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SR-01-AM-01 Junction
General information
Maintained by Transport Ministry
Length115-metre (377 ft)
Nation Aenopia
CitiesNew Llandudno via SR-01
List of roads in Aenopia

Aenopian Motorway - Route 01 (AM-01), or simply the Blue Route is a 65-metre (213 ft) long state highway which travels from the UK-Aenopia Border Bridge to UK-Aenopia North Bridge via New Llandudno Interchange; where the road diverges for SR-01 towards New Llandudno Square and airfield. The highway was commissioned as an Aenopian road in December 2019 following reviews and checks on the state of the pathway. It is currently longest and only road in Empire of Aenopia, and the only tarmac one. It was one of the first two roads commissioned in Aenopia, as part of the Blue Route project in New Llandudno and Subsidiaries. AM-01 is managed and operated by Traffyrdd Aenopia.

Road description

Map of the New Llandudno road system.

The road begins at the north-west corner of New Llandudno and Subsidiaries at the UK-Aenopia border bridge and ends at the Aenopia-UK in the north-east. AM-01 runs along the top of New Llandudno and Subsidiaries before ending next to a lamppost. This marks the border between Aenopia and the United Kingdom. It runs alongside the west section of New Llandudno forest, before it leads into New Llandudno Junction, where the road diverges and intersects with the SR-01 road towards New Llandudno Square. Continuing straight ahead, it travels for 6m before arriving at the UK-Aenopia Border Bridge where the highway ends.


New Llandudno Border bridge as seen from AM-01 in January 2021. AM-01 terminates at the bridge, which serves as a boundary between the UK and Aenopia.

The roadway in its current commissioned phase has existed since early December 2019, however the pathway of the roadway has been around since at least the 1990s, likely earlier. During November 2019, it was decided that Aenopia needed a road system on par with New Eiffel's road system. Following this, it was quickly decided that the prime candidate for an experimental road system was New Llandudno and Subsidiaries, where there was already the infrastructure for a highway.

Following Simon Reeve's approval, work on preparing the road for commissioning began in earnest, with reviews and checks being conducted to ensure that the route was suitable for universal, high-speed traffic without safety or comfort being sacrificed. After checks were successfully conducted, maps were drawn out in anticipation of the opening of the route. The road was finally granted the status of a highway on 7 December 2019, however this did not classify it as open until a formal declaration was announced by Simon Reeve. AM-01 was formally opened on 21 January 2020 by Simon Reeve in a formal ceremony during a visit to the area. The initial plan was to open SR-02 at the same time as AM-01 in order to simplify things, however this was decided against in the end.


Currently, AM-01 is the first stage of the Blue Route Project, which aims to open up a series of roads within the Aenopian territory of New Llandudno and Subsidiaries. This will see the commissioning of SR-01, which will connect New Llandudno Junction to New Llandudno Square via an 85m-long Secondary road. During review of the road, it was discovered that it was much rougher than thought, with tree roots, loose soil amongst other problems derogating it to a Heavy-Grade Secondary road (meaning that only bikes can travel along it) despite the longer distance.

In November 2019, it was announced that SR-02 was to be commissioned following AM-01. The route is a 26m Secondary road and will connect New Llandudno Square and New Llandudno Airforce base/Airport (which is still under development). It was expected that this will be commissioned in January 2020, which will see the second phase of the Blue Route Project completed, supplying the city of New Llandudno with a road connection to its Airport. However, during Simon Reeve's visit to the future road, it was discovered that some of the low lying grass, which gave the route its relatively smooth surface, had been pulled up, causing the soil underneath to become muddy. It is hoped it will be commissioned in February 2020 once the grass has grown back.

During Simon Reeve's visit to AM-01, a similar section of pavement was inspected for potential extension of AM-01 in the future. Dubbed AM-01b, the pavement continues on for 15m before leaving Aenopian land. This potential extension is still being discussed, and would likely be commissioned following the completion of the Blue Route in mid-2020.


The roadway is a 65-metre (213 ft) long state highway which travels from UK-Aenopia Border Bridge to UK-Aenopia North Border, and intersects with one road, for which travels to New Llandudno Square.

Road Destinations
SR-01 New Llandudno Square, SR-02
SR-02 [a] New Llandudno Airforce Base and Airport (Under development)

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  1. Counted as a branch of SR-01, for which itself is an intersection.


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