Hodinian Civil War

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Hodinian Civil War
DateMay 11, 2016 - May 15, 2016
Hodiny (specifically: Pouvoir AA)
Result Hodinian Victory, Pouvoiran Loss

Hodiny and Pro-Hodiny Forces Duchy of Hodiny

Republic of Biolie

Pouvoiran Insurgence

Pouvoiran Insurgence
Commanders and leaders

Duke Dylan Emborough I

President of Biolie
Leader of Pouvoiran Insurgence

3 (Hodiny) 2 (Biolie)

Total: 3

1 (Pouvoiran Insurgence)

Total: 1

The Hodinian Civil War was the name of a conflict that lasted for four days between Hodiny and the Pouvoiran Insurgence. The Republic of Biolie also joined in on Hodiny's side, and Adistan said they would have joined if they were an independent nation and not part of Hodiny. They did declare their support towards the Hodinian government.

The War


This all started when the Republic (alt. Consulate) of Pouvoir ceded itself to Hodiny on the basis that if all the nations in the village that Hodiny resides in are united, they will be better off, an idea proposed by the Duke of Hodiny in late 2014-early 2015 that was completely shunned. Pouvoir merging with Hodiny kicked off the Hodinian Unification. They officially merged on March 22, 2016. On April 8, the former Consul of Pouvoir asked Duke Dylan what the layout for next year's Court would be. Duke Dylan said that he was planning to put someone named Ian on the Court (yes, the one and only Ian Nolon). The former Consul, now Chief Justice of the Court, asked what his political stance was, and when Dylan said liberal, the Chief Justice freaked out. The next day, he ordered all non-conservatives off the Court. He then called Duke Dylan biased, and proceeded to order all people he didn't know off the Court. This led to Duke Dylan removing him from position on the 11th, and replacing him with Ian Nolon. The former Chief Justice declared civil war on the Duchy of Hodiny.

The War

Not much happened in the first two days of the war. Duke Dylan announced that this rogue justice had declared civil war on the Hodinian government, which was met with sympathy from the rest of the community. Duke Dylan also said he wouldn't recognize this war until am actual military operation was carried out. Horatio Eden wrote a Daily Micronational article on this. On July 13, the rogue justice and sole member of the new Pouvoiran Insurgence stabbed Duke Dylan in the right thigh with a pencil. It did not penetrate skin and didn't hurt much after a few minutes, but it was a declaration of war. Hodiny then recognized this war. A large verbal battle ensued for about half an hour after that before the Math A teacher started class, after which there was tension between the two throughout the whole day. The next day, another verbal battle ensued, with the same result as the day before. On July 15, when there was no verbal battle, Duke Dylan asked if the war was still going. The rogue justice said he was tired of it and said the war had ended. This was a de facto Hodinian victory over the insurgent. Hodiny keeps strict control over Pouvoir AA to this day.

International responses

Many forum nations expressed their sympathy to the Duchy. Here are the reactions of some local nations:

Duchy of Hodiny: The Duchy of Hodiny of course was the target of this war. It didn't recognize this war until Duke Dylan was stabbed in the leg with a pencil halfway into the war.

Republic of Biolie: Biolie, a longtime ally of Hodiny, responded by aiding Hodiny in the war.

Adistan AA: Adistan was at this time an AA of Hodiny. It also was granted extreme autonomy at this point. Though a part of Hodiny, they expressed their sympathy to the Duchy and aided on the side of the Duchy. The autonomy of the AAs was cut down as a result of this war.