Kingdom of Pontunia

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Kingdom of Pontunia

Royumen Puntuniaska-Maerpos (pon)
Royaume de Pontchartrain-Maurepas (fr)
Kingdom of Pontchartrain-Maurepas
Tu es Tutus
(Latin: "You are safe")
“Let the Good Times Roll” (tourism)
Anthem: Pontunia Forever
Royal Residence
Royal Residence
Establishment12 January 2020
Boundaries defined2 September 2020
Austenasian Crown Dependency27 October 2020
Independence from Austenasia13 February 2021
Administrative seatRoyal Residence
Largest cityLafeniere Park
Official languagesEnglish, French, Pontunian
Ethnic groups
German, Italian, English, Swedish, Arab
Roman Catholicism
GovernmentMulti-party Semi-Constitutional Monarchy (de jure)
Royal Dictatorship (de facto)
• King
Andrew I
Addison Dillon
• Heir apparent
Charles Madgett
• Deputy Chancellor
LegislaturePontunian Parliament
• Total
0.632 km2 (0.244 sq mi)
• 2021 estimate
20 residents, 62 total citizens
CurrencyUS Dollar (USD $),
de facto;
Dukaten (DKN Đ)
Time zoneUS Central Time
Date formatMM-DD-YYYY
Driving sideright

Pontunia, officially the Kingdom of Pontchartrain-Maurepas, is an independent micronation that amicably seceded from the Austenasian Crown Dependency of New Pontunia in February 2021. It is comprised of various residential properties and two public parks declared independent from Metairie, Louisiana under the leadership of King Andrew I.


Pontchartrain and Maurepas are the names of two lakes situated to the north of Pontunia, which upon its creation in January 2020 was founded with the name "Pontchartrain-Maurepas". The shorter name "Pontunia" was soon derived from this as a nickname. Etymologies retrospectively assigned to Pontunia alone include the Greek primordial deity of the sea Pontus, or the Latin pōns ("bridge") in reference to the nearby Lake Pontchartrain Causeway. When annexed by Austenasia, the Crown Dependency was officially named Pontunia, but it is known by its full name of Pontchartrain-Maurepas locally in official contexts.


On 12 January 2020, Andrew Perdomo, inspired after learning about the micronations of Molossia and Sealand, signed a Declaration of Independence to “preserve the culture and beauty of Southern Louisiana”, and became Duke of Pontchartrain-Maurepas, with his father Eric Perdomo, Lord of the Floridian March, as his regent. However, the Regency was abolished shortly afterwards on the 16th after a committee of vassals debated Andrew I’s minority, and decided that Andrew was not incapable of ruling and therefore did not require a regency. Eric was named heir apparent.

The Duchy had been founded with vague territorial claims, ill-defined other than a plan for an optimum future extent. On 2 September, the actual territorial extent of the Duchy was defined, with the name of the Ducal Domain. Shortly after this, a communist insurrection broke out against the ducal government, but was successfully quashed on 7 October.

The Duchy then began attempting to search for allies, and decided to enter the sphere of influence of the Empire of Austenasia. Discussions were initiated between Andrew I and Austenasian Emperor Jonathan I, and by 23 October, Pontunia had effectively become an Austenasian Crown Dependency, formally being annexed as such on the 27th later that month. On November 28th, a second crisis rose from the power vacuum due to the reformation of the Regency, though the Duke was reinstated by the 30th. The First Pontunia Day was held on 12 January 2021, alongside the formation of the Cult of the Hidden Arby’s, a religion based on Arby’s, the restaurant chain famous for its roast beef, with the Duke made Ecumenical Meatriarch. On 13 February Pontunia was partitioned between an independent micronation and New Pontunia.

On 5 August 2021, the Duchy became a Kingdom.


Era Full Organization Name Length of Era Notes Type of Government
Regency Era 12 January 2020 - 15 January 2020 Duchy of Ponchartrain-Maurepas 3 days The Duchy was founded with a Regency, but it was dissolved as divisions undermined the government. Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy under a regency.
Absolutist Era 15 January 2020 - 1 October 2020 Duchy of Ponchartrain-Maurepas (Pontunia) 260 days During this era, the authority and stability of the Duchy was consolidated in the Duke, leading to problems later down the line. Unitary absolute monarchy
1st Pontunian Crisis 1 October 2020 - 7 October 2020 Duchy of Ponchartrain-Maurepas (Pontunia) 6 days The Kommunia For The Uniti af Puntunan, a communist activist group, attempted to force the abdication of the Duke. They were crushed and outlawed by the Army. Unitary absolute monarchy
Miltary Era (Regency of Terror) 7 October 2020 - 3 December Crown Dependency of Pontunia 57 days The Army’s influence was at its peak. The Duchy became an Austenasian Crown Dependency in this period, but civil unrest lead to the Battle of The Levee, when the army was banned from the political process. Unitary constitutional monarchy under military dictatorship
Stagnant Era 3 December 2020 - 12 January 2021 Crown Dependency of Pontunia A lack of purpose and fulfillment of the Pontunian people caused a lack of major activity. Unitary semi-constitutional monarchy
Twilight Era 12 January 2021 - 18 February 2021 Duchy of Ponchartrain-Maurepas (Pontunia) The physical activity of Pontunia comes to an almost complete stop. Pontunia partitioned. Unitary semi-constitutional monarchy
Online Explosion 18 February 2021 - 20 February 2021 Duchy of Ponchartrain-Maurepas (Pontunia) The Online Presence of Pontunia greatly increases. The Amogus Party is formed and immediately becomes the dominant party. Unitary constitutional monarchy
Communist Era 20 February 2021 - 21 February 2021 People's Republic of Pontunia The Amogus Party “coups” the Duke and forms the People’s Republic. This period is considered a joke for most intentions. Jeff Pontus is the “Supreme Leader” Satirical “Anarcho-communism”
Era of Near Collapse 21 February 2021 - 26 February 2021 Duchy of Ponchartrain-Maurepas (Pontunia) The Online Presence of Pontunia breaks down due to accusations of racism in this period. The Free Birds Party is dissolved due to the ban of Hunt Powell from the Pontunia server among other accusations of censorship by the government. Unitary constitutional monarchy
Pontunian Renaissance 27 February 2021 - 29 March 2021 Duchy of Ponchartrain-Maurepas (Pontunia) The Online Presence of Pontunia stablizes and physical administration of the Duchy returns somewhat. Pontunia becomes a dominion of Fesmar. Unitary constitutional monarchy
Era of Reactionaries 29 March 2021 - 12 April 2021 Duchy of Ponchartrain-Maurepas (Pontunia) A coup leads to the reestablishment of Ducal Supremacy, and Independence from Fesmar. Unitary absolute monarchy
Nichish Era 12 April 2021 - 1 July 2021 Kingdom of Pontunia Normano-Nichish government and government of Pontunia sign Treaty of Lafeniere Park, that made Pontunia a Duchy under the Normano-Nichish Kingdom. Normano-Nichish Kingdom was abolished, but Pontunia still is under the current Kingdom of Nichensburg. Unitary Absolute monarchy
Era of Redemption 1 July 2021 - 9 November 2021 Duchy of Ponchartrain-Maurepas The Duchy, later Kingdom, becomes independent once more. Andrew I improves the public image of him and his nation, leading to it becoming a member state of the Cupertino Alliance, numerous recognition treaties, and more. Unitary Semi-constitutional monarchy
Local Era[1] 9 November 2021 - Kingdom of Ponchartrain-Maurepas (Pontunia) The Kingdom improves the relationship overall that it shares with the Bayou Sector. Federal Semi-constitutional monarchy

Government and politics

Pontunia is often called a 'Hybrid Regime', with Right wing beliefs being the most popular ideology. Autarky and Statism are also popular, with Left-wing politics highly discouraged, but not illegal. Socialism, Anarchy, and Social democracy are very disliked topics in Pontunia. The state religions is Catholicism, though the constitution of Pontunia grants individuals freedom of religion, including the freedom to practice and the freedom to change religion.


Political parties

Pontunia has a unicameral legislature, called the Royal Assembly, with 12 seats. Elections occur on the first of January, April, July, and October through a single transferrable voting system, as defined in the newly made Constitution. Generally speaking, voters rank the cantidates in order of which they prefer the most. A candidate must reach 5 percent of the vote to obtain a seat in Royal Assembly. If a candidate does not reach the threshold, there votes will be donated to their voters next most popular choice with a higher percentage of the vote. If a cantidate surpasses the threshold, their excess votes will be donated to the next most popular choice amongst their voters. This system allows voters to not worry about how their fellow voter is voting.

While political parties have existed in the past, they are subservient to the Duke as a part of the concept of Royal Supremacy

Law and order

The Pontunian police was formed on 19 January 2020 in response to instances of cyber-crime. It is predominantly an organization to keep tabs on civilians. Prior to becoming a Crown Dependency, Pontunia claimed the right to administer the death penalty with ducal approval. The Duchy nominally threatens castration as an equivalent to capital punishment.

The Pontunian military is ultimately responsible for the defence of the Duchy, and has significant political influence. The Army is not a standing army, but called upon in times of need. It is divided into two divisions: Division I “Bayou Battlers” and Division II “Ragin Cajuns”. The Navy is comprised of 10 civilian speedboats, and a rowboat. The Air Force is a work in progress, but includes paper airplanes to annoy invaders. All weapons are nerf guns and wooden batons. The Army got involved with a rebel cell in Mandeville.

Foreign Relations and Defense

The diplomatic relations of Pontchartrain-Maurepas are implemented by the King. The power to grant official diplomatic recognition of sovereignty lies primarily with the King

Sovereignty disputes

The United States of America claims ownership of all land comprising Pontchartrain-Maurepas.

Nations Recognized by The Kingdom of Pontchartrain-Maurepas

Condemned Nations and Organizations

Gayveria- Duke has stated that Gayvaria is condemned for “trying to force LGBT rights in a nation that does not want them”

Desert District- Condemned for being “Against Pontunian Ideals and antagonistic behavior towards the people, politics, and foreign policy of Pontunia”

New Virginia- Long considered an "evil empire" by Pontunia, the King of Pontunia and the majority of the current government consider it a “...threat to morality and the biggest hurdle the micronational community has to overcome.”

Laos, Venezuela, Iran, the PRC, Cuba and the DPRK, for being “oppressive dictatorships against the world.”

Geography, territory and climate

Pontunia is mostly flat and built on drained swamp: the city of New Orleans is below sea level. The climate is subtropical and warm most of the year.


The Dukaten is on a Silver Standard, alongside considering Oreo packages legal tender.

Economy of Potunia
CurrencyDukaten (Đ)
Fixed exchange rates10 Đ= 0.69 Troy Ounces Silver
Fiscal yearMarch-February
GDP71 Đ ($142)
Inflation2.49 %
Main industriesTourism, Fishing, Oil (offshore, not controlled)
ImportsElectricity, most commodities
Public finances
Public debt25 Đ ($50)
Credit ratingBBB+
Foreign reserves125 Đ ($250)
All values, unless otherwise stated, are in USD

Culture and media

The King is fluent in English, Castilian Spanish and Latin, plays piano and is involved in Shōrin-ryū Karate. Many Hollywood films are shot in Pontunia. Pontunia has US television and cable, and no restrictions on censorship are in place. There is a playlist of songs named Andrew’s Speed Machine, of which citizens are required to approve as a condition of their citizenship. American Football is the national sport.

The citizens of Pontunia are avid consumers and capitalist, with the belief of “laissez le bon temps rouler“ (French for “let the good times roll“) predominant. Life is somewhat indulgent, but moderation still exists.

Typical music of the area includes jazz and zydeco. The National Dance is called “bōenska”, or Quarterstaff Dance. It also functions as a martial art of sorts, and is taught to the army, as well as privately.

Classification of Pontunia

  • Bricks and Mortar, Small, Statehood — 5th World (Boodlesmythe-Tallini)
  • 3.6 (Dresner's)
  • 1.9 (Economic Potential Index)
  • 3.46 (Democracy Index)
  • 4 (Freayth's)
  • 3.2 (Linden's)

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