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Swampism is a form of autocracy,[1] similar to that of a dictatorship,[2] in which the prime minister or prime ministers holds all the power. In Swampism, there are no political parties or any other members of the government (such as parliament) aside from a prince or king/queen, and a prime minister or prime ministers. Swampism has almost no political freedom or civil rights. Swampism requires every person to watch the movie shrek once a day.


Swampism was invented in New Eiffel by two political parties ‘The Soviet Onion Party’ and ‘Shrek Super Party’.


Swampism is highly acclaimed as being a joke, and being non serious. Swampism is also hated for being a ‘not democracy’ by many people inside of New Eiffel, along with Prince Zed I agreeing with them and saying “Swampism is stupid, plain stupid”. However, Prince Zed I recently declared that he never made a such statement, declaring that he is a victim of hacking, and pronouncing himself in defence of Swampism by declaring that "Shrek is the only person I care about [shrek emoji]. And Swampism".

Notable Swampists