Secretariat for Conflict Resolution and Intermicronational Law

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Secretariat for Conflict Resolution and Intermicronational Law
TypeSecretariat of the Grand Unified Micronational
Established14 January 2017
SecretaryPatrick Renwick, since 8 April 2017
Regulated byAP018 GUM P 2017

The Secretariat for Conflict Resolution and Intermicronational Law (SCRIL) is a body of the Grand Unified Micronational, responsible for mediation and legal services. Proposed in a document by President Anthony R Clark of the Republic of Mcarthia, its establishment was the subject of an internal dispute. With around thirteen staff members, it is the largest body in terms of membership of the GUM besides Quorum.


Proposed in December 2016 by Anthony Clark of Mcarthia in an eleven-page report, the SCRIL was met with mixed responses. Clark proposed an impartial body that could help mediate disputes in a non-judicial setting, with additional powers to work on the development of intermicronational law. There were primarily concerns it was an unnecessary bureaucracy.

An initial motion to set it up passed, but was later vetoed by Supreme Justice Bradley of Dullahan. There was a great deal of controversy at this time, with Clark filing a (later dropped) motion to vacate with the Supreme Court.

The SCRIL eventually was formed in January 2017.


The SCRIL is intended primarily to provide impartial mediation services in a non-judicial setting. Any individual, government, or organisation may ask for the assistance of the SCRIL. Mediations function only with the mutual consent of all parties. Cases can be referred to the Supreme Court of the GUM. The SCRIL also includes Peace Envoys, individuals responsible for promoting peaceful affairs and providing community outreach.

The SCRIL also provides advisory legal opinions, and works to develop intermicronational law.

The SCRIL is led by the Secretary for Conflict Resolution and Intermicronational Law. The organisation also permanently includes the senior officers of the GUM, and a permanent impartial observer. This observer is yet to be appointed.


The SCRIL has worked on or is working on the following:

  • arranged discussions and mediations to resolve the Pavlov-Paravia territorial dispute over Dachenia
  • provided advisory opinions to
    • King Eric I of Elsanor, regarding the IADP
    • The Micronational Virtual Football Federation

The SCRIL is currently:

The SCRIL is currently discussing the possibility of:

  • a micronational legal qualification
  • a standard for intermicronational litigation
  • a convention of rights for micronations

Full text of motion

AP018 - That a Secretariat for Conflict Resolution and Intermicronational Law (hereafter ‘the SCRIL’) be established.
i. The SCRIL shall primarily be dedicated to the provision of informal, unpressured, impartial mediation services to micronational parties across the community.

  • Any submissions to this mediation service shall be entirely voluntary.

ii. The role of the SCRIL shall be to work with parties and agreed mediators to reach safe resolutions to the satisfaction of all parties, and to provide follow up assistance whenever that may be desired and necessary, as determined jointly by the head of the SCRIL, the Chair, mediators, and mediating parties.
iii. The SCRIL shall never issue legal judgements or rulings of any kind, and is not a judicial body.
iv. Mediations will be promoted in such a manner as to be and to be seen to be transparent, fair, and impartial.
v. The SCRIL shall additionally exist as an agency to discuss and make proposals for consensuses and standards of intermicronational law so as to promote peaceful and successful legal affairs; and to promote information and education regarding micronational law, so as to promote trust and understanding.
vi. The SCRIL shall meet separately from Quorum as and when necessary.
vii. The SCRIL shall be headed by the Secretary for Conflict Resolution and Intermicronational Law (hereafter ‘the Secretary’).
viii. The Chair, Vice-Chair, and Supreme Justice of the GUM shall have permanent positions on the SCRIL.

  • There shall also be an independent observer appointed from outside the GUM by Quorum, who shall be party to all discussions of the SCRIL and be free to report widely on the conduct, standards, and affairs of the SCRIL.

ix. That there shall be numerous Peace Envoys, individuals appointed by Quorum under the control of the SCRIL.

  • Peace Envoys shall be responsible for the monitoring of conflicts, for providing primary liaison with community members involved in conflicts, and for offering short-term solutions and/or immediate resolutions.
  • All Peace Envoys shall be considered staff members of the SCRIL.

x. The SCRIL shall be independent of the Supreme Court of the GUM, although still subject to its jurisdiction. xi. The SCRIL may refer cases to the Supreme Court.
xii. The SCRIL may undertake any further work relevant to the above stated purposes that is in line with intermicronational law.
xiii. The SCRIL shall be primarily accountable to Quorum.

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