Grand Unified Micronational election, December 2013

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GUM Chair election, December 2013

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Candidate Ciprian I
Party Independent
Home state Juclandia
States carried N/A

Chair before election

Quentin I

Elected Chair

Ciprian I

Elections for the Chair, Supreme Judge and Advancement Council of the Grand Unified Micronational were held on 10 December 2013. They were the GUM's seventeenth round of elections. All of the elections were contested by only one candidate (or in the case of the Advancement Council, by fewer candidates than seats available), so no voting took place and all the candidates immediately took office.

Chair election

Flag-of-Juclandia.png Ciprian I

Supreme Judge election

WyvernFlagImproved.png Dullahan

Advancement Council election

This was the last ever election to the Advancement Council, which was dissolved three months later.

AdammiaFlag.png Adammia Flag-of-Juclandia.png Juclandia Flagofbysalianational.jpg Bysalia

All elected.