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Empire of Aenopia
Coat of arms of Empire of Aenopia
Coat of arms
Motto: Victory or Death
Anthem: "Gustav Holst- Jupiter" (orchestral)
StatusIn personal union with the Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon
CapitalNew Aberdare
Largest cityWhite (by land area)
New Aberdare (by population)
Official languages
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
• Emperor
Carson I
• First Minister
Simon Reeve
LegislatureSenedd Aenopia
Establishment1 July 2019
Time zoneAMT: Aenopian Mean Time (GMT+0:40)
Preceded by
Dominion of Aenopia

The Empire of Aenopia, (/njpɑː/ (About this sound (listen))) officially known as the Empire of Aenopia and her Dependencies and often referred to as Aenopia, is a self-declared autonomous body that claims to be a sovereign state, commonly known as a micronation.[3] Established in the United Kingdom, Aenopia was initially established on 1 July 2019 as a dominion of the erstwhile Empire of Emosia, before declaring independence on 16 August 2019. Aenopia is comprised of five non-contiguous enclave territories located within the counties of West Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Shropshire, and two overseas territories located in the United States and India. Aenopia is bordered by Qaflana,[a] Vishwamitra,[a] and Plushunia.[b] The total surface area of Aenopia is 15,640m² (3.494 acres). Aenopia is a unicameral partial parliamentary democracy led by an absolute monarchy. Aenopia has a mostly stable, albeit small economy with an Economic Potential Index of 1. The economy of Aenopia primarily consists of agriculture during the summer months and basic industry and even services annually. Major companies in Aenopia include Helliwell Systems, Traffyrd Aenopia and AenopiAir. New Aberdare is the capital and most populated city in Aenopia with 6 residents.

The earliest predecessor of Aenopia was the erstwhile New Cymru, which was established on 8 May 2019. New Cymru quickly established an imfamous reputation for outlandish land claims, unprofessional behaviour and engaging in micronational conflicts. New Cymru was dissolved as a result of these on 30 June 2019, and was superseded by Aenopia shortly after. Aenopia was established on 1 July 2019 as a dominion of the erstwhile Empire of Emosia, of which both heads of state shared a friendly relationship as a result of the Organisation of Active Micronations. Aenopia declared independence from Emosia on 16 August 2019, subsequently becoming the Empire of Aenopia. During the early months of its existence, Aenopia was a prominent member of the Organisation of Active Micronations until its withdrawal on 26 August 2019. After the dissolution of the OAM, Aenopia established the North Atlantic Defence Union alongside ex-OAM members Ponderosa Hills and Astropolis. NADU would influence close relations between Aenopia and member states including Ponderosa Hills, Wegmat and Lytera. Attempts to distance Aenopia from New Cymru and establish a professional reputation were met with Aenopia joining the Grand Unified Micronational and Cupertino Alliance in November 2019 and February 2020 respectively, whilst the Reform Act of February 2020 firmly established aspirations for an active and influential Aenopia. Such aspirations were achieved over the course of 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic as Aenopia firmly established itself as a professional and active member of the Grand Unified Micronational, whilst assuming an influential position in the increasingly assertive Cupertino Alliance. Following the January 2021 Chair election in the Cupertino Alliance, Aenopia assumed the role as the head nation of the Alliance, which simultaneously cemented its position as an influential member of the New Guard whilst causing internal inactivity. Internal activity lasted until the end of Simon Reeve's tenure as chair in August 2021, following which Ross dedicated more time towards the renewed development of Aenopia.

Aenopia has established itself as a prominent and active micronation within the MicroWiki community, particularly within New Guard circles, and regularly ranks highly in positivity surveys in the Cupertino Alliance, Grand Unified Micronational and wider community. Aenopia is a member of prominent organisations including the Grand Unified Micronational,[4] Cupertino Alliance, Constantia Pact and International Aerospace Community. Aenopia is a developed country, and maintains a progressive stance on LGBT rights. Aenopia has a Human Development Index of 0.79 and a MPI of 4.2.

Etymology and terminology

The origin of the name Aenopia was initially conceived by Simon I himself after adding letters together. Settlements are named after Welsh towns and cities, usually with the prefix 'New' added to the start. This rule is excepted by Port Syrinx, which was named after the 'Temples of Syrinx' from song 2112 by the Canadian Progressive rock band Rush.[5] Port Syrinx also features 'Port' as a prefix, whilst other settlements include the towns of White and Sough, which are both named after the local area. Occasionally, settlement names may reflect on ancient mythology, Rocinante-upon-Afon in particular. Technically, the name Aenopia has some unintentional meanings in other languages. 'Opia' is used to indicate a visual disorder or condition[6] whilst 'Aen' has numerous meanings; such as in Marshallese meaning 'Iron',[7] however in Welsh Aen is used as a plural of mynd[8] meaning 'to go'[9] whilst in Irish, Aen can be an alternative form of aon[10] which means 'one'.[11]

'Aenopian' is the official demonym used to describe something belonging to Aenopia, this is also the demonym for someone from Aenopia.

Technically, 'Aenopia' can refer to the whole Empire, or to the sovereign state of Aenopia, which does not include the territories or sections; there is a small distinction between the two. 'Aenopia' is also the ac name for the Empire of Aenopia, which is often used by other nations in informal discussions and ease of communication.


Early days

A map of Aenopian Calver, showing off the cities of White and Sough. between the cities is Aenopian Plushunia

Aenopia was formed on 1 July 2019 initially under the name of the 'Federation of Aenopia'. However, only a few hours passed before talks were underway with James Ellis of Empire of Emosia for Aenopia to become a dominion. Following an agreement being reached, a treaty was signed on the same day annexing the Aenopian territory now known as New Llandudno and Subsidiaries with Aenopia subsequently becoming a dominion of Emosia.[12] Following this, Aenopia began developing a series of rockets made out of aluminium foil and matchstick named Nova I.[13] Out of the two that were launched, neither were successful.

On 26 July 2019, the territory of Aenopian Calver was annexed as part of the Dominion of Aenopia. Located in Derbyshire, the territory was quietly incorporated into the entire dominion of Aenopia instead of becoming an Emosian dominion of its own. On 3 August 2019, a small piece of Aenopian Calver was ceded to fellow ex-Organisation of Active Micronations member Plushunia as part of an overseas territory program run by the Government of Plushunia at the time. This became known as Aenopian Plushunia which became the third overseas territory of Plushunia alongside Ogel (Governed by Emperor of ex-Emosian dominion of Qaflana Alex Halbesleben) and Macmillan.[14]

Just 12 days before the Dominion of Aenopia became independent, Aenopia annexed the island of Aenopian Teme on 4 August 2019, becoming the third territory to be incorporated into the Dominion. This was located within the River Teme and became the only Aenopian territory to be located next to a body of water as of 29 November 2020. As a result of this, the town of Port Syrinx (initially known as the city of Port Machyllneth) became the base of the Aenopian Navy, later known as the Aenopian Coast Guard when it became a branch of the Aenopian Defence League.

Independence and Rapid Growth

On 15 August 2019, Aenopia gained independence from the Empire of Emosia after one month of lobbying for sovereignty after the independence of Qaflana.[15] Free movement between all nations involved (this included Aenopia, Emosia and Qaflana) ended, and all Aenopians with dual Emosian citizenship had their dual citizenship revoked.

On 20 August 2019, it was decided to withdraw Aenopia from the largely-controversial Organisation of Active Micronations (originally named New Eiffel Union of Micronations [16]) following internal disputes and instability within the organisation as a whole. 6 days later, the Organisation of Active Micronations (2019) was dissolved after other influential members such as Phokland, New Eiffel and Emosia left. This followed after less than a month after the similar withdrawal of the Kingdom of Lytera.[17][18][19] Despite this, Aenopia started reaching out to other nations and other organisations to improve its position within the community. On 24 August 2019, the territory of Greater New Aberdare was annexed, increasing the number of residents to 6. Following this annexation, it was decided to revoke New Llandudno's status as capital and instead name the new city of New Aberdare as the capital of Aenopia, mainly due to its large population. Aenopia was accepted as an Observer of the Grand Unified Micronational on 6 October 2019 and later as a provisional state on 10 November 2019.[20]

Settlement and Economic Development

During November 2019, development decreased. Communication with other nations continued to increase, and Aenopia was accepted as a full member of the Grand Unified Micronational after the Quorum of Delegates convened and voted on 27 November 2019.[21]

After the annexation of Greater New Aberdare in August 2019, the annexation of land ceased completely. An attempt was made to annex a small pocket of land in a forest near to the Spa town of Ilkley named 'Blaenau Novae', with the land being unceremoniously annexed in December 2019. However, the claim was redacted a few days later. The reason for the relinquishing of the claim is believed to be because of the distance from New Aberdare (the centre of Aenopia) and the irregularity of visits to the area, making it hard to enforce the claim. Following this, the flag intended for the territory was instead assigned to Aenopian Teme to replace the previous flag.

The Reform Act and COVID-19

An poster regarding N-COV-2019 released by the Aenopian Government.

Following criticism from certain micronationalists referring to Aenopia as 'highly simulationist' due to its history, the Reform Act was published on 1 February 2020 by HRH Simon I. Made up of a document consisting of 26 articles with the main objective being to improve factors of Aenopia including its governance, national symbols, foreign affairs, etc. The contents of the document ranged from updating the national symbols (replacing the flag and national anthem and obtaining a coat of arms) to the formation of an Aenopian Government and a legal system. On 2 February 2020 the first 3 requirements out of the 26 in the document were fulfilled; which saw the replacement of both the national anthem and state flag and the creation of a coat of arms.[22]

On 21 February 2020, Bryniau Gwyrdd was annexed, bringing the population up to 9. The territory, affectionately known as 'Bry-Gwy' became the 3rd territory of Southern Aenopia and provides as a support for the nearby Aenopian Teme. On 12 March 2020, it was decided by the Aenopian government to declare a national state of concern (later bumped up to a national state of emergency), meaning that the borders of Bryniau Gwyrdd and Greater New Aberdare were to be closed except to Aenopian residents and exceptional cases where non-Aenopians may visit. This marked the first time in Aenopian history that a national state of emergency was declared and the border between an Aenopian territory had to be closed.[23] Furthermore, it was planned that public awareness of hygiene was to also be increased with posters created by the Aenopian government soon to follow.

In late July 2020, it was reported that the number of cases was continuing to rise in the United Kingdom, despite the British government insisting on reopening the macronation. As a result, the number of cases in the local area around Northern Aenopia had reportedly risen to the point where restrictions had to be reintroduced.[24] Because of this, it was decided by the Aenopian Government to continue to enforce a national state of emergency 'for the foreseeable future'.[25]

On 27 October 2020, Simon Reeve on behalf of Aenopia revived the North Atlantic Defence Union 10 months after its initial dissolution in December 2019. During its initial existence in 2019 On 27 November 2020, Aenopia became the first signatory of the Sough Convention on Global Climate Change Volume II[26][27] after previously leading the convention and creation of the treaty.[28] Initially started on 1 October 2020 as a direct continuation of the 2019 Sough Convention on Global Climate Change, the Sough2020 convention would last for almost 2 months with activity from 31 participants. The Sough2020 treaty would later amass over 26 signatories with treaty being translated into Welsh, Mandarin[29] and Spanish.[30]

When I first started this convention on 1 October 2020, I was doubtful that the convention would be successful, considering the fact that another individual was running a convention on their own. We've had our ups and downs, with a brief uncertain period when 3 nations left at the same time however we have pushed through regardless. This has been an incredible experience, working with people from across the community and the world, people I know well and new faces in the community.

— Simon Reeve following the publishing of the treaty, 2020

On 1 December Aenopia would formally annex the territory of Aenopian Potawatomi comprised of a small section of forest next to the Des Plaines River in the state of Illinois.[31][32] Aenopian Potawatomi was annexed as part of a program led by the Des Plaines Union and Cole Baird which offered parcels of land located next to the Des Plaines River to select nations.

Extended inactivity

Aenopia fell into an extended period of inactivity from the start of 2021, primarily as a result of Ross' tenure as Chair of the Cupertino Alliance from February to August 2021. Because of Ross' dedication towards the Cupertino Alliance, Aenopia was left without a ruling figure for the first eight months of 2021, causing development to reach a standstill. As such, almost no laws were implemented throughout the year. Attempts were made to restart Aenopia and increase activity following the conclusion of Ross' tenure in August 2021, however each attempt was unsuccessful in instilling any activity. Despite this, the first democratic governing body of Aenopia, Senedd Aenopia, was established in July 2021 wit the intention of transitioning Aenopia over to a democracy. The first elections to supplement Senedd Aenopia were conducted in July 2021, with second conducted in October of the same year; both election attempts were unsuccessful as a result of inactivity within Aenopia. As such, Senedd was entirely filled with members appointed by Ross, which resulted in further inactivity. The appointed government was dissolved by Ross in October 2021 in preparation for a planned election, which also proved fruitless.

Government and politics


Aenopia is an absolute monarchy, with complete authority being granted to the Crown. Control of the nation is as a result, hereditary. HRH Emperor Simon I is the head of the state as the Monarch and holds all executive, legislative, and judicial powers. He can not be held responsible to any members of the government as it is an absolute monarchy, under his ruling. The Monarch also has the absolute power to create and dissolve a Parliament at will; this can be implemented if the Crown requires support during a period of time.


The Coat of Arms and emblem of Senedd Aenopia.
A diagram of Senedd Aenopia in 2020. Senedd Aenopia is a six-membered unicameral parliament.
  Social Democrats: 1 seat
  Shrek Super Party: 3 seats
  Independent: 1 seat
  Aenopian Independence Party: 1 seat

The legislation of Aenopia is a six-membered unicameral parliament colloquially known as Senedd Aenopia. Senedd Aenopia serves as a formal venue to represent regions of Aenopia under a Westminster system of government, with each territory being represented in parliament by the Governor, whom assumes the position of Member of Senedd Aenopia. Senedd Aenopia is the primary law making institution within Aenopia and is comprised of six members who are elected through a direct election. Elections are hosted every 3 months following the expiration of the standing parliament's term or on the recommendation of the monarch. Senedd Aenopia holds administrative powers within Aenopia and maintains the ability to dissolve and establish bills as a collective, however remains answerable to the Emperor of Aenopia. The primary duty of parliament is to serve as a democratic body for citizens of Aenopia to propose and amend bills, laws, etc. In addition, Aenopia is described as being a 'flawed democracy'.

The parliament of Aenopia is chaired by the incumbent First Minister which served as the Head of Government. The First Minister serves a tenure of 3 months, and is appointed based on the ruling party in parliament. Elections for the position of First Minister may be hosted at the discretion of the Emperor under exceptional cases, such as the resignation of the standing First Minister or if there is no majority party in parliament.

Political parties

Logo Party Name Political position Leader Seats
Parties in Y Senedd
Aenopian Independence Party Militarism
Big tent
Fahim Ahmed
MS for Central Aenopia
1 / 5
People's Party of Aenopia Socialism
Left-wing nationalism
Aenopian irredentism
Amelie Björk
MS for Central Aenopia
3 / 5
Aenopia Forward Centrism
Jayden Dagsa
MS for New Llandudno and Subsidiaries
1 / 5

Administrative divisions

The Empire of Aenopia is made up of its home region or 'country', simply called Aenopia, and its colonies and territories. This is commonly located in New Aberdare, the new capital of Aenopia due to its location. The country plays an important role in the administration of the Empire due to the ease of control. Finally, the country also has a position of nobility attached to it which is a part of the Monarchy.

The next level of administration is a region, in which there are two: Northern Aenopia, situated in West Yorkshire, and Southern Aenopia, situated in Shropshire and Derbyshire. The nobility attached to regions is known as Presidents. They have little power over their regions other than the ability to appoint the governors of the provinces within the region. They also appoint councillors to the region's council. This has a larger amount of autonomy than the President, however, does not have more autonomy than the Emperor himself.

Crown Dependencies are autonomous, inhabited areas of land outside the country of Aenopia. Currently, there are no crown dependencies outside of Aenopia, however Aenopian Plushunia is a Plushunian crown dependency which is located between the cities of White and Sough within the territory of Aenopian Calver.[33]

Name Flag Arms Size Population Officials Established
Greater New Aberdare
71m² 6 Governor
Jaiden Rose
26 August 2019
New Llandudno and Subsidiaries
377m² 0 Governor
Jayden Dagsa
1 July 2019
Aenopian Calver
297m² 0 Governor
Leon Montan
26 July 2019
Aenopian Teme
269m² 0 Governor
Grace Welsh
3 August 2019
Bryniau Gwyrdd
112m² 3 Governor
Grace Welsh
16 February 2020
Overseas Territories
Aenopian Potawatomi
1500m² 0 Governor
Thomas Jacobs
1 December 2020


Logo of the Aenopian Defence League, the defence body of Aenopia.

As a direct response to some micronations claiming to 'declare war' on other nations, Aenopia strives to remain nonbelligerent wherever possible in foreign affairs. This is supported by Aenopia's symbolic membership as part of the Union Against Micronational War as well as the Constitution of Aenopia which decrees that "Aenopia shall retain peace and promises not to initiate conflicts with any recognised, sovereign states unless the sovereignty of the Empire is violated."[34] In direct response of this, Aenopia does not yield a significant military.

Despite this, the primary defense organisation of the Empire of Aenopia is the Aenopian Defence League (ADL) which is split into 5 different branches: Aenopian Air Force, Aenopian Coast Guard, Aenopian Armed Forces, Royal Guard and the Ballistics Committee. It is currently intended to replace the entire Air Force fleet with powered balsa aircraft by the end of 2020. Aenopia is also a founding member of the North Atlantic Defence Union, having previously served as the chair of both incarnations until Ross's departure on 15 February 2021.[35] Aenopia is also one of 7 founding members of the United Defense and Cooperation Treaty Community.[36][37]

Foreign affairs

The flags of numerous foreign partners of Aenopia planted in the city of New Llandudno. Foreign relations with other nations is an important part of Aenopian relations with the wider community.

Since its declaration of independence from Empire of Emosia on 16 August 2019, Aenopia has moved to become an active member of the micronational community wherever possible and has since become a member of numerous micronational organisations such as the Grand Unified Micronational, the Cupertino Alliance, the Micronational Olympic Federation, etc. Foreign affairs are handled by either the foreign affairs ministry or the Crown.

As part of this, Aenopia actively engages in both formal and informal diplomacy with other nations through these means and others, which are formally conducted by the Crown. As of August 2020, Aenopia has signed formal documents with 30 other sovereign states, and recognizes the existence of 219 other nations, without the signing of treaties to legally bind this.

Aenopia is also a signatory state of 5 international treaties and convention, namely the Wrythe and Edgbaston Conventions and the La Salle Convention. Aenopia has also played a critical part in the creation of minor treaties such as the Intergalactic Treaty and the Sough Convention on Global Climate Change of 2019. Aenopia was also a leading member of the Sough2020 Convention and Sough Convention on Global Climate Change Volume II, which at its peak on 22 November 2020 consisted of over 30 nations from across the community.


Aenopia within the United Kingdom.

The total surface area of the Empire of Aenopia is approximately 14,140m² (3.494 acres). Aenopia has active claims in 3 British counties and 1 American state, with these being: New Llandudno and Subsidiaries and Greater New Aberdare in West Yorkshire, Aenopian Calver in Derbyshire, Aenopian Teme and Bryniau Gwyrdd in Shropshire and Aenopian Potawatomi in Illinois.

Most of Aenopia is empty grassland, with at least 1/3 being covered in trees. The land is generally flat and has no distinctive natural features, except for Aenopian Teme which is located on the River Teme. The vast majority of Aenopia's surface comes from the New Llandudno and Subsidiaries and Aenopian Calver, which consist of large fields as well as some medium-sized wooded areas, and are completely uninhabited.


New Llandudno
Climate chart (explanation)
Average max. and min. temperatures in °C
Precipitation totals in mm
Source: Climate-Charts.com

Aenopia experiences a temperate oceanic climate (Köppen: Cfb), like much of the British Isles, with warm summers and cool winters. Summer daytime temperatures regularly top 20 Celsius, quite often reaching 25 Celsius on sunny days during July and August in particular. In more recent years, temperatures have occasionally reached over 30 Celsius. There is regular but generally light precipitation throughout the year.[38] Temperatures are usually within a range of 2 °C - 7 °C in winter but can drop as low as -11 °C. Winters are characterized by rain and, in recent years, large downfalls of snow. Summers are warm and humid with occasional heavy rainstorms, however, there are usually only about one or two thunderstorms per year.[39] Aenopia's average annual rainfall is 806.6 millimetres (31.76 in)[40] compared to a UK average of 1,125.0 millimetres (44.29 in),[41] The record temperature recorded in Aenopia was 40.2 °C in New Llandudno in August 2019.


Aenopia maintains a minor economy based on socialist principals . The primary currency of Aenopia is the Euro and Pound Sterling. A significant proportion of the economy is comprised of the primary sector, particularly agriculture, however the majority of the economy is dedicated towards production of aircraft.

Science and technology form an integral part of the Aenopian economy, particularly bodies associated with aerospace such as the Aenopian Aerospace Administration.

Imports and exports

An example of a macronational wind turbine. A hugely downsized version roughly 1 meter tall is planned to be built in Greater New Aberdare.

Despite not exporting any produce, the Aenopian economy is split into 3 categories as commonly used by macronational economies across the world: primary (farming), secondary (scale aircraft and ship production) and tertiary (services such as AenopiAir). As part of this, Aenopia produces consumables (such as fruit and vegetables) and transportation systems (scale aircraft, ships and railway locomotives/rolling stock) on behalf of New Aberdare Construction Ltd. Greater New Aberdare is the economic center of Aenopia, with 100% of Aenopian products being produced within the capital. On the other hand, tertiary services can be found within Aenopia such as airlines (AenopiAir).

Aenopia currently imports all of its requirements, such as consumables, electricity and other items. Plans for renewable sources of energy generation (primarily wind power) are being developed, with the intention to develop at least 8% of Greater New Aberdare's energy requirements by 2023. This plan is, however, still under development. This will see a wind turbine erected near the UK-Aenopia border for the territory, which will be used to provide a fraction of the power required for New Aberdare.


Map of the Blue Route in New Llandudno and Subsidiaries.

Due to the lack of railways and airports within Aenopia, territories have to rely on pavements designated as roads for transport. Currently, New Llandudno and Subsidiaries is the host of Aenopia's only motorway, AM-01. At 65 m (213 ft) long, the road connects the UK-Aenopia Border Bridge to the New Llandudno Junction and the western border of the territory. It was opened on 21 January 2020 in a formal ceremony by HRH Simon I[42] (albeit with a non-existent crowd). Following this, SR-02 is scheduled to be commissioned, which will connect New Llandudno Square with the planned site of the New Llandudno Joint Airfield. There are plans in the future, however, to commission more roads within Aenopia, including a potential ring road around the territory of Aenopian Calver, connecting New Tenby to the border, and providing a backbone for Bryniau Gwyrdd.

Aenopia formerly maintained a Lego railway line in the city of New Aberdare. The railway line was intended to serve the stuffed toy population of the time in the form of a short loop. The concept was initially conceived in August 2019, with the intention of initiating services in September 2019. The project experienced delays, causing its opening to be pushed to December 2019 until the project was abandoned in November 2019.[43] The reason for the termination was initially cited as the result of the delays and bugetary constraints, however the project was cut following attempts to establish a professional national image. Companies associated with it such as Tollóuse were officially dissolved during the Nationalisation of Aenopian Companies Act on 26 July 2020.[44]

Aviation makes up a large part of the Aenopian economy, from aircraft development/construction to airlines and airports. Currently, there are no active airfields in any territory of Aenopia, however, there are plans to open one near New Llandudno. The New Llandudno Joint Airfield is a proposed joint airfield which will consist of an airport and an air force base. Scheduled to open in mid-2020, the airstrip will provide Aenopia with its only airport and air force base. The airfield is currently under development. The air force base will not receive any aircraft for service for safety reasons, resulting in a lack of physical equipment. The airfield will consist solely of a small field, and all aircraft will be serviced and stored at New Aberdare instead. Civilian aircraft registered under Aenopian law will be allowed to fly to the Airport, however, all aircraft landing at the airfield will require a permit to land. The flag carrier of Aenopia is AenopiAir which will operate flights across Aenopia and into Qaflana in the near future.

Science and technology

The flight patch for the first flight of the Aenopian-developed Starless IV, dubbed "Test for Echo".

The primary scientific body of Aenopia is the Aenopian Aerospace Administration, an independent agency of the Aenopian Government responsible for the civilian space program, focusing specifically on aeronautics and space research. Formed on 5 July 2019 with the first launch of the Nova I rocket, the agency focuses primarily on the development of its flagship projects the Helliwell Awyren 5 fighter aircraft and Starless IV rocket program. The AAA fell into inactivity following the informal conclusion of the Nova I project in July 2019, however would briefly see a rise in activity in December 2019 with the E-11a rocket-plane concept before falling into inactivity once again. The AAA would see a resurgence of activity following the announcement of the Starless IV program on 21 January 2021 which would later result in the formation of the International Aerospace Community.

Internationally, the AAA is represented by Aenopia in the International Aerospace Community as a founding member.


Ethnicity: Empire of Aenopia
Ethnicity Population Residents Honorary citizens
Total population 17 9 8
White 76.5% 100% 50%
Mixed 5.9% 0% 12.5%
Asian 0% 0% 0%
Black 0% 0% 0%
Other 0% 0% 0%
Unknown 17.6% 0% 37.5%

The population of Aenopia as of February 2021 stands at 12 (9 residents and 3 honorary citizens), compared with 49 in August 2019. Historically, the Aenopian population consisted of 47 plush toys until plush toys were refused recognition as citizens. The residential population of Aenopia is primarily spread across 2 territories: Greater New Aberdare (population of 6) and Bryniau Gwyrdd (population of 3). Ethnically, the population of Aenopia is primarily white at 76.4%, whilst the other ethnicity is mixed at 5.9%. Roughly 17.6% of the population is unknown. Compared to other countries, natural population growth is one of the lowest in the world; natural growth has not risen within Aenopia in the course of its existence. The average age of residents is 33 years old compared to the significantly lower national average age of 23.

Roughly 70.5% of the population is male while the other 29.% of the population is female.

Population change

The table below details the population change since July 2019.

Population growth in Aenopia since July 2019
Month July 2019 September 2019 November 2019 January 2020 March 2020 May 2020 July 2020 September 2020 November 2020 January 2021 March 2020
Population 1 55 9 12 15 16 16 17 19 19 12


Aenopian culture primarily follows the basic principles of the Western culture due to its geographical location in the world and subsequently, its population. Some Christian holidays which have become embedded into Western society (Christmas, Easter, etc.) are recognised and celebrated by the population as National Holidays.


An example of French being utilised as the official symbolic language in the Welcome to New Llandudno sign at the city's border.

English is the most commonly spoken language in Aenopia and the only language used on a daily basis for communication; it is the only language used for government and diplomatic business, although Welsh is rarely used for more ceremonial occasions and is featured as a secondary language on numerous Aenopian documents and treaties. Aenopia also ceremoniously recognises French and Welsh as a national language, with the former being recognised as a primary language of the territory of New Llandudno and Subsidiaries.

French has been adopted as the official symbolic language of New Llandudno and Subsidiaries and can be found in signs around the territory. It is not the official language of the territory, however, due to an absence of Francophones in Aenopia. An example of French being used within New Llandudno was the "Welcome to New Llandudno" road sign, which featured both English and French. Newer signs relating to the GUM Sister Cities Program feature Welsh instead of French.


Religion in Aenopia in December 2019.

Aenopia is a very Atheism-based nation, with almost the entire population being either Atheists or Agnostic. However, Bobism is also recognised accepted by a small minority of the population, namely Simon Reeve himself. A small Lego church of Bob exists in New Aberdare.

Simon himself also recognises the religion of Bartholemewism. Bartholomewism was initially created in October 2019 by himself and numerous other friends, focusing solely on Bartholemew and his prophets. The religion teaches that if you have a good life, you go to One-Stop once you die in a similar manner to other religions, whilst if you sin then you go to Aldi once you die.

Dishes and Cuisines

The national dish of Aenopia, Chips and bolognese.

During the summer months in Greater New Aberdare in particular, Aenopia's economy usually focuses on the growth of food in the form of fruit and vegetables. As a result, crops that are grown annually such as potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, peas and strawberries influence Aenopian cuisine and its culture, with dishes recognised nationwide being influenced largely by food popular within New Aberdare. For example, the national drink of Aenopia is coffee which is consumed by a minority of the population regularly, while the national dish is chips and bolognese.

Meat products such as chicken and beef are commonly consumed on a near-daily basis, with only 11.1% of the population being vegetarian.

National Symbols

National symbols of Aenopia

Flag: Coat of Arms: Plant: Animal: Dish: Patron saint:
120x 120x
National Flag
of Aenopia
Coat of Arms
of Aenopia
The Bilbery
(Vaccinium myrtillus)
The Puffin
(Fratercula arctica)
Bolognese on Chips Geddy Lee


The original flag of Aenopia, occasionally known as the 'shattered stained glass' flag, was heavily inspired by the livery adopted by train operator Transpennine Express.

The flag of Aenopia is consists of a triband of two bands of ultramarine separated by a white band. The coat of arms of Aenopia is centered in the white band. The flag was designed by Simon Reeve on 17 March 2021. The flag was inspired by the previous flag, which similarly featured a triband of two bands of ultramarine separated by a white band, featuring a lighter shade of ultramarine and the coat of arms at the time. In total, 4 flags have been formally adopted by Aenopia over the course of its existence.

The first flag to be adopted by Aenopia was a modified version of the 'shattered stained glass' flag[45][46] featuring the Emosian flag in the top left corner. The Emosian flag later omitted following Aenopia's independence on 16 August 2019, and remained as the primary national symbol and flag of Aenopia until its replacement on 2 February 2020. The flag was initially designed following the establishment of Aenopia in July 2021, with a modified version of the flag being adopted by the Dominion of Aenopia on 1 July 2021. The design was heavily inspired by the Transpennine Express brand,[47] a regional train operator based in the north of England operated by FirstGroup.[48]

Coat of arms

List of public holidays

Date Holiday Remark
1 January New Year's Day Beginning of the New Year.
1 July First Independence Day Celebrates the date which is associated with the initial formation of Aenopia.
15 August Second Independence Day Celebrates Aenopia's independence from Empire of Emosia on 16 August 2019.
30 August International Missy Barratt Day[49] Marked as a day dedicated to doing good deeds and encouraging others to do good deeds, associated with the fictional character Missy Barratt.
28 September National Talk like Mr. Krabs Day Dedicated to talking in a similar manner to the fictional character Mr. Krabs from the children's television show Spongebob Squarepants.
22 November Start your own Country Day[50]
25 December Christmas Day [51] Not officially recognised by the Emperor due to it being a religious holiday, however it's still celebrated by many people.
26 December End of Christmas Celebrates the return of order and work to the Empire of Aenopia after the festive period has ended.

Intermicronational Rankings and Scores

Aenopia regularly ranks highly in professionalism, activity and development surveys based on its reputation and influence in the micronational community alongside its position as a highly developed nation. Aenopia was ranked joint 29th on the Microwiki Influence Survey with 33 points[52] and as a result is recognised as a small power according to the survey. As part of the GUM Member States Positivity Survey, Aenopia was ranked joint 13th out of 42 Members with a score of 3.7,[53] however this later fell to 3.5 with the 40 respondents survey.[54] Aenopia was also ranked joint 6th on Statistic Fire's LGBT Rights Index with a score of 19, making it 'very LGBT friendly'.

Aenopia was ranked 2nd out of 24 nations on the Cupertino Member Positivity Survey with 91 points and a mean of 3.72.[55][56] Aenopia would later be ranked 1st during the December 2020 survey with 115 points.[57]

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  1. 1.0 1.1 Qaflana and Vishwamitra share a border exclusively with the territory of New Llandudno and Subsidiaries.
  2. Plushunia shares a border exclusively with the territory of Aenopian Calver.


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