Great Micronational Alliance

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The Great Micronational Alliance
The Great Alliance Flag 2.png
Flag of TGMA
FormationJanuary 4 2021
TypeMicronational Alliance
PurposeProtection of Micronations from unnecessary wars, conflicts and attacks.
Jewel Republic

The Great Micronational Alliance is a micronational pact founded on January 4th 2021 by Jewel Republic, which currently has 6 members and one observer. The main goal of the pact is to protect micronations from unnecessary war, conflict or attack.

Warfare and History of Warfare

On 1-4-2021 at 1:15 AM after the LENS invaded the MA and attempted a raid and staged a coup in Runnymede taking over their server. The MA in most part declared war upon LENS along with the Ruskev Pact, Christadonia/U.C.C.R, Jewel Republic, and Runnymede. The Great Micronational Alliance was created during the war and is actively involved in it.

Member States

Flag State
ChristadoniaCFSR.svg.png U.C.C.R
Jewelrepublic.jpg Jewel Republic
20756678f5a3301a9a78414d349aeef0 - Copy - Copy.jpg Zăbrăuția Federation
Runnymede Flag.png Runnymede

Diplomatic Support

Flag State


Infantry Units

Naval Units