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Ela'r'oech News Source (abbreviated ENS) is a news media source usually reporting on local Elarian news. They are primarily the biggest source of Elarian news and also hold a big amount of economic power as they began in 2020, close to when Ela'r'oech was getting started. They orchestrated the Runnymede hoax. Afterwards, they shifted to more serious news articles, such as covering the Opportunity I and II attempts, the foreign relation statuses in Worrell, Begon, Zeprana and Ela'r'oech, but as well as being biased towards Charles Madgett.

In 2022, they would begin to shift towards the views of the company's founder, Anthony Ramirez. In addition to this, however, they would start interviewing government officials and citizens of Ela'r'oech such as Christoph Billung and Terry McKeen.


Runnymede Hoax

The story goes that an editor of the ENS was emailed a false document claiming that Ela'r'oech was going to declare war on Runnymede after the Alarian War. While the hoaxer was correct about the Elarian victory, the war ended a day after the hoax began. Even though every one knew it was a false document, previous election outcomes had brought the Elarian-Runnymede relations down as Dictator Charles I was going to be elected as Prime Minister until multiple allegations to multiple running politicians that ended in Runnymede's Prince ending Parliament.

Cover of the Monarchy Disputes

The Ela'r'oech Monarchy Power Dispute was also covered in 3 issues, being titled "CHARLES HAS ABDICATED; ELA’R’OECH CRUMBLES IMMEDIATELY AFTER", "INTERVIEW; WHAT DO THE PROTESTS MEAN?", and "WITH THE DECISION OF A JUDGE, ELA’R’OECH IS DEAD." These articles were the culmination of build up that had attempted to win Ela'r'oech back from the Parliamentarians. However, in the third article, which would be their 35th article overall as they had declared a worker strike to protest the government.

The Second Elarian Monarchy Dispute was also covered in 1 article indirectly, titled "WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN; PONTUNIA’S MISTAKE," where the article criticized Andrew Perdomo for vetoing the vote which the Royal Assembly of Pontunia had voted in favor of.

Political Bias

The Ela'r'oech News Source company and articles are generally conservative and carolusian, with much support and loyalty to Charles Madgett. They would also mirror Anthony Ramirez's views more directly at the start of 2022, however this has caused some controversy in Ela'r'oech and ENS' market shares.