Help Joining the GUM

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Help Joining the GUM
Intermicronational organisation/reciprocal assistance group
Logo of Help Joining the GUM.png

Headquarters the Help Joining the GUM Discord Server

Official language English

Membership 18 server members, 4 server observers

Leaders Zed I of New Eiffel
Cristi of Plushunia

– Foundation 26 July 2019

Help Joining the GUM is a micronational organisation and reciprocal assistance group founded by Prince Zed I of New Eiffel to provide developmental aid, advice and support to micronations that plan on applying for GUM membership or observership. Founded in July 2019, it lacks a well-defined administrative structure due to the nature and relatively small size of the organisation. On 2 February 2020, the organisation was officially "integrated" by the GUM proper, a measure which in effect consists of recognition and endorsement from the parent organisation.



Currently, Help Joining the GUM has 19 full members, divided in two categories: nations that are already members of the GUM (which serve mostly as advisors) and nations that seek and desire assistance to become members/observers of the GUM.

Members that are already members of the GUM

Members that seek assistance to become members/observers of the GUM