Second Elarian Monarchy Dispute

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Second Elarian Monarchy Dispute
Date4th March 2022 - 10 March 2022

Carolusian victory
Carolusian and Pro-Carolusian governments refuse to recognize the dispute as active.
Andrew Perdomo argues against his title of Emperor.

Maximillian von Meister dissolves Parliamentary Ela'r'oech.

Parliamentarian Ela'r'oech

Military support

Empire of Ela'r'oech

Commanders and leaders

Maximilian I
Christina I & II

Andrew Perdomo

Charles Madgett
Anthony Ramirez

Samuel von Hess

The Second Elarian Monarchy Dispute, also known as the Brothenvelt (Brothers War) in Pontunia, was the second dispute between the Parliamentarians, an alliance of members of the Elarian Parliament, and the Carolusians, who support the absolute authority of Charles Madgett. The dispute began after Charles was expelled from Parliament for misconduct. After the expulsion, Charles repeatedly threatened Parliament in a jocular manner, leading to a referendum to replace the Monarch to begin. Due to the most recent elections being controversial because of allegations of voter suppression, the referendum was successful by a majority. Charles repeatedly abdicated the Throne to various politicians, who all also abdicated to Julia Nowell.

Regardless, the Carolusians were later given the false information that Andrew was not taking the dispute seriously and thus stopped recognizing it as active. On 7 March 2022, a referendum was approved by Emperor Charles by the Prime Minister Anthony Ramirez to make the nation an absolutist state, which passed 10:1 on 8 March 2022.

The Carolusians, notably Madgett himself as well as Terry McKeen accuse Christina Nowell and Maximilian von Meister of taking advantage of the others on their side, such as using the information that Pontunia was for a time considered for realmship, and using such information to convince Andrew Perdomo to join the Parliamentarians.

On 10 March 2022, Andrew Perdomo would resign as Emperor and talked privately with Charles. Maximillian would later also privately message Charles and inherit the throne of Parliamentary Ela'r'oech, deeming Julia I incapable. He would then dissolve Parliament and make the nation an absolute monarchy, renaming it to Emirate of Hubai. That same day, Hubai was dissolved.

The breakaway being dissolved in 2022.

Diplomatic responses



 Alaria - Former Alarian Presidents Michael Fraille and Anthony Ramirez disavowed the Parliament's attempts to overthrow the Emperor, citing that it was unconstitutional and would also condemn Andrew Perdomo for proposing the Treaty of the Empire in Pontunia's Royal Assembly, despite knowing he would veto it even though it had passed with a majority vote.