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Logo of the Church of Bob.
ScriptureThe Boble, Testaments of Bob
TheologyBobist theology
PopeCornelius I
  • Bishops: 13
  • Priests: 4
Other name(s)Church of Bob
Way of Bob

Bobism (Ponderosan Arabic script: ببسم, Centralian Cyrillic: Бобизм), also known as the Church of Bob and known in Bobist scripture as the Way of Bob, is a monotheistic religion based around a deity named Bob and five prophets; Colonel Cornelius Cornwall, Dr. Phil, Logan Paul (usually represented by Simon Reeve), Nikita Khrushchev, and Phil Swift. It is one of the world's largest micronational religions, with 45 (not including 17 DP Denomination followers) followers as of 2020. It is also accepted in Wegmat Ponderosa Hills, the California Republic, Qaflana, Aenopia, Plushunia (both on the mainland and in the overseas territory of Aenopian Plushunia and Ogel), and the Kingdom of Peeland.


The religion is named after Bob, the late fish of Alex Halbesleben, former emperor of Qaflana.


According to, "The Boble is the highest religious text in Bobism".[1] The first edition of the Boble was written in 2019 by Cristi, with 4 other authors.

On 30 August 2020, Cornelius I, Pope of Bobism, announced that another Boble would be "revealed in the coming days". This was revealed as the Testaments of Bob on 11 September. A part of the Testaments of Bob, formally known as the Ninth Book and Third Testament of Bob and informally known as the Book of Coom, was released on 28 October.


In 2019, members of the Organisation of Active Micronations voted to make Bob the official deity of the OAM; however, it met opposition from the other members. As such, they created their own Discord server to spread the word of Bob, known as the United Bobist Church.

In 2020, the Church saw an explosive growth in membership, with 15 members joining between August and September.


The structure of Bobism is episcopal, with a bishop overseeing a diocese and reporting to the Pope. Bobism is also divided into the Church of New Aberdare, founded in July 2021 out of the Diocese of Roskya and Cycoldia and the Diocese of Wales and Aenopia.

List of dioceses

As of 1 November 2020, there are 15 dioceses.

Diocese Bishop Establishment
Diocese of Wegmat The Most Rev. Cole B. 2019
Diocese of Plushunia The Most Rev. Cristian Dobrev 2019
Diocese of Ponderosa Hills His Holiness Pope Cornelius I 12 August 2020
Diocese of Brienia The Most Rev. Ann Mark 1 September 2020
Diocese of Atiera Vacant 1 September 2020
Diocese of Anglostan The Most Rev. Iggy Hockenheim 2 September 2020
Diocese of California The Most Rev. Thorin Neal 2 September 2020
Diocese of Wales and Aenopia The Most Rev. Prophet Simon Reeve 2 September 2020
Diocese of Canada and Africa The Most Rev. Jayden Lycon 2 September 2020
Diocese of Almendria The Most Rev. Ali Akhbar 2 September 2020
Diocese of Garuda The Most Rev. Max Baez 12 September 2020
Diocese of Long Island and Tesforia The Most Rev. Brennan Sullivan 12 September 2020
Diocese of Ireland The Most Rev. Eoin O'Neill 14 November 2020
Diocese of Guildford The Most Rev. Larry Martin 25 December 2021


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