Jewel Republic

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Jewel Republic
Flag of Jewel Republic
Motto: "For Democracy and justice
Anthem: None
and largest city
Jewel City
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised national languagesJewelish
Christianity, legalism
GovernmentOpen Party Democracy
• Leader
Diamiter Chase
LegislatureLizun Afrisha
Date format04-15-2020
Driving sideright

The Jewel Republic is a micronation lead by Diamiter Chase, and officially operates under an Open Party Democracy. The government gives power to both the people and the government by allowing citizens to vote on their leaders and laws, while allowing the Lizun Afrisha to make decisions for the country. The country's population consists of 23 people, 6 of whom are apart of the Lizun Afrisha. The Jewel Republic have been a loyal Member to the Micronational Assembly and joined in the LENS-Runnymede war on January 3 in support of his MA ally, Runnymede.