Monarchy of Begon and Brunsnia

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Tsar of Begon and Brunsnia
Johann Hieronim
since November 24th, 2023
StyleHis Holy and Royal Majesty
First monarchChristoph
FormationNovember 11th, 2020
ResidenceGraham Place

The Monarchy of Begon and Brunsnia (officially the Monarchy of Begonia, Greater Brunsnia, Runnymede, and all other realms thereof) is the political institution comprising the Tsar of Begon, Brunsnia, Runnymede and the Royal Family. The Monarch - males titled as Tsar and females as Tsarina - is the Head of State of Begon, Brunsnia and Runnymede, by virtue of which they wield the extensive executive, legislative, and judicial powers of the Thrones. The current Tsar is Tsar Johann Hieronim I.

Powers and duties

According to law, the Tsar has sole prerogative over the following:

  • The power to issue Decrees and Edicts without the advise or consent of the Parliament.
  • The power to appoint a Head of Government without the advise of consent of the Parliament.
  • The power to call an election of Parliament or any other governmental entity.
  • The power to veto any legislation passed by the Government or Parliament.
  • The power to appoint cabinet positions.
  • The power to bestow awards and decorations.
  • The power to appoint leaders to newly founded Towns, Provinces, Territories, States and Regions.
  • The power to grant titles to any person of merit within or outside of the Tsardom.
  • The power to appoint juries, and to appoint the judges of High Courts.
  • The power to dismiss Parliament.

The Tsar has many more minor powers and duties.

Line of succession

The Throne is intended to be inherited through the male descendants of the Tsar. When the Line of Succession reaches the end of those related to the Tsar by blood, it passes to their spouse and to their relatives. If there is no heir apparent, the House of Burgesses convene and declare a new Tsar from among them.

List of monarchs

No. Monarch Reign Notes
Portrait Name Beginning of
End of
Duration of
1 Christoph
(Chris Crabtry-Billung)
2 years, 1 month and 21 days
  • Created Tsar following the dissolution of the Grand Principality of Begonia in 2020.
  • Oversaw the ratification of two Constitutions of Begon.
2 Augustine Edward
(Joshua Rochester)
6 months and 14 days
  • Annexed the Kingdom of Caiduain into Begon.
  • Oversaw the ratification of the 2023 Constitution of Begon.
Dissolved from 15 June – 24 November 2023
3 Johann Hieronim
(Johann Kümmel)
Incumbent 6 months