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RadioMicro Logo
Channels RadioMicro Youtube Channel
Owner Anthony Clark
First air date 5 May 2015
Total 6
Hosts 1
Writers 3
Other 2
Anthony Clark
General Information
Distribution Internet radio
Official site

RadioMicro is a micronational internet radio program started by Anthony Clark of the Republic of Mcarthia in May 2015. It is currently hosted by Clark, who is supported by a small cadre of the additional crew. The program has received critical acclaim in the MicroWiki community for its reputation as an interesting and professional show featuring news, educational segments, interviews, and music.


RadioMicro was created by Anthony Clark of the Republic of Mcarthia in a friendly competition to Rhys Gregory's MicronationTV. He decided to keep it a purely audio-based show based on the belief that the level of simplicity would lead to a product of higher quality.

On June 24, 2015, Clark announced an indefinite withdrawal from the MicroWiki community, citing personal commitments. The production of RadioMicro was assumed to be on hold as a result.

On August 16, Clark announced the RadioMicro expansion plan. He created the RadioMicro Group, a parent company to subsidiaries: RadioMicro, news source themicronational, tabloid newspaper The Messenger, and the RadioMicro Awards.




Other Crew

Theme music

The theme music for RadioMicro has become quite well known. Entitled This is RadioMicro, it was written by Anthony Clark for small orchestra, and has been remixed in an electronic version for the Nollandish Confederacy 2015 Election coverage.

Critical response

The show has received critical acclaim from a number of sources, which mention its music, sound editing, writing and presenting.

Planned expansion

On 16 August 2015, Clark announced that he was going to "revitalise RadioMicro a bit" by "including [areas] which aren't necessarily radio as such, but fit in with a news agency". He stated that he did not necessarily intend to go through with all of his proposals, and that the suggested expansions were only ideas. Among the ideas were "RadioMicro Extra", a secondary channel of RadioMicro, with music and broader listener participation; "RadioMicro Polls", whereby polls would accompany every episode, to gather statistics and opinions; "RadioMicro Read", an "online platform for articles," that is, a written news source corresponding to RadioMicro; "RadioMicro Advertising"; and "RadioMicro Awards", a channel-sponsored set of prizes to be given to members of the Community for outstanding ability and effort in different fields. The creation of these (specifically the creation of RadioMicro Awards, which came first) lead to the formation of the RadioMicro Group.

List of episodes

Nr Date Main topic Description Link to video
1 May 5, 2015 Mcarthia, Planning a micronation Information about the Republic of Mcarthia and how to plan a micronation. Listen
2 May 16, 2015 Molossia, Economics, Government Information about the Republic of Molossia, economics in micronations, and how to start a government in a micronation. Also featuring some music. Listen
3 May 22, 2015 Richard I interview, "Salute", Bromenia Interview with His Lordship Richard I, presentation of the Paravian patriotic song "Salute", and information about Bromenia and micronational activities. Listen
4 June 5, 2015 MNTO, James I interview, Sealand, Culture, At Sea part 1 Information about the MNTO, interview with James I, showcase of a piece about Sealand, presentation of more music, exploration of micronational culture, and beginning of the At Sea series. Listen
5 June 16, 2015 Jonathan I interview, what not to do, At Sea part 2 Interview with HIM Emperor Jonathan I of Austenasia, showcase of more music, information on what not to do, and presentation of the next episode of At Sea. Listen
6 July 29, 2015 Nollandish Confederacy 2015 Election Special A special episode starting off the RadioMicro coverage of the Nollandish Confederacy 2015 Election. Listen
7 August 27, 2015 RadioMicro Awards 2015 A special episode announcing the winners of the first RadioMicro Awards. Listen

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