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Types of government

Direct Democracy, sometimes known as Pure Democracy, or on rare occasions True Democracy is a form of government characterised by the lodging of sovereignty and subsequent powers in a body of citizens who wish to participate in such a system. Typically, this body refers to the legislative assembly of the nation, thus meaning citizens effectively become the de facto law makers for the nation. Direct Democracy sometimes includes citizen involvement in judicial systems also. Typically, members of the legislative branch elect the executive officials and have the power to dismiss them. Direct Democracy is different to Representation in the sense that the minority exercises political power following election by the majority who are seeking representation.

Direct Democracy is much more common in Micronational states due to the immense inpracticalities of operating an effective system of Representation in many states.

Several ideas to make direct democracy more practical have been proposed in "Flaherty Isocracy", such as a state run corporation to gain additional revenue and grouping people into Isocratic Districts which have a single vote in a larger parliament, however the only state so far to adopt Flaherty Isocracy, the Solvo Federation, is still grouped into one assembly due to lack of population.

Direct democracies in micronations