Shrek Super Party of Aenopia

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Shrek Super Party of Aenopia
LeaderJaydan Lycon
Founded7 May 2020
HeadquartersNew Aberdare
Ideologybig tent, satirical, shrekist, swampist, populist
Colors     'Shrek Green'
Seats in Y Senedd of Empire of Aenopia
3 / 6
Governor Seats
3 / 5

Shrek Super Party of Aenopia (often abbreviated to SSPA) is an Aenopian branch of the international big tent satirical shrekist swampist populist political party of the same name. Created on 7 May 2020 by Jayden Lycon, the party holds 3 out of 5 Aenopian Governor seats and half of Y Senedd, the national Government of Aenopia and is one of 2 Satirical Parties in Aenopia, the other being Alvin and the Chipmunks Party.