Empire of Runnymede

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Principality of Runnymede
Runnymede Flag.png
National flag
Runnymede CoA 2.png
Coat of Arms

God Bless our Prince
God Bless Runnymede
Located inside the United States of America
Capital cityAmesston
Official language(s)English, German, Liamish
Official religion(s)Christianity
GovernmentUnitary Parliamentary Semi-Constitutional Monarchy
- PrincePrince Matthew I Cunningham
Established16 July 2020
Area claimed0.29 Square Kilometres
CurrencyRunnymeden Pound
Time zoneEST
National sportAge of Civilizations II
National animalCanadian Goose

The Empire of Runnymede, more commonly known as Runnymede is a micronation located in North Carolina, and is a successor state formed during the Collapse of the Kaiserreich of Springton by the Former Kaiser, Mathijs von Bingen, founded on 16 July 2020.


The name Runnymede comes from several different local areas, such as an area called Runnymeade Farms (Spelled with an ea) and a road called Runnymede Ave, both located near the historic claims of Runnymede.


Early Days

The Principality of Runnymede was founded on the 16th of July, 2020 by Former Kaiser Matthew Cunningham of Springton, who had abdicated the throne the day before after the Kaiserreich of Springton fell apart, with the Republic of Springton replacing it. Runnymede was recognised as an independent Nation by Springton on the 23rd of July, 2020.

Modern Times

On 2 August 2020, the Flag of Runnymede was changed to the current flag, with the old Flag becoming the Royal Standard of Runnymede. On the 3rd of August, the Labour Prime Minister attempted to take over the government as dictator, leading to the Prince dissolving the Parliament for 5 days from the 3rd to the 8th of August, 2020. On 10 September, the Runnymede Broadcasting Corporation (RBC) was created. On the 22nd of September, all Marxist-Leninist parties where banned. On the 24th, the Barony of Norlands was created, with the former Minister of Defence Miles Elson becoming Baron. On December 11, Liam MacKenzie was appointed 1st Viscount of Birnam by Prince Matthew Cunningham.

Elarian Influence

Then on the 28th of September, after the failure of the elections, the Prince dissolved and disbanded the Parliament, turning the nation into an Absolute Monarchy until the 20th of October, when Parliament and elections where reestablished. Following November 1st and the elections, and a second referendum a few days later, MP Charles became the Prime Minister. Then on the 4th of November, Runnymede joined The Second Alarian War in support of its ally Ela’r’oech after it was declared war on by Alaria. And on 17 November, Parliament was dissolved again, ending the Semi-Constitutional Monarchy. Power is equally split among the Prince and Charles of Ela'r'oech, who could choose to go by Chancellor or Prime Minister. Following December of 2020, seven constituencies of Runnymede were created and a new system of government was proposed.

On January 2nd, a Referendum called by the Prime Minister began whether or not to leave the Micronational Assembly. This was voted upon by Parliament. It is said that most members voted to leave the MA and join the LENS. A referendum was held by the prince to further delay these actions, however the public voted an estimated 12-10 by the time of midnight January 3rd. The Prince refused to leave the MA and refused to join LENS, leading to the LENS-Runnymede War.

Royal Standard of Runnymede (National Flag 16 July - 2 August 2020)

Government and politics

The Prince is the Head of State and the Commander-in-Chief of the Army. He has the ability to make laws and change existing laws. Being the Commander-in-Chief, the Prince as complete power to declare any wars and commands the Royal Army of Runnymede during any conflict or wars.

The Prime Minister has all the main powers of the Prince, however if the Prime Minister wants to enact declarations of war, or any bigger matter they must alert the Prince and receive permission at first.

The Prince will allow most laws to pass if the majority of parliament votes in favour of it, but if the Prince believe that a law is unconstitutional, he can refuse to sign it and not let it pass.

Law and Order

Foreign relations and military

The Runnymede Royal Army is lead by the Commander-in-Chief, who is the Monarch, the second-highest position is the Field Marshal. The Runnymede Royal Army is divided into 2 current regiments of the Prince's Guard

  1. The Grenadier Guards, commanded by His Serene Highness, the Prince of Runnymede
  2. The South-West Welsh Guards, commanded by The Right Honourable Archduke of Birnam.

Principality of Runnymede relations:


Runnymede 1 R£, With Emperor Joshua Norton I of the United States
Runnymede 100 R£, with former Kaiser Wilhelm II

The currency of Runnymede is called the Runnymeden Pound and is equal to the value of 1.5 British Pounds. As of 11 October 2020, there are 1R£ 5R£, and 100R£ banknotes.

As of October 21st, the Runnymeden Pound is also available as an e-currency which can be used to trade, buy and sell good over the internet. This has not affected its monetary value.

On December 1st, the Runnymeden e-currency was discontinued, due to its inactivity. The Runnymeden pound's value has gone lower due to said inactivity.

Runnymede 5 R£, With Sir David Amess, MP of Southend West