Australis and the GUM

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The Unified Royal States of Australis and the Grand Unified Micronational
Grand Unified Micronational membership
MembershipFull delegate
Since5 November 2020
GUM EnvoyDaniel Hamilton


Australis was expelled from the GUM on 7 April 2022, following inactivity caused by a hiatus taken by Daniel Hamilton. In January 2023, it re-applied for membership.


Australis has appointed the maximum of three delegates into their delegation; Daniel Hamilton, Liam Alexander and Patrick Kenny. In addition, Andrew serves as a member of the delegation staff for Australis.


Following the December 2020 GUM election, the primary delegate for Australis, Daniel Hamilton, was confirmed in the first Quorum under the Dean Chairmanship as the seventh holder of the position of Statistics Secretary, owing to his experience as CEO of Statistic-Dime and the previous Roscoe Statistics.

GUM elections voting

Australis has participated in two GUM elections, and has historically voted with candidates promoting increased support for the Asia-Pacific region of the GUM.

Election Candidate Outcome Notes Ref.
Dec 2020  Commonwealth of Essexia Jack Dean Jack Dean Endorsed Brooklyn Hewitt until her withdrawal as a candidate.
Jun 2021  Kingdom of Lytera Amelia Banks New Florence Anthony Clark

Sister Cities Program

Australis joined the GUM Sister Cities Program in it's sixth phase, announced on 7 February 2021. The capital of Australis, New Yera, currently has four sister cities, from Iceni, Sonderan, Plushunia and Yu-Xia, respectively.