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The League of Elarian Nations (abbreviated as LENS) was an invitation-only micronational organization officially founded on 3 November, 2020. The headquarters were located in the discord server, however the physical location of Ela'r'oech is often used for livestreams where members can hold discussions, etc. As of 3 November, the LENS held 5 member states. Starting on 1 December 2020, each member state was given a code.

League of Elarian Nations
Flag of the LSNS
FounderCharles I of Ela'r'oech
Legal statusInactive
PurposeBuilding up smaller micronations and allowing them to establish a foundation and govern themselves
HeadquartersDa'a'ck, Ela'r'oech
7 Member States
Official language
English, Dangaro
OwnerCharles I of Ela'r'oech
LeaderCharles I of Ela'r'oech

New Changes

There is speculation that multiple new nations may be joining the LENS as some qualifications have been redacted. Following the redactions, there is more outspoken support of Runnymede joining the LENS.

Speculation is among the observer states, as some have previously discussed joining the LENS.

Following 7 December 2020, Kakato had finally joined the LENS.

The Noble 10

The Noble 10 are a team of 10 acting as staff to work out many important decisions regarding LENS such as choice of membership and such, with one of the most important policies voted upon being the dissolution of multiple LENS nations (agreed upon by their respective rulers) to form the Greater Elarian Commonwealth.


Member State

In order to become a member state, a micronation must;

  • Follow all observer state guidelines.
  • Give Charles a permanently seated position of power.
  • Have an active and consistent citizenship.

Observer State

In order to become an observer state, a micronation must;

  • Hold Charles in a position of power at the time they are allowed to be an observer state.
  • Have an active and consistent citizenship.
  • Hold foreign relations with Ela'r'oech.
  • Recognize all member of the LENS.

Member States

At the time of dissolution, the LENS had 7 member states.

Member States