Third Adistani War

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Third Adistani War
Date3 February 2016 - 9 February 2016
Hodiny (specifically: Adistan AA), Pouvoir
Result Hodinian Victory

Hodinian Government

NewHodinyFlag.svg.pngDuchy of Hodiny

Ensemble Forces Noflag.pngConsulate of Pouvoir

Noflag.pngAdistan AA

Noflag.pngPresident of Biolie

Noflag.pngDictator of Lafayette
Commanders and leaders
NewHodinyFlag.svg.pngDuke Dylan Emborough I

Noflag.pngConsul of Pouvoir

Noflag.pngLeader of Adistan AA

Noflag.pngPresident of Biolie

Noflag.pngDictator of Lafayette

NewHodinyFlag.svg.png 4 (Hodiny)

Total: 4

Noflag.png 1 (Pouvoir)

Noflag.png 3 (Adistan AA)

Noflag.png 1 (Biolie)

Noflag.png 1 (Lafayette)

Total: 6

The Third Adistani War, also called the First Hodinian Civil War and the Ensemble War, was a major conflict in Hodiny. Had history gone slightly differently, Hodiny would be a military dictatorship or just nonexistent.


Events Leading Up to the War

The issue of the addition of Dylan to an ensemble formed by three members of the Square led to the war. Dylan was rejected eventually, but he wrote up an agreement that he felt would be signed by the three members of the Square. The Consul of Pouvoir signed, but really was operating a coup that almost led to the collapse of Hodiny. When Biolie and Adistan refused the treaty, Pouvoir declared war on them, followed closely by Hodiny.

The War

The war was mainly negotiations that succeeded eventually. There were many arguments too however. The war was declared on February 3, 2016. Adistan made a point of insulting Hodiny's culture, something that offended the Duke (then King) of Hodiny. Hodiny made peace with Adistan and Biolie on the 5th, after Pouvoir announced their switching of sides. Lafayette declared war on Hodiny shortly before Hodiny made peace with Pouvoir on the 6th. Lafayette declared an economic embargo on Hodiny, which was easily defied. Lafayette announced their surrender on the 9th.


It was agreed upon that Dylan would be able to join the 7th grade ensemble.