Orthodox Catholic Church of Begon

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Holy Orthodox Church of Begon and Carolina
The Orthodox Church of Begon
Founder Christoph Billung, Looïs I
Founded November 18, 2020
Patriarch HHRM King Christoph I, Patriarch of All Begonia, Supreme Servant to Christ
Languages English, German, Greek
Members 4
Status Defunct

The Orthodox Church of Begon was the state church of The Kingdom of Begon, an Independence Movement located in The Eastern United States. The Church holds much support, but only few members in Begon, including the Monarch, King Krystof I.

History and Doctrine

The Church of Begon was officially founded on November 18, 2020 by Gregory I, Archbishop of Begon and HHRM The King, after a revival of Begonic Nationalism and Conservatism, and a change in the beliefs of the Monarchy.

The Church follows the doctrine of the Orthodox Catholic Church, and practices the Greek Rite, as opposed to the Roman Rite or Anglican Rite. The Church also recognizes the authority of the Patriarch of Constantinople over other Orthodox Catholic Churches, such as Russia, Syria, Serbia, and so on.