament, at this moment Joseph Young.

The districts within Englica have parliaments led by the District Minister, the leader of the biggest party in the Parliament. The District Minister is the local equivalent to the Prime Minister.

Elections are held once a year locally and nationally, but a national election has been stalled due to communication problems, resulting in Joseph Young holding the position of Acting Prime Minister.


See more: Former colonies of Englica

Englica has colonies across the globe which are generally autonomous and affiliated with a District. They have their own laws and are only subject to the Englican Constitution.

The government has started to distance themselves from colonies in recent years, with the abandoning of all colonies except the Great Kingdom of Falalia in 2021 by Joseph Young. Another colony, the Feathers and Gills Governate, governed by Prince Ben, Earl of Motcombe with Martin Wareham as Deputy.

Foreign relations

Englica is a member state of the Cupertino Alliance and is an ally of the Duchy of Woodshire and The Kingdom of Cecillo.


Both the Kingdom of Hilltop and Sovereign State of New Potato Land have Christianity as their official religion, but Hilltop is most overtly religious, with an official church, the Church of Hilltop, and on 9 August 2021, King Max I passed a law recognising the New Testament as law. In Hilltop, there is a prominent Atheist minority.

The Kingdom of Bertia has the Children of the Dank as state religion but it is a minority religion, and Maxism, the worship of Max of Hilltop as God, has more practitioners. Maxism has two branches, Classical Maxism, the worship of Max as God-King of the Universe and Marian Maxism, the belief that Max I is the incarnation of the Virgin Mary. Bertia is also home to the Bertian Church of Odin, led by Conner Young. In Bertia there is a sizeable Atheist minority and a small congregation of the Church of Hilltop led by George Dormer.


2018-2019: The Codex Stuckus is written, providing a legendary history of Hilltop.
Mid-May 2020: King Max I starts up a TV channel within the district of Hilltop
15 May 2020: The Kingdom of Woodshire Hill is founded
16 May 2020: The first District Minister election is held, which sees Chris Nichols elected the DM of Woodshire, and Princess Donna the DM of Hilltop. Also, the fascist/loony parties started to suspect that the election was rigged for the SDP to win. They also wanted to abolish the monarchy
17 May 2020: Slang terms slowly began to evolve in Woodshire, with the term “back garden” starting to replace “backyard”
24 May 2020: Multiple at-home highschool graduations take place in the district of Woodshire, involving fireworks and honking cars as celebration
June 2020: King Jonah I begins to make calls for making Woodshire Hill more self-sustainable, in the event that a parent nation (UK or US) descends into chaos
August 2020: Part of the royal Hilltopper family got tested for COVID-19, tests came back negative
11 August 2020: Princess Lana of Hilltop celebrates her 16th birthday
25 August 2020: The town of Mere is established as a part of Hilltop. Meanwhile, Hilltop expands its claims.
26 August 2020: The flag of Woodshire is changed
27 August 2020: Pershing and Witham see their borders changed to have Witham claim all of Woodshire Park
28 August 2020: An honours system is introduced to Woodshire Hill
29 August 2020: A city block bordered by 19th street, 20th street, Dakota street, and high street, is annexed by Woodshire in order to include new citizens within the territory
24 September 2020: The American Defensive Union of Micronations (ADUM) is founded by King Jonah of Woodshire and Executive Officer Josiah Welch of New Potato Land
5 November 2020: Woodshire Hill enters the process of forming a feudal union with New Potato Land
6 November 2020: Woodshire Hill and New Potato Land merge to form Englica
17 January 2021: Princess Lana, Duchess of Knoyle is barred from the succession for spreading rumours about the Imperial family
19 January 2021: A civil war occurs in Hilltop, forcing Max I to abdicate in favour of rebel leader Ryan House. An exile government is established with Prince Jack, Duke of Gillingham and Queen Mother Donna, Duchess of Tarrant as co-monarchs. Oscar Thow would then depose Ryan and would abdicate in favour of Max 2 hours later. Max’s abdication is reversed. Princess Donna does recognise the reversal but Prince Jack dosen’t and continues to claim the title of King with Princess Lisa, Countess of Stourpaine.
23 January 2021: Max is once again deposed by the forces of Charlie Dormer and Ryan House and Bertia councillor Tom Gilly is made King in the 23 January Coup. Max Stenner starts a government-in-exile.
24 January 2021: Charlie and Ryan turn on Tom because he prefers DC to Marvel and Max is restored to the throne. Max and Charlie invade the Football Grounds in Bertia, which are held by rebel DC fans but fail.
12 February 2021: Charlie declares himself King and attempts to depose Max in the Second Hilltop Civil War. It is agreed that Hilltop is split in half.
13 February 2021: Charlie breaks his promise and invades Max’s half, declaring independence from Englica. He established himself as Emperor with Tom Gilly as a puppet king in the East but a resistance deposed him two hours later, bringing back Max.
26 February 2021: Political strife in Hilltop forces the nation to be split with Ryan House as King of the West and Max as King of the East.
1 March 2021: Max I is injured in a fight and leaves the public eye for 2 days.
8 March 2021: East and West Hilltop reunite with Max as leader.
15 March 2021: Woodshire separates from Englica.
17 March 2021: The 2021 Hilltop general election takes place, resulting in a Social Democrat majority.
A vote on Jackobitism occurs and results in a draw, which would result in a referendum being called on the issue.
18 March 2021: Allegations against Prince Jack occur, accusing him of voter fraud, when the Dictator MP who supposedly voted for Jackobitism, George Heywood, stated that he actually voted against. King Max calls a trial against Prince Jack. Prince Jack vs The Kingdom of Hilltop. The referendum is put on hold.

A series of religious wars break out, the Dank Wars, with Martin Wareham splitting from the Children of the Dank and forming the Children of the Meme. The Children of the Dank is supported by Oscar Thow, Orin Harley and several other nobles. The Children of the Meme is supported by Max I and Harrison Bert among others.
31 March 2021: The first Capture the Flag tournament is held in Hilltop, with players including Max I, Oscar Thow and Harrison Bert. The war ends in stalemate
7 April 2021: The trial against Prince Jack, Duke of Gillingham occurs, with Joseph Young as Judge, he is found guilty and evicted from parliament.
8 April 2021: The Mere by-election takes place, with a victory for Lana Avery and the Jackobites.
25 April 2021: A poll on the monarchy is conducted in Hilltop, it results in a majority being unsure on the monarchy but with more people supporting it than that of a republic.
26 April 2021: A Democratic Revolution takes place in Bertia, with the Republic of Bertia being proclaimed with Oscar Thow as President. Hilltopper attempts to suppress the rebels are unsuccessful.
28 May 2021: The Bertian Civil War fails after the Battle of Field led by Max I and Olly Gooding defeats the rebels under Oscar Thow.
13 June 2021: A warrior, Arthur II, occupies all of Hilltop except Mere in the Antenna War with support of Ryan House. He rules as an absolute monarch as 'King of the Britons' and abolishes parliament.
17 June 2021: A force led by Max I, Oscar Thow, Orin Harley and Martin Wareham fight back against Arthur II and forces him out of the Kingdom. It is announced that Bertia will become a Kingdom within the United Republic of Englica with Oscar Thow as its King. Max I, to coincide with this, abolishes the Duchy of Bertia and appoints Harrison Bert and George Heywood as Baronets.
12 July 2021: The Hilltop national football team and Bertia national football team debut with Hendrix Kempster and Charlie Dormer as Captains. They play a match in Bertia, which ends in a 4-4 draw. It is also announced that the Spetisbury constituency will be disestablished by 2022.
14 July 2021: A second football match between Bertia and Hilltop takes place, with Bertia winning 1-0. A heated argument occurs between Hilltop captain Hendrix Kempster and Bertia captain Charlie Dormer.
15-16 July 2021: The first Bertia Games take place with special guests including Oscar I, Orin Harley and Max of Hilltop. On the second day, events had to be cut due to COVID-19.
22 July 2021: Olly Gooding resigns as the Leader of Bertia's UnITE party, and Harrison Bert is elected by party members.
2 August 2021: Acting Prime Minister Joseph Young demands for The United Republics of Antarctica to retake land originally granted to New Potato Land in the Adelie Land Treaty of Cession. He also issues an edict ending the claims on Rockall.
3 August 2021: The status of Andromedan Stars as a colony is ended after an agreement between Joseph Young and the royal family of Hilltop.
7-8 August 2021: A charity metal detecting weekend is held for Poole Cancer Centre which is sponsored by Max I and the Hilltop royal family.
9 August 2021: Max I institutes Biblical Law in Hilltop which is denounced by all political parties except the Hilltop Salvation Party.
11 August 2021: All of Hilltop Parliament officially goes on strike except Charlotte Young, who defects from the Social Democrats to the Hilltop Salvation Party.
14 August 2021: Max I signs a deal with Queen Mother Donna and the Social Democrats to stop many protests over the Biblical Bill, but Jackobite Members do not re-enter and continue protesting. Due to Charlotte Young's defection, Queen Mother Donna forms a coalition with the Hilltop Salvation Party and her father Prince Christopher becomes Deputy District Minister.
21 August 2021: The URE is admitted as an observer member of the Cupertino Alliance.
22 August 2021: Max I, Queen Mother Donna, Duchess of Tarrant and Prince Daniel, Duke of Mere get into a violent battle with Jackobites at the Battle of Denes, which ends in a stalemate.
4 September 2021: The nations name is changed to the United Royal Republics of Englica to represent its government more fully.
5 September 2021: Max I’s birthday is celebrated. A peace with the Mere rebels is achieved with an agreement that the Biblical Bill won’t have hold in Mere.
18-19 September 2021: A conference between the Kingdoms of Hilltop and Bertia takes place with Hilltop being represented by King Max and Bertia represented by Dylan Williams, the Deputy Leader of the Bertia Freedom Party and a high-ranking royal. Also attending were royal jeweller Toby Stacy and First Lady of Hilltop Abby Collop.
9 November 2021: An attempt by a number of Bertians, led by the prominent Martin Wareham and Dylan Williams on Max I makes relations between Hilltop and Bertia sour.
10 November 2021: An official debate is held between the Church of Hilltop and the Bertian Church of Odin in Perry, Bertia.
15 November 2021: Max of Hilltop tests positive for COVID-19 and Queen Mother Donna, Duchess of Tarrant takes over as Regent.
17 November 2021: Queen Mother Donna, Duchess of Tarrant catches COVID and Prince Daniel, Duke of Mere takes over as regent.
18 November 2021: Prince Daniel, Duke of Mere catches COVID and Prince Christopher, Duke of Winterbourne and Princess Linda, Duchess of Shaftesbury take over as co-regents.
25 November 2021: Max of Hilltop begins to take over functions again, but Prince Christopher, Duke of Winterbourne and Princess Linda, Duchess of Shaftesbury still perform several royal duties.
28 November 2021 Max of Hilltop releases a decree that for all future Hilltop elections, single-transferable vote or alternative vote will be used instead of first-past-the-post.


Districts are divisions of the United Republic of Englica, similar to states or counties, that each has its own king/queen and district minister. This is why Woodshire Hill has more than one monarch at all times.



Monarch: Max Stenner (King Max I)
District Minister: Queen Mother Donna, Duchess of Tarrant
Religion: Church of Hilltop
Area: 332.3 acres
Religious Policies: No non-Christian religious buildings allowed
District Animal: Havana Brown Cat
District Food: Pepperoni Pizza
District Drink: Lemonade
Population: 32
Capital: Stevenshous (11)
Largest City: Bertia (16)

Leadership History

Max I (15 May 2019 - 19 January 2021) (Forced to abdicate by Ryan)

Jack and Donna (19 January 2021)

De-facto government (Not recognised by Englica)
Ryan (19 January 2021) (Abdicated to Oscar)
Oscar ‘the Citizen King’ (19 January 2021) (Abdicated to Max)

Hilltop government
Max I (19 January 2021 - present) (In exile 23 - 24 January and 13 February)

De-facto governments (Not recognised by Englica)
Thomas (23 - 24 January and 13 February 2021) (Deposed by Max)
Emperor Charlie (13 February 2021) (Deposed by Max)
Arthur II (13-17 June 2021) (As King of the Britons) (Deposed by Max)

New Potato Land

Npl flag.jpg

Monarch: Josiah Welch (King Josiah I)
District Minister: Vacant
Area: 863561 sq. miles (claimed)
District Animal: Potato
Population: 55
Patron Saint: St. Haemophilus influenzae #1,234,277
Religious Policies: Christianity
Offical languages: Welsh, English, Omaha–Ponca language
Capital: Draig Tatws (3)
Largest City: Tatws Mawr


Bertia flag.jpg

Monarch: Oscar Thow (Oscar)
District Minister: Orin Harley
Area: Uncounted
District Animal: Cat
Population: 11
Religious Policies: Children of the Dank official, minorities of Maxism and Children of the Meme
Offical languages: English
Capital: Stair
Largest City: Designed

Leadership History

Harrison I (2013-2019) (Abdicated to Max)
Interregnum, rule by Hilltop (2019-13 February 2021)
Charlie (12 - 13 February 2021) (Overthrown)
Interregnum, rule by Hilltop (13-26 February 2021)
Ryan (26 February - 8 March 2021) (United under Hilltop)
Interregnum, rule by Hilltop (8 March-26 April 2021)
President Oscar (26 April-28 May 2021) (Overthrown)
Interregnum, rule by Hilltop (28 May-17 June 2021)
Oscar I (17 June 2021 - present)




MP: Queen Mother Donna, Duchess of Tarrant
Current Party: Social Democrat


MP: Princess Lynn, Countess of Wincanton
Current Party: Social Democrat

Upper Stevenshous

MP: Kimbo Bert
Current Party: Social Democrat


MP: Princess Lisa, Countess of Stourpaine
Current Party: Social Democrat

Lower Stevenshous

MP: Charlotte Young
Current Party: Hilltop Salvation


North Bertia

MP: Olly Gooding
Current Party: Unite Party

South Bertia

MP: Orin Harley
Current Party: Bertia Freedom Party

West Bertia

MP: Abby Collop
Current Party: Unite Party

East Bertia

MP: Harrison Bert
Current Party: Unite Party



Stevenshous Capital

Mayor: Prince Daniel, Duke of Mere (Foreign Monster Raving Loony)
Population: 11

Lower Stevenshous

Mayor: Prince Christopher, Duke of Winterbourne (Hilltop Salvation)
Population: 5

Upper Stevenshous

Mayor: William Purser (Hilltop Salvation)
Population: 5


Mayor: Princess Lisa, Countess of Stourpaine (Jackobite)
Population: 2


Mayor: Princess Lynn, Countess of Wincanton (Social Democrat)
Population: 5



Mayor: George Heywood (Unite)
Population: 9


Mayor: Abby Collop (Unite)
Population: 10


Mayor: Olly Gooding (Unite)
Population: 14

Lines of Succession


Hilltop follows Agnatic-Cognatic priomogeniture, but there is a strong movement from the Social Democrats to make this an Absolute Primogeniture system. If Max I dies or abdicates without heirs, the monarchy will become a duel monarchy between the House of Avery and House of Stenner.

Avery succession

  1. Prince Jack, Duke of Gillingham
  2. Prince Daniel, Duke of Mere
  3. Prince Ben, Earl of Motcombe
  4. Princess Bethany, Baroness Léon
  5. Sir Lanzo Léon
  6. Princess Ella of Hilltop
  7. Princess Holly of Hilltop
  8. Princess Lynn, Countess of Wincanton
  9. Prince Alfred of Hilltop

Stenner succession

The Stenner succession is even more complex because after Princess Lucy of Hilltop, there are plans to have a triple monarchy if Max doesn’t have heirs.

  1. Queen Mother Donna, Duchess of Tarrant
  2. Princess Lisa, Countess of Stourpaine
  3. Prince Brandon of Hilltop
  4. Princess Emma of Hilltop (formerly Prince Jacob)
  5. Princess Lucy of Hilltop


Bertia follows a system of appointing the line of succession by the monarch, at this time Oscar Thow.

  1. Martin Wareham
  2. Joseph Young
  3. Dylan Williams
  4. Orin Harley
  5. Lynzi Adams
  6. Charlie Northern

District Ministers

New Potato Land: Vacant
Hilltop: Donna Stenner
District Ministers can declare a vote on any topic they would like that could change legislation. The citizens then vote on it, and if the monarch agrees to their decision, the legislation is passed.

Political Parties

Hilltop Salvation Party

Founded: 15 May 2020 as the Fascist Party
Founder: Harrison Bert
Leader: Prince Christopher, Duke of Winterbourne
Deputy Leader: Princess Linda, Duchess of Shaftesbury
Ideology: Fascism (formerly)
Right-wing populism
Position: Right wing to Far-right
No. of Seats: 1

Formerly called the Fascist Party, it was renamed in February 2021 for the 2021 Hilltop general election to the Dictator Party to lower association with Naziism and to take votes from the Foreign Monster Raving Loony Party. It was initially led by Harrison Bert with George Heywood as Deputy Leader but Harrison resigned after Bertian semi-independence was achieved and how Prince Christopher, Duke of Winterbourne as leader with Princess Linda, Duchess of Shaftesbury as Deputy Leader. The party has since moved itself further from the Far-right, renaming itself the Hilltop Salvation Party. They have been in a coalition government with the Social Democrats since Charlotte Young defected to the Hilltop Salvation Party, ending the Social Democrat majority. They are pro-Max I and anti-Jackobite.

Social Democrat Party

Founded: 15 May 2020
Founder: Queen Mother Donna, Duchess of Tarrant
Leader: Donna Stenner
Deputy Leader: Princess Lynn, Countess of Wincanton
Ideology: Social democracy
Position: Centre-left
No. of Seats: 1 (Hilltop)

The current ruling party in Hilltop and the majority party in the Englican parliament. It is a centre-left party that advocates for workers rights and Anti-Jackobitism. It is led by Queen Mother Donna, Duchess of Tarrant. It held a majority in the 2020 election but they lost 2 seats in the 2021 Hilltop general election to the Jackobites, weakening their hold over parliament.

Foreign Monster Raving Loony Party

Founded: 15 May 2020
Founder: Prince Daniel, Duke of Mere
Leader: Prince Daniel, Duke of Mere
Ideology: Novelty
Position: Big-tent

A novelty party based in Stevenshous, it holds 1 city in Hilltop, Stevenshous. It advocates for 'expulsion of idiots' and rule by dogs.

Centrist Party

Founded: 16 May 2020
Dissolved: 15 March 2021
Founder and Leader: Chris Nichols
Ideology: Centrism
Position: Centre

The party was at the time the only party not based in Hilltop, being based in Pershing, Woodshire and was led by Chris Nichols (Prince Chris of Woodshire). It dominated Woodshire politics, rarely interfering elsewhere but when Woodshire gained its independence, the party was dissolved.

Jackobite Party

Founded: 19 January 2021
Banned: 22 August 2021 Founder: Prince Jack, Duke of Gillingham
Leader: Prince Jack, Duke of Gillingham
Deputy Leader: Princess Lisa, Countess of Stourpaine
Ideology: Jackobitism
Position: Centre to Centre-left
No. of Seats: 1 (Hilltop)

The party was founded after the First Civil War in January 2021 and it advocates for Max I’s abdication to Prince Jack, Duke of Gillingham and Princess Lisa, Countess of Stourpaine because they do not recognise the reversal of Max I’s abdication by parliament. The Jackobites have been heavily successful in recent times, becoming the official opposition in the 2021 Hilltop general election and winning the seats of Mere and Spetisbury. Jackobite is a play on word for Jacobite. The party was banned after violent clashes at the Battle of Denes between anti-Biblical protesters and the Hilltopper royal family.

Despite most Jackobites supporting the rule of Jack and Lisa, others support rule by Oscar Thow or Orin Harley.

Feminist Party

Founded: 8 January 2021
Founder: Rose Russell
Leader: Rose Russell
Deputy Leader: Lara Miller (Princess Lara of Bertia)
Ideology: Feminism, Republicanism
Position: Centre-left

A Feminist party in Hilltop. It doesn’t hold any seats in parliament but has had an increase of voters in 2021, with them being the second biggest party in Bertia, only beaten by the Jackobites. They are led by Rose Russell. The party also supports the abolition of the monarchy.

Bertia Freedom Party

Founded: 17 June 2021
Founder: Orin Harley
Leader: Orin Harley
Deputy Leader: Dylan Williams
Ideology: Bertian nationalism, Liberal democracy
Position: Centre-left

The Bertia Freedom Party was established after the semi-independence of Bertia was achieved on 17 June 2021 by Leader Orin Harley with support from new King of Bertia Oscar Thow. It is socially and economically Liberal, and is in favour of LGBT rights and Black Lives Matter.

The Deputy Leader of the party is Dylan Williams


Founded: 17 June 2021
Founder: Olly Gooding
Leader: Harrison Bert
Deputy Leader: George Heywood
Ideology: Bertian-Hilltopper unionism, Pro-Max I
Position: Big-tent

Unite is the biggest party in Bertia and supports unionism between Bertia and Hilltop under the rule of Max I. It was initially a more controversial group under its founder Olly Gooding, an ex-general who led forces at the Battle of Feld, quashing the Bertian Civil War, but after his resignation on 15 July 2021, ex-Dictator Party leaders Harrison Bert and George Heywood have taken over, vowing to remove past controversy.


max.stenner@icloud.com - Max of Hilltop