Republic of Mcarthia

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Republic of Mcarthia
Mcarthian National Flag
Mcarthian Coat of Arms
Coat of arms
Motto: "Forever"
Anthem: "In Mcarthia"
Fife, Scotland
and largest city
Mcarthia City
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentParliamentary republic
• President
Anthony R Clark
• First Minister
Stephen Freayth
• (as of October 2016) census
CurrencyGreat British Pound
Time zoneGMT/BST

The Republic of Mcarthia was a micronation in Scotland established on 16 March, 2015. The nation was founded by Anthony Clark and was a parliamentary republic. It was the predecessor to the Constitutional State of Mcarthia.


Anthony Clark founded the Republic of Mcarthia on the 16th of March, 2016. It offered cyber citizenship in a bid to expand its populous from the three resident of Mcarthian territory. Citizenship at its peak reached approximately 22. The next month the first of many constitutions was published, which named Clark as President-for-life.

Mcarthia benefited greatly from its involvement in the MicroWiki community. This online community provided a platform for, amongst other ventures, RadioMicro, a critically acclaimed internet radio show. Mcarthia's early success is attributed by many to RadioMicro and its later text-based sister agency, The Micronational.

The rest of 2015 included the foundation of numerous intermicronational organisations, most of which didn't survive for any great length of time. Mcarthia also found itself involved in the MNTO scandal, and the Pannonian War. Mcarthia underwent 2015 a few brief periods of inactivity.

On the 9th of April 2016, Anthony Clark published the Maelternt, a comprehensive legal document, codifying a constitution, criminal code, and other legislation into one document. While praised for its expansiveness, it was largely ineffective due to a poor judicial framework.

Mcarthia was instrumental in the re-establishment of the Grand Unified Micronational, widely regarded as the most influential intermicronational organisation in the MicroWiki community. President Anthony Clark worked in tandem with the Emperor of Austenasia to revitalise the organisation from a long period of dormancy.

In July 2016, a diplomatic incident within the Grand Unified Micronational led to Anthony Clark announcing an immediate withdrawal from the MicroWiki community.

Mcarthia was presumed dissolved until the 9th of October 2016, when a new constitution was established and the new government website was created.


Mcarthia was regarded as having one of the most advanced legal systems in the MicroWiki community, thanks to the work that has been put into its development. The Constitutional State of Mcarthia is widely acknowledged to have the best legal system of any currently active micronation. The constitution established five courts: the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals, the High Court of Justiciary, the Court of Session, and the Central Court.

The Mcarthian judicial system was jointly led by the Secretary of State for Justice and the Supreme Justice. The Department of Justice was responsible for court administration and government representation in non-criminal cases, while the Office of the Public Prosecutor was responsible for criminal prosecution.

There was a Mcarthian Police Service, led by the Secretary of State for Justice, but it had no other officers and was never used. There has never been a criminal case in Mcarthia.

Mcarthia's legal system began in earnest with the publication of the Maelternt in early 2016. This piece of general codified law covered legal procedure for the first time, but it was marred with faults and poor drafting. Later in 2016, following a nationwide revival, the General Judicial Act of 2016 was passed, which detailed an extensive and developed legal system. This act was repealed in January 2017, being replaced with the General Judicial Act of 2017.

There have been a number of legal cases in Mcarthia. To a certain degree, cases were brought purely to add to the common law, and to practise legal procedure.

The Mcarthian Department of Justice developed the Micronational Standard for Legal Citations, which has been adopted by the Grand Unified Micronational, amongst others.

Foreign Relations

Since its October 2016 re-establishment, the Mcarthian President severely limited foreign relations. As of the tenth of October 2016, only Nedland, Paravia, and Beacon City were listed on, along with the Grand Unified Micronational.