Help Joining the GUM

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Help Joining the GUM
Merged intoGrand Unified Micronational
Established26 July 2019
TypeIntermicronational organisation
PurposeTo assist potential member states with applying to join the Grand Unified Micronational
HeadquartersDiscord server
Region served
MicroWiki Sector

Help Joining the GUM is a micronational organisation and reciprocal assistance group founded by Prince Zabëlle I of New Eiffel to provide developmental aid, advice and support to micronations that plan on applying for GUM membership or observership. Founded in July 2019, it lacks a well-defined administrative structure due to the nature and relatively small size of the organisation. On 2 February 2020, the organisation was officially "integrated" by the GUM proper, a measure which in effect consists of recognition and endorsement from the parent organisation.

After being deleted, the server was re-created by 32nd Chair of the GUM Jack D, who kept the discord and informal formats.


The server was re-made by Jack D, who was the Chair of the GUM at the time, after it was deleted. The new server shared the same aims as the previous one, and had a similar administrative structure and functioning structure.


Currently, Help Joining the GUM has 19 full members, divided in two categories: nations that are already members of the GUM (which serve mostly as advisors) and nations that seek and desire assistance to become members/observers of the GUM.

Members that are already members of the GUM

Members that seek assistance to become members/observers of the GUM