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2020 — Present

Flag of Ela'r'oech.png
Elaroech UpdatedCoatOfArms.png
Coat of Arms

Ra'esh ela'r'oech
English Translation: Welcome to our other world
“From Dictator, To Citizens” (Top is English, Bottom is Dangaro)

Elarian Map Updated.png
US Ela'r'oechMap.png
Land Claims in Livingston, Louisiana, United States
Capital cityDa'a'ck
Official language(s)English, Dangaro
Ethnic groups50% Elarian

22.6% Alarian
17.4% American

10% Runnymeden
GovernmentMonarchial Base Doctrinism
- Head of DoctrinesCharles Madgett
Established11 August 2018
Area claimed3.51 mi²
Around 100,000 residential non-citizens
CurrencyElarian Stix
Time zoneUTC–5
National sporteSports
National animalPomeranian
100% W/L Ratio in over 5 conflicts.

Ela'r'oech (sometimes spelled as Ela'r'œch) is an autonomous territorial entity claiming to be a sovereign state, often classified as a micronation by external observers. It consists of a territory in the states of Louisiana, Washington State, Florida, and Texas. It is an enclave and exclave micronation[1] . Following a 2020 legislation and vote, the founding of the nations of Kakato and the 1st Artillery were recognized as the founding and establishments of Ela'r'oech as well.

Following the Second Alarian War, Ela'r'oech has grown in size considerably, and it can be seen on the map in the cyan blue. Ela'r'oech has it's own governmental system called Doctrinism and it was created by Charles sometime from 2017-2019, and following December it is becoming used by other micronations like the Kingdom of South-West Wales and has been considered for nations like the Principality of Runnymede. Ela'r'oech is the most powerful and well known nation in the League of Elarian Nations and is a founding member state.

Ela'r'oech holds an Elarian Film Night at random but they feature movies created by Elarians, such as The End. The leader creates an "End of the World" speech and a "Kakapalooza" speech every 10 December of the year, in which he will use them in the next year for the Kakapalooza speech. The End of the World speech is used only in the event of a confirmed end of humanity or end of Earth's sustenance.



As The First Artillery

Ela'r'oech was founded on 11 August, 2018 by a separate name. It was called the First Artillery and was an idea based on nations during the crusades. It was a religious nation which followed the Episcopalian denomination of Christianity. During this time, Charles and a friend Anthony ruled over it together. The land claims included Anthony's bedroom and Charles' house. These were in Texas[2]. It was founded accidentally by Charles Madgett while working on a project that got out of hand.

As Kakato (2019)

The First Artillary was inactive or defunct de facto for about a year until Kakato was founded by Charles. It was a more democratic but authoritarian mock-nation. Charles was the supreme leader, taking after North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Laws included a 2-child law, no rights for women, education including war-doctrines, disabled citizens in labor camps, transgenders and black people not being recognized as holding citizenship. These were laws that were mainly de jure and not enforced, one member of congress was a woman and another congress member was black. They held land claims that included Treemont, Bremerton, Washington and Round Rock, Texas.[3]

As ACBekistan

ACBekistan was another micronation Charles hadn't made but been a part of. He was the proclaimed leader, despite not starting it. One of the members in his discord server for ACBIC had made it and declared Charles the leader. There they held a land claim containing Brooksville, Florida.

Ela'r'oech Era


Dictator Charles I is the first, only, and current ruler of Ela'r'oech. His reign started on 11 August, 2018 de facto but started on 25 August 2020 de jure. On 25 August 2020, he created a parliamentary system, which contained no representatives for the first few weeks. His residence was established as the capital city of Da'a'ck. The Dictator was also working as a member of parliament in the Principality of Runnymede at the time. During this period, he established an Elarian-Runnymeden space program, which led to the creation of a space alliance between the nations.

Programs and Laws

On 1 October, he began to go door-to-door asking non-citizen residents of Ela'r'oech and asking if they would like to apply for citizenship, he gained over 10 residential citizens that day and established the "Door-To-Door Citizenship Legislation", a collective set of laws that would allow members of parliament and the dictator to go door-to-door in their areas informing people of Ela'r'oech's existence and asking about citizenship applications. He is also responsible for the victory of all of Ela'r'oechs conflicts and wars. He has gained the support of many throughout separate micronations, and there have been Elarian movements in his name or support. Most of the citizens in Ela'r'oech are very much in support of Charles, as is the media.

Civil War

In August of 2020, anonymous people deployed some poisonous gas among Da'a'ck, also known as Charles' house. It is still unknown who these people were as Sir Charles had left to attend to errands and shopping.

He dealt with the "Elarian Civil War" when he arrived at his home an estimated 4 hours after the gases were deployed, all animals were outside of Da'a'ck before hand, but when he arrived, his pets ran in. Charles ran in and was able to eventually get them out of the house before any noticeable damage had been done.


In general, Elarians like video games, food, and sleeping. Of course they also are taught to appreciate war and the good and bad it can do, as well as acknowledging it isn't always needed. Elarians like food mainly consisting of Teriyaki Sauce and salt. The most popular game among Elarians is split between Halo 2 and Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.

Elarians celebrate numerous nation-exclusive holidays, such as "Kakapalooza" which is held every 10-20 January and 15-22 May, specifically to honor the nations Kakatoan heritage. Ela'r'oech day is held on 25 August, to celebrate the nations more official establishment.

Da'a'ck, Ela'r'oech at Night.


Da'a'ck, Ela'r'oech

Ela'r'oech holds 5 provinces, which is what they call territories that do not fit the state definition. It has 3 states, being New Da'a'ck, Samuzka, and Ela'r'oesh. In those provinces and states, there are 10 cities, Tomsident, Samuztan, Da'a'ck, Raul, New Sam City, among others. The Climate of Ela'r'oech has hot, humid summers with the occasional hurricane or storm, with mild winters.

Following the claims recognition from ACBekistan and Kakato, these land claims are their own classifications of noble states, being "ACBICestan" and "Kakatoa."


Economics appear to be going well in Ela'r'oech as businesses appear to be forming through the first few months of it's existance and people are purchasing goods with their Stix. It claims to have 1,507,500 Stix and counting, with the 1,500,000 due to the Alarian War. Multiple businesses have been founded in Ela'r'oech since they are unable to get a proper start in the United States of America.


Ela'r'oech has provided real progress to looking like a macronation, as it is now able to provide education, jobs, and military. Most of these are very limited to only some citizens, however if it is proven through studying the citizens that the progress is going well, they may open more and more up to residents and open up all signs of progress to all, eventually with the possibility of getting recognized, at least by the U.S.

However, according to the Declarative Theory, Ela'r'oech is actually considered a macronation by some. These claims are ignored by Sir Charles, however he sometimes jokingly refers to it.


Ela'r'oech provides currently free education to all, where they can take college level courses online revolving around the expansion of the universe, or wumbology as Charles I has coined. The college is called Wumbology Education: Great Achievements (previously WE:LA - Wumbology Enthusiasts: Learners Achieve) and provides Elarian documents of education that provide opportunity for more jobs such as coronavirus researcher and astrologist among others in Ela'r'oech, as jobs are being offered more and more in the nation. They have granted 4 degrees so far.


The following are Elarian-based or Elarian Exclusive businesses set by an EB or an EE:

  • ACID eSports - EB
  • Elarian News - EB
  • SHOCKER Films - EB
  • Real Novels - EB
  • Reese's Medical Services - EB
  • The Elarian Church - EE
  • Alchemy TCG - EE
  • Private Banks of Ela'r'oech - EE
  • Rush - EE

2021 Future and Availability

Starting in 2021, following the November 2020 Migration, citizens will be given access to move into Ela'r'oech and become residents, where they can go to college - virtual / online, or in person - and create a business for the fee of 200 Stix. Or after college, they can work for another business or the government. They can get a home built for U.S. Dollars, but then they can pay and be paid in Elarian Stix and help fund the government.

Following multiple delays, it is assumed the migration will be in February of 2021.

Government and Micronational Relations


The Head of State is Sir Charles Madgett I. "Ace". Aaron Thomas, Brandon Jacobs, and Christoph Billung are all members of parliament. Brandon Jacobs is a permanent parliamentary member as a posthumous award. There are no parties in Ela'r'oech as they have been abolished and there are only independent politicians. The Government is an oligarchical system called Doctrinism. It was made by Sir Charles I and provides a meaning for each member's power. There are many forms of doctrinism such as Division Doctrinism, United Doctrinism, Base Doctrinism, and more.

Foreign Relations

Clicking the flags will redirect you to the nation.


  • Flag of Naveria (Evolution).svg Naveria - First nation to recognize Ela'r'oech.
  • Runnymede Flag.png Principality of Runnymede - Good Condition.
  • Alarian Flag.png Alaria - Terrible relations due to the Alarian War and The Second Alarian War.
  • Flag of The Kingdom of Nichensburg.png Grand Principality of Begon - Solid Condition. Ela'r'oech's citizens are not very happy with Nichensburg and Begon.
  • Flag of Humberlea.png Humberlea - Solid Condition. Due to Charles being muted in the server for some weeks with no apparent explanation, he was not informed he could vote for himself. This lead to him not entering a Parliamentary office. Elarians aren't happy about this, neither are some Humberleans.
  • Hikialani Flag.png Hikialani- Good Condition.
  • New Vizington Flag.jpg Vizington - Good Condition.
  • Rivera Flag.png Rivera - Good Condition.
  • Flag Dogostan.png Dogostan - Not too good. Riots have started in Da'a'ck due to political decisions of the Prince in Dogostan.
  • MWlogo.png MicroWiki - Bad, most political Elarians are banned from the Microwiki Discord server.


Ela'r'oech is recognized by numerous micronations including those above. It is recognized by all members of LENS and the ruler, Charles, has spoken to Emperor AP, and Charles was granted the offer of citizenship in the Empire of Aeternia, which would have been paid for by his work on a game for Aeternia and a web browser for micronationalists called BrowserMN. Due to his relations with other micronations though it is assumed he has turned it down. It is unknown whether Aeternia will officially recognize Ela'r'oech.

Intermicronational organisation participation

Ela'r'oech is a founding nation of the LENS and had considered attempting to join the Grand Unified Micronational, however it decided they may not have been accepted, so they began the LENS and has so far not been involved with many other organizations. However, the Principality of Runnymede held a vote to leave the Micronational Assembly, which was heavily persuaded by Christoph Billung, the ruler of the Grand Principality of Begon and a former member of the Noble 10, as well as Charles Madgett himself more to get Runnymede to join the LENS, which was voted upon as well.

Branches of Combative Service


In early October, Dictator Charles I created the army and navy branches of the Elarian military, and appointed himself as the commander and general. At present, the only navy vessel is an armed bottle. As of late October, since the Civil War, Ela'r'oech had invested into Chemical Warfare and started development of poison gases, as well as investments in Nerf Guns to hold enemies in one place. They are no longer investing in chemical warfare.
Following the Second Alarian War, missiles were invested into.

The EL1.

Space Program

The Ela'r'oech Space Program, commonly abbreviated as the ESP, was founded on 16 September 2020. Opportunity I was the first mission and lasted four days, with the goal of sending a squirrel to space.

Opportunity II will be the second mission and will last for 2 days, with the goal of getting Elarian-Exclusive recorded footage of space. It is assumed that it will be the final mission of 2020.

Missile Program

The stolen Alarian missile, with the Alarian flag crossed off and replaced by the Elarian flag.

The Ela'r'oech Missile Program, commonly abbreviated as the EMP, was founded on 6 November. It started with the uncovering of Alarian plans to use missiles on Ela'r'oech during the Seonc Alarian War. There so far has been a test of the "EL1" missile and then the construction of the "EL1 Model 5", Ela'r'oech has an Alarian missile called "Big Boi" or officially known as "AL-71" but it is assumed it will never be used and will be displayed for show. Many have called this program simulationist, however the king clarified that a missile is just an object forcefully propelled at someone or something, either by hand or machine. Following a spill in Da'a'ck, all missiles are in critical condition of use. It is unknown if they can even be used in war anymore.

Awards and Medals

Elarian Badge of Freedom - This is a badge given to those who have fought in the Alarian War and Second Alarian War.
Ela'r'oech Badge of Valor - This is a badge given to those who have been knighted, or have been in a situation contributing to the culture or history of Ela'r'oech.

The Elarian Badge of Freedom
The Golden Cross

The Golden Cross - This is a medal given to those who have served in a war, contributed to the history or culture of the micronation, and become a politician.
Spirit to Spirit - This is a badge given to those involved in the government directly, by being a Parliamentary member, or a teacher.

Wars and Military Operations

  • Alarian War ("Operation Backhand") - An attempt to take over the Elarian government by sieging a local Elarian building containing the only Elarian-based business at the time, ACBIC Inc. or Elarian Building #1
  • Elarian Civil War ("Operation Hellstorm") - An attempted assassination of Charles I where anonymous individuals spread poisonous gases all around Da'a'ck, it ended in a "victory" for Ela'r'oech after all windows were made to be open as well as doors to make sure no one would inhale much of the gas.
  • Runnymeden War *DID NOT COME INTO EFFECT* - Was an attempted war where a member of Elarian parliament was found to have attempted to set the Principality of Runnymede and Ela'r'oech into a war. Following Runnymede's Anti-Elarian Behavior, a war between Runnymede and Ela'r'oech was possible, however Charles enacted policies in Runnymede that banned discrimination based on Nationality among others.
  • Runnymeden Culture War - It was an actual underground culture war that technically resulting in an Elarian victory.
  • The Second Alarian War - An attempt to take back land and destroy Ela'r'oech from the Alarian government.

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