Principality of Runnymede

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Principality of Runnymede

National flag

Coat of Arms
Coat of arms
Motto: God Bless our Prince
Anthem: God Bless Runnymede
Official languagesEnglish, German, Liamish
GovernmentUnitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
• Prince of Runnymede
Karl von Bingen
Establishment16 July 2020
• Census
CurrencyRunnymeden Pound
Time zoneEST

The Principality of Runnymede or more commonly known as simply Runnymede is a Micronation located within the United States. Runnymede is a former member of the Micronational Assembly and is also a former member of the Great Micronational Alliance.

Early Days

The Principality of Runnymede was founded on the 16th of July, 2020 by the former Kaiser of Springton, Karl Von Bingen shortly after Springton collapsed. Shortly after the nation's founding, it started to connect with Charles Madgett and his Micronation, Ela'r'oech. From there, Madgett became a MP aka. a Member of Parliament. From there, he proposed much legislation that benefited and also harmed the nation sometimes simultaneously. Later on during the November Runnymeden Prime Minister Elections, he rose to power and became the Prime Minister of the nation. After the nations founding however, Runnymede quickly began to gain citizens via the platforms that are Reddit, Discord, Twitter, and other forms of social media. These kept the nation together and kept citizens living outside of the nation across the world abroad informed.

Runnymede's Anti-Elarian History

The Principality of Runnymede had a history regarding Elarians and Ela'r'oech and has had major accusations of Anti-Elarian behavior. These claims have mainly been supported through screenshots and quotes used against popular Runnymedens, such as the Prince and major members of Parliament. Later on, the Prince of Runnymede proved the accusations true which is featured in a screenshot.

The term "Anti-Elarian" mainly started being used on November 1, 2020.

  1. The prince says, "This country is such a mess", to which Elarian Parliament member Erarolol responds "Anti Elarianism"
  2. The prince admits to being "Anti-Elarian" after constant accusations mainly from Erarolol and Charles
  3. ReesesPuffs, a new member of the community chimes in after Liam - a parliament member of Runnymede - asks "Why me?" after being prosecuted, Puffs responds, "as Charles calls it, "Anti Elarian""
  4. Liam stated that all "Elarian Sympathizers" would be banned
  5. ReesesPuffs states "And I take it all Elarian Sympathizers will be banned soon"

The end of Anti-Elarian behavior came in the form of Charles' policies as the Prime Minister of Runnymede. After months of attempting to become the Prime Minister, he is the first Elarian and Independent (later changed to Conservative) in office. He introduced policies that prohibited discrimination legally and personally for anyone regardless of nationality, it was however made specifically known that Elarians were also counted in this.

Other accusations of Anti-Elarian Discriminatory Harassment came up during the Worrellian Presidential Election when Terry McKeen III, Karl von Bingen, and John Kocken were accused of harassing members of Elarian Parliament.

Many members of the Parliament reported this saying that Hate Crimes and Cybercrimes were committed against them. There is no evidence of any of this as of late-2021 in December 7 during the re foundation.

LENS Joining & LENS - Runnymede War

After Charles Madgett joined Runnymede and became a citizen of the Principality, after a couple of attempts he ran and became the Prime Minister of the nation of Runnymede. After becoming the Prime Minister of the nation, PM Madgett I decided to pull Runnymede out of the Micronational Assembly or M.A. which was supported by the citizens. He, however more selfishly, decided to attempt to pull the nation into LENS or League of Elarian Nations. The Prince refused to do so however, He announced that the nation would be staying in the Micronational Assembly and would not be joining LENS. A democratic solution was proposed by Prime Minister Madgett, which would have a referendum whereby Midnight of January 3, 2021, it was decided that Runnymede would be leaving the M.A. and would be joining the LENS. The prince refused to do so however, and he demanded that another vote shall be held. The Parliament on behalf of the Prime Minister agreed to go along with the idea and by the 4th or January 2021, The people had spoken once again. They decided that Runnymede should leave the M.A. and join the LENS. The prince refused however and decided to dissolve the Parliament. Prime Minister Madgett then decided to form LENS-Runnymede and declared that "The following nations of Ela'r'oech and all of LENS are declaring war on the Principality of Runnymede". Runnymede was not willing to back down; however, dozens of threats of shooting and bombings were sent to LENS. LENS refused to respond so Runnymede and high-ranking officials of Runnymede began to raid the discord server and attempt to leak Madgett's personal Wi-Fi with them claiming to gett his address and - though Madgett was unaware of it - they had been threatening to leak it on a pedophile website. After being made aware of the attempted leak, he told them to post his address. Karl von Bingen Karl proceeded to post a former address of Madgett's, to which Karl was laughed at. Madgett proceeded to post his actual address, claiming nothing would happen. From here, the citizens of Runnymede went to the LENS discord server and raided it another time, supposedly leaving the stocks uncapable of functioning, though Madgett later stated with photographic evidence that all stock logs were offline and posted by receipt paper. Charles Madgett then nuked the Runnymeden Discord server rendering the government useless and unable to properly function. After this, on March 31, 2021. Runnymede dissolved and went defunct as a nation.

Modern Day

Governance & Politics

The Tsar and King of Runnymede, Christoph Billung, is the Head of State of the nation. However, the Prince of Runnymede is a Palatine Office subject to the Authority of the Tsar. The Prince may, on his own accord, conduct governmental business and may enact legislation or sign a constitution that does not contradict Begonic law. This may include the appointment of a Prime Minister, the installation of a Parliament, etc. This has yet to happen. The current Prince of Runnymede is His Serene Highness, Karl I.

Geography & Climate

The land that the nation sits upon primarily is almost completely covered with dense groves of pine trees with oak tree's dominating the landscape just outside of Amesston, The Capital. Part of the nation's border with the United States of America is naturally made by a creak known as "Karl Creek". Typically, the nation is warm and humid during the summertime with their being dry heat with little to no rain during the summer.

Biodiversity & Lifeforms

The eagle is the national animal of Runnymede with there being one on the olden days flag, now the national standard and the coat of arms. Eagles can be found thought the nation and are commonly building nests in and around / near the nation. Other animals that can be found near and within the Principality of Runnymede are "game" as they are called such as Deer, Many deer's can also be found around the nation and the Royal Family enjoys hunting them for sport during the hunting season. Some other animals are birds.

Some of the birds that live within, near, and around Runnymede are Robins, Cardinals, Ravins, Other Rens, Eagles, Vultures, Sparrows, Gold Finches and other types of Finches and even some Parrots in an overseas territory of the Principality of Runnymede.