Princess Lana, Duchess of Knoyle

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Lana Avery, formerly Princess Lana, Duchess of Knoyle (born 11 August 2004) is a Hilltopper former royal who is the daughter of Prince Daniel, Duke of Mere. Her royal status and titles were forfeited by Max I on 7 January 2021 for being dishonourable to the imperial family.

Before this, she was a well respected royal who often connected with the people and served as Prime Minister of Stinocolus on multiple occasions.

Lana Avery
Duchess of Knoyle
forfeited 7 January 2021
Prime Minister of Stinocolus
Reign August 2020
Predecessor Oscar Thow
Successor Oliver Gooding
Monarch Max I
MP for Mere
Reign 8 April 2021 - present
Predecessor Prince Jack, Duke of Gillingham
Party Jackobite
House Avery
Father Prince Daniel, Duke of Mere
Mother Jo
Born 11 August 2004
Religion Atheism

In 2021, she was elected MP for Mere in a by-election after her brother Prince Jack, Duke of Gillingham was evicted from parliament by a court led by Joseph Young, this prompted much shock among Hilltop.

On 22 August 2021, she got into a violent battle (the Battle of Denes) with Hilltop loyalists under Max I of Hilltop, Queen Mother Donna, Duchess of Tarrant and Prince Daniel, Duke of Mere while protesting against the Biblical Bill. It ended in a stalemate.