People's Buddhist Republic of Noveria

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People's Buddhist Republic of Noveria
Motto: Nirvana buddhiprapti (Sanskrit: Liberation through Enlightenment)

Within Michigan, United States
and largest city
New Dover
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentDirect Democracy
LegislatureSangha Council
Establishment30 March 2016
• Total
17 sq mi (44 km2)
• (2019 census) census
CurrencyNoverian regeno(NVR)
Time zoneEastern Time Zone (UTC-5)
Internet TLD.nv (planned)

The People's Buddhist Republic of Noveria is a Buddhist, democratic, socialist micronation founded on 30 March 2016.


The name Noveria (IPA: Nɔveɹiä) is derived from the Latin non verum, meaning not real.


Noveria was founded on 30 March 2016, as a directly democratic micronation within the United States. The reasons for its founding included the founder's dissatisfaction with the current political situation in the United States, as well as an interest in geopolitics, economics, linguistics, and philosophy. Noveria's capital and primary territory was named Rambling Woods. Shortly after foundation, the Constitution of Noveria was written, and was signed on 21 April 2016. On that same day, several of the islands in the Beaver Archipelago were annexed, bringing the total area of the country to 17 square miles.

On 22 July 2016, the capital was moved to the newly acquired territory of New Dover. This territory was wholly owned by the President.

On 29 December 2017, Noveria was declared a socialist and Buddhist republic. Private ownership of land and the right of inheritance were banned. The office of President was disestablished, with all executive powers reverting to the legislative council.

Government and politics

The government of Noveria is a direct democracy, with all citizens retaining the right to vote on all matters brought before the Sangha Council. Provinces with 10 or more citizens may also appoint a representative to represent them on the Sangha Council. A representative's vote is proportional to the number of people he or she represents. Any citizen can propose new legislation, which is then debated and subsequently voted upon by the Sangha Council. Currently there are no political parties in Noveria.

Law and order

The Justice Council handles all legal disputes between citizens. The Justice Council also reserves the right to declare any law passed by the Sangha Council unconstitutional. There is no police force in Noveria, and citizens are expected to conduct themselves peacefully. Every citizen has the power to perform a citizen's arrest.

Foreign relations

Noveria currently has formal relations with the Republic of Altannia Unita, the Free State of Deiakia, and the Ceticilian Republic, all four of these nations being founding members of the League of Micronations (DANC). In addition, Noveria maintains unofficial relations with the Khanate of Nedland. The capital territory of New Dover is a condominium with the Empire of Altannia Unita. While Noveria has no diplomatic relations with the state of Michigan, Noverian land claims are in conflict with the land claims of the state, which may be a cause of conflicted relations in the future.


The armed forces of Noveria consist of two branches: the Defense Force and the Air Force. The Noverian Defense Force is the main, land-based security force of Noveria. The Air Force consists of one reconnaissance drone (designation R-1). Military service is optional and open to citizens over the age of 18. The Sangha Council does not have the power to declare war; thus the armed forces are purely for defense of Noverian citizens and territory.

Geography and Climate

Noveria has a temperate continental climate (Köppen climate type Dfb), with a full range of seasons. The land of Noveria consists mainly of deciduous forests, with some coniferous tree growth. The lowest point of Noveria is the shore of Lake Michigan, which is 577 feet above sea level. The highest point of Noveria is the top of the High Island dune, which is 780 feet above sea level, or 199 feet above the surface of Lake Michigan.


The official currency of Noveria is the regeno (NVR). The regeno is pegged at Đ2 NVG : $1 USD. For example, $10 USD is equivalent to Đ20 NVR. The regeno is subdivided into 10 equal units known as decimoons. Coins are issued in the denominations of 1, 2, and 5 decimoons, as well as 1 regeno. Banknotes are issued in denominations of Đ1, Đ5, Đ10, and Đ100. The People's Bank of Noveria is the national bank of the country, and oversees the monetary and fiscal policy of the Noverian regeno.

Noveria's economy is primarily service-based, with workers employed in the technology, healthcare, and automotive sectors. The GDP for 2016 is estimated at Đ500,000, which equates to Đ62,500 per capita.


Mahayana Buddhism is declared as the national religion; however, religious freedom is protected under the Noverian constitution.

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