Hodinian Unification

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The Hodinian Unification is a process underway in the region Hodiny resides in. Due to all the micronations around Hodiny that escaped Hodinian rule fairly easily and are running rampant and declaring petty wars, among other things, Hodiny decided to annex those that were culturally tied to Hodiny, geographically close, and were in dire need of a ruler to step in.


The Democratic Republic of Adistan was the first nation to be unified with Hodiny, undergoing Hodinization.

File:20160714 124642.jpg
The former Democratic Republic of Adistan's flag, as well as Adistan AA's current flag.

It was admitted into the kingdom as a puppet state on December 23, 6 days after the Hodinian Inepdence Day, and admitted as an AA on February 11 of 2016.


Hodiny took over the ROS on January 7 to save it from dying completely from inactivity.

On March 22, the Republic of Pouvoir ceded itself to Hodiny. It was admitted as an AA immediately. About a month later, it would rebel against Hodinian rule and attempt a secession, which failed for them.

Currently, it is hoped that the Republic of Lafayette will be annexed into Hodiny. There are a few other nations around Hodiny, but they are pretty much on their feet and don't need much assistance from the Duchy.