Battle of Fort Tile

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Battle of Fort Tile
Part of Reactions to Monarchical Establishment in Hodiny and a battle in the Summer War
DateJuly 10, 2014
Vierzehni-Onzi Front
Result Onzi Victory

German Forces
Centish Empire

Republic of Vierzehn

ROS Intervention (non-German Force)


Coalition against German Forces

Communist Dictatorship of Onz
Commanders and leaders

King Dylan Emborough I President of Vierzehn

Dictator of the ROS
Dictator of Onz

2 (Hodiny/Centem) 3 (Vierzehn)

1 (ROS)


1 (Onz) w:United States 5 (American Supporters of Onz)


The Battle of Fort Tile was the largest battle in Hodinian history, with 12 total fighters. It took place at the Vierzehni-Onzi Front, not far from where the Springfield Revolution had ended just a month before.

Leading up to the battle

Vierzehn and Centem, known as the German Forces, began building a fort made of wood to defend against an attack they were going to stage against Onz around 10:15 CST. They were almost done by 10:40 CST when the Onzi Dictator brought down about 25% of the fort during a surprise attack. The Onzi Dictator had been secretly building another fort across the room, about 20 feet away. This fort was called Fort Onz. The Vierzehni-Centish fort was named Fort Tile, and that's where the battle gets its name.

The actual battle begins

At 10:40 CST, as you read above, the Onzi Dictator smashed about a quarter of Fort Tile down. He then revealed his fort 20 feet away, and his 5 American supporters. Many small wooden blocks were thrown between Fort Tile and Fort Onz. Those small wooden blocks hurt really bad when they hit someone, resulting in injuries of course, such as bruises, scratches, splinters, and possibly even a small trickle of blood. Marbles were also flung across the room. Onzi forces raided Fort Tile from time to time while it was being rebuilt.

Last offensive on fort onz

At 10:50 CST, the penultimate raid on Fort Tile ended, and not much of the wall was left standing. The German Forces decided to end this once and for all. At this point, the American Onzi Supporters were getting tired and had to go get stuff from their baskets in the hallway. They were there for a while, allowing the German Forces to rebuild Fort Tile and formulate a plan on a final offensive against Fort Onz. Once Fort Tile was rebuilt completely and resources built back up (with help from Americans around the room), the German Forces decided to take one last shot at it, confident if they succeeded they would win this battle.

As they stormed towards Fort Onz with blocks in hand, the staff came in and watched what was happening. When they saw that the German Forces were overwhelming Fort Onz and stealing back their resources, the staff intervened. They came to the defense of Onz, and criticized the German Forces for stealing things such as wooden blocks and marbles, even though the GFs had had these in the first place and were just taking them back. The GFs tried to explain this to the staff, but the staff didn't listen, and all four members of the German Forces were put in a timeout. This was a win for Onz because it was at that moment that the American Onzi Supporters came back into the room. They scrutinized the German Forces on their loss and the fact they got in trouble. Fort Tile was then mowed down and all the resources taken from it. The German Forces were humiliated by this defeat.


Due to the extreme humiliation of Centem, Vierzehn, and the ROS, they now had extra motivation to defeat Onz, which they did on 18 August 2014. Onz was completely defeated permanently and annexed into Hodiny. Vierzehn also ceded itself to Hodiny similar to how Adistan did on 28 December 2015.

NOTE: While this may seem a bit fantastical, it actually did happen. All of this is true, and not a single bit is made up. It is a completely real piece of Hodinian history. Nothing is exaggerated.