New Rouen

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Tevetëm is a city in Hodiny. It is the capital city of both Hodiny and Nuruen Krahinë. It is the largest city in Hodiny with a population of 4, and it is the center of attention in Hodiny, being the place where most diplomacy is conducted, almost all economics, and where just about every battle between Hodiny and Fotbolti has been. It is undoubtedly one of the most important places in the Duchy. Its name is taken from the Albanian phrase for 'one and only'. Tevetëm has been the capital of Hodiny throughout its entire history, also having taken on many different names through history, such as Epeler, Et-Zeichen, Aurum, Ampersand, Emborough City, New Rouen and finally Tevetëm. The Hodish spelling is Tevetum and the demonym is Tevetian (Hodish: Tevetský).