First Civil War

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The First Hilltop Civil War occurred on 19 January 2021 when Charlie Dormer and Ryan House turned on Max I and Ryan declared himself King of Hilltop with the support of royal jeweller and kingmaker Toby Stacy. Max was forced to abdicated after being captured by Ryan, who then abdicated to communist Oscar Thow two hours later. Max would soon regain the crown.

First Civil War
Part of 2021 Hilltop instability
Date19 January 2021
Bertia, Hilltop
Result Max I forced to abdicate by rebels but is reinstated a few hours later
Stevenshous and Mere held by exile government
Bertia held by rebels
Hilltop government
Commanders and leaders
Ryan House
Toby Stacy
Charlie Dormer
Oscar Thow
Max I
Queen Mother Donna
Prince Jack


12:00PM: Toby Stacy, the royal jeweller, proclaims Ryan House as King of Hilltop and crafts him a crown. He is met with support from the government, including Charlie Dormer.
12:10PM: The first battle of the war takes place in Bertia, which ends in a loyalist victory for Max I, but this doesn’t last.
12:20PM: The Communists enter the war under Oscar Thow, soon gaining the support of the masses.
12:30PM: Charlie Dormer slanders King Max by accusing him of ripping his coat, this is successful for a period.
12:35PM: Oscar Thow is proclaimed King in a very public ceremony at Bertia Square.
1:30PM: Max I is forced to abdicate to Ryan House. An exile government, ruled by Prince Jack and Queen Mother Donna is established.
2:00PM: Ryan House abdicates to Oscar Thow
3:20PM: Oscar Thow abdicates again to Max I, reinstating him. Parliament soon issues a statement declaring the abdication illegitimate, officially restoring him to the throne. This is disputed by the Jackobites.